Will It Be The End For America?

I receive no joy in saying what should be obvious to every honest-reasoning American today, and I specifically reference those Americans who claim to be Christians.

I may have spent nearly all of my adult life in the political arena, but that does not negate my being a born-again Christian and ordained minister. I believe President Donald J. Trump is a season of mercy America. I believe his administration is a season for the people of America to repent and turn from their evil ways. It’s a season for the Christian Church to awaken out of its doldrums during which time it has embraced the attributes of wickedness.

Take a look around you folks; only those who are so driven by hatred that the line of between being clinically crazy and the very personification of demonism, refuse to say President Trump is doing a matchless job.

The ad hominem attacks directed at George W. Bush and family pale in comparison to those suffered by President Trump. But as a minister and student of the immutable word of God, i.e., the Holy Bible, I can tell you that while God often allows a season of mercy before judgment falls – judgment does fall if the people do not repent and turn from their wicked ways or if they fall back into evil after having turned from it for a period. Think of Nineveh and Jonah. Then think of Nahum.

I believe judgment will quickly follow when President Trump leaves office. That should concern people and especially the so-called Christian Church. No nation in the history of world has survived and enjoyed prosperity while practicing and promoting the wickedness in the church and amongst political leaders.

Over the past week several people professing themselves to be Christians have insisted to me that God’s Word is open to interpretation. Consider that argument for a moment. The Holy Bible, which was written under the direction of God the Holy Spirit is open to interpretation, but in the military when an officer gives an order it’s obeyed precisely as directed without question. Employees at fast food restaurants, big box stores, convenience stores, etc. are not given the option to interpret corporate directives.

America is “one hot mess” and many if not most of the supposed Christian churches are bringing gas and combustibles for the fire that’s certain to follow.

America has not just embraced the murder of children; America has convened the most barbaric forms of baby killing in history. America’s political leaders and church leaders have enthusiastically embraced barbarism on an unparalleled scale.

Many churches have determined that references to sexual sin and debauchery found in the scriptures don’t mean what they say or they’re open to interpretation. I never imagined the day would come when churches boasted of having queers, transvestites, homosexuals, lesbians, transgendered, and every other kind of perverse human being standing in their pulpits masquerading as ministers. When I entered ministry over 30 years ago, I didn’t imagine that today churches would celebrate “renaming services” for their pastors who have been surgically transmogrified into what they foolishly believe is another gender.

Children are encouraged to believe they’re homosexuals and their DNA is confused. Schools are underperforming on every quantifiable academic level but they’re excelling at inculcating children to participate in deviant sexual behavior. Schools are allies with the genocide factories where women pay to have their children murdered and the body parts trafficked to various industries.

The political landscape has been corrupt since I can remember but the level of corruption and betrayal of politicians today is beyond anything found in Shakespearian literature. Barbarism faintly close to that of today resulted in horrific outcomes for those leaders perpetrating evil against the people – think of Jezebel and Ahab; think of Herod Antipas.

President Trump is condemned, but what has he done? He’s guilty of the greatest economic boom in America in perhaps the near past century. He’s guilty of trying to prevent the murder of children. He’s guilty of trying to protect America from being overrun by illegal aliens and terrorists. He’s guilty of placing the interests of America and her people before the interests of what’s best for other countries. He’s guilty of not being ashamed of America or her people. He’s guilty of sacrificing a life of comfort to serve America for free, donating every paycheck earned as President. The list of accomplishments by President Trump extend far beyond that which I’ve just mentioned – yet President Trump is condemned on a level not experienced by Hitler, Stalin, Mao or Lenin.

Christ instructed the Church to be active in reaching people with the gospel message, but today the message, or lack thereof, which goes forth from many churches, is singularly responsible for the decline of America. We’re on the downward slide and true Christians alone can delay the inevitable.

I’m not asking you to believe what I’m saying. I’m telling you the end for the America we’ve enjoyed is closer than people realize and/or are willing to admit. Today God has given us a season of mercy to repent and turn the country back from wickedness; but every day has an end – a night if you will.

And I personally believe the dusk of that night will come upon us when those of today who are calling evil good and good evil are able to finally elect one of their own.


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