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By Jan Markell
President Bush, Vice President Cheney, and many of our security agencies say another major strike on America is a "sure thing."  We have revamped intelligence agencies and leaders but they continue to blunder security efforts.  The Pentagon has just drafted official "war plans" should we be struck again as they are among the voices saying it is coming.
Our refusal to do racial profiling is inviting a disaster every day in America as we continue to cave to political correctness, and no where is this more evident than our airline industry.  Pilots and other airline personnel report gaping holes in airline security.  Inspection of passengers comes up randomly by computer so a two-year old might be inspected.  Only two Middle Eastern males per flight can be inspected, so if five board, the one with the bomb might get through.  And many just say that the airlines will always put business ahead of safety.
Our borders have more holes than Swiss cheese, and many crossing our southern border illegally are "OTM's" or "other than Mexicans."  Many are from the Middle East and some from outright terror nations.  When the grassroots "Minutemen" began patrolling our borders-self-appointed guardians trying to fill the gaps of our border patrol agents-they were chastened by the border patrol afraid they might get a negative image if the "Minutemen" did a better job than they did. 
Our intelligence agencies are very open about the "sleeper cells" in America, but why are those cells so quiet? 
Terror groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas operate rather freely in America.  They claim they are raising humanitarian funds but in reality they are raising funds for terror.  Some of these organizations have been shut down such as "The Holy Land Foundation," but others remain at large.
Since our own CIA says we're at least five years away from effectively fighting terror, wouldn't you expect the terrorists to take advantage of our status right now and strike?
USA Today recently ran a story suggesting four possible reasons for no strike on America since 9/11. They offered these points: (1) U.S. Muslims want the American dream, not jihad (yet the 9/11 hijackers weren't American Muslims); (2) Thanks to new intelligence agencies installed in America with new technology, we are just better protected; (3) Al-Qaida is so wounded that it is now more of a "movement" than a viable organization; (4) Terrorists are now focused on other parts of the world such as Europe and Iraq and have turned their eyes away from targeting "The Great Satan," America.
I say let's give credit where credit is due!  God is our Homeland Security Director!  The future of America rests in His perfect will and if we don't give Him credit, that divine Hand of protection might actually be removed.
(Jan Markell is founder/director of Olive Tree Ministries.  To learn more, get her e-alerts or free, print newsletter, visit her Web site, www.olivetreeviews.org or call 763-493-3010.)

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