Why China, Not Iran is America's Biggest Threat

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Dennis A. Wright, DMin.

Forget About Iran, Bomb China!

Forget all that you have heard about the imminent threat posed by Iran's nuclear weapons ambitions.  Reuters reported on March 12 that some American lawmakers believe that the United States probably can stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons without military action, but use of force, subject to congressional approval, is still an option.  "I think we can stop them from having a nuclear weapon short of war," Sen. Joseph Biden, a Delaware Democrat, said on NBC's "Meet The Depressed" television program.  Republican Sen. George Allen of Virginia said on the same show: "Ultimately, you never want to take military action off the table.  But you never want it to get that far.  But if necessary, it is an option.  But it is not one that is desirable."
One should also forget that Iran wants to not only erase the nation of Israel from the map, but they have the same plans for the United States of America as well.
Iran is not our biggest threat-China is!
Ignore also the al-Qaida threat that American soldiers face every day in Iraq.  After all, as Michael Barone pointed out on March 6, the Minnesota Democratic party has chose to do just that.  According to Barone, "The Minnesota Democratic Party recently protested as "un-American" an ad showing military veterans and their families supporting the president's policies for saying, 'Our enemy in Iraq is al-Qaida --- the same terrorists who killed 3,000 Americans on 9-11, the same terrorists from the first World Trade Center bombing, the USS Cole, Madrid, London and many more.' "
Barone adds, "The Democrats, unfactually, say that these words 'make a connection between Iraq and the 9-11 terrorists attacks and suggest that the war in Iraq will prevent an attack by al-Qaida in America.'  But of course, the ad is factually correct --- al-Qaida is attacking Americans in Iraq --- and the Minnesota Democratic Party is in no position to guarantee that al-Qaida will not attack America." 
Perhaps one should even forget that there is most assuredly a connection between the radical Islamic religious group known as the Wahhabis and the worldwide terror threat that al-Qaida most certainly is.
Barone points out that, "The Minnesota Democrats cite the 9-11 commission's report that it found no evidence of "operational" cooperation between al-Qaida and Iraq, although it did find evidence of many contacts.  But, as Donald Rumsfeld likes to say, absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.  Neither al-Qaida nor Saddam operated under a Freedom of Information Act.  Any collaboration between them on 9-11 would have been kept very secret -- al-Qaida did not want to leave a return address.  We do not know that there was such collaboration.  But we also do not know that there was not."   [Read the remainder of Barone's excellent article here.]
Iraq and the al-Qaida insurgents are not our biggest threat-China is!
Ignore North Korea's nuclear arsenal as well.  This should be done despite the fact that the Associated Press reported on March 12 that North Korea accused the United States of stepping up preparations to attack and said that justified the communist state's nuclear weapons program.  North Korea's Minju Joson newspaper cited planned drills with South Korea and other U.S. military activity in the Asia-Pacific region as evidence Washington was preparing to invade. 
A day earlier, the North put off Cabinet-level talks with the South to protest the joint military exercises.  The weeklong exercises later this month will involve 20,000 American troops and an undisclosed number of South Korean soldiers.  The United States and South Korea characterize them as purely defensive.  "The U.S. strengthening military moves on and around the Korean Peninsula is nothing but a premeditated maneuver to realize its hostile policy aimed at militarily stifling our republic," the North Korean newspaper said in a commentary carried by the official Korean Central News Agency. 
North Korea is not out biggest threat-China is!
Our biggest threat comes from China!  The unstoppable growth of China has aroused fears of future conflicts over natural resources such as timber, oil, gas and water.  Lumber prices in America have hit the stratosphere because of huge exports to China.  Petroleum prices are in orbit as well because China is soaking up oil exports from all over the world.  People in the industry tell me that oil from Alaska does not come to the mainland of America, but is exported to Asia.  Unbelieveable!  No wonder the price of gasoline is $2.25 a gallon (and rising constantly) here in Texas.  Yet our political leaders cannot seem to overrule the bleeding-heart environmental wackos and authorize the petroleum industry to drill for more oil in areas of the United States where we know reserves exist.
But even this is not our biggest threat from China!
The London Times reported on March 11 that there is "a shadow is looming over the worldwide chocolate industry --- the threat of a worldwide shortage of cocoa beans, caused by a sudden epidemic of chocomania in Asia."  With chocolate consumption increasing at a rate of 25 per cent a year in the Asia-Pacific region, and 30 per cent in China, chocolate makers fear that cocoa-bean growers will not be able to keep up with demand.  Now a new and unforeseen catastrophe presents itself: global chocolate wars. 
"It always seems to be the same with China," says Yoshiko Ishihara, a 56-year-old Japanese housewife from Tokyo.  "They consume so much.  Fish and oil are becoming scarce.  But it's hard to believe that one day I won't be able to eat chocolate."
There is a solution!  A little-known group is planning a surprise attack upon Beijing that they believe will abort this looming worldwide shortage of chocolate.  This organization of chocolate aficionados is the Revolutionary Organization of Chocolate Kiosk Entrepreneurial Tradesmen --- better known as The ROCKET.  Headquartered in New Orleans at the invitation of Mayor Ray "Chocolate" Nagin, this secretive group is in the process of developing a long-range ballistic missile that they say will explode over Beijing raining down millions of chocolate colored tablets that are designed to permanently remove the desire for genuine high quality Belgian and French chocolates from anyone who swallows a single tablet. 
Painted a quality Godiva dark chocolate color, planners believe the missile has a good chance of arriving at its destination undetected.  The ROCKET has developed the Hersheyometer as a means to know precisely when to begun a countdown leading up to the missile's launch.  The Hersheyometer tracks the daily price of a small Hershey bar at a local Wal-Mart store and it has been set to initiate launch when the price rises to one dollar each.
ROCKET leaders, many of whom come from France and Belgium, had considered inviting former Presidential candidate John "French Poodle" Kerry to be their media poster boy, but they figured that he would fail at this endeavor as well, so the invitation was never extended.
The London Times added, "The future of chocolate all depends on one thing --- the degree to which the Chinese reject their traditional sweets."  Join The ROCKET and help the Chinese give up chocolate so the price of Hershey bars never hits one dollar!
Chortle!  Chortle!
The Scientific American reported [January 18, 2006] that lacking a sense of humor might not just be bad for your social life, it might also be harming your cardiovascular health.  "A new study shows that laughter actually increases blood flow in the body, proving right the old adage that laughter is the best medicine, at least when it comes to the heart." 
Hopefully in reading this column you enjoyed a good laugh as well.  While the gang at The ROCKET does not exist, the problem with China is very real --- and not just their newly acquired taste for fine chocolates.  They do pose a threat, as do the North Koreans, the Iranians, and al-Qaida.
Now is not the time for Americans to be burying our heads in the sand and pretending these threats do not exist.  Thomas Jefferson said, "Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty."
Dr. Dennis A. Wright is Founder and President of Understanding The Times Ministries.  An accomplished writer and educator, Wright has spoken in churches and conferences all over America on spiritual counterfeits and Christian Worldview topics.  He can be emailed at Dennis@UnderstandingTheTimes.org and his new website can be found at www.UnderstandingTheTimes.org.

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