Why Are Romney, Murkowski and Collins Republicans?

Why are the likes of Mitt Romney, R-UT, Lisa Murkowski, R-AK, Susan Collins, R-ME, et al in the Republican Party? Together they act more like Democrats than they do even moderate Republicans.

Democrats and the never-Trump cabal have been able to count on them far more than conservatives. I give Collins zero credit for supporting Justice Kavanaugh; not voting to confirm Kavanaugh should never even have been a consideration. Obama appreciated Romney more than conservative voters. After all, it was Romney’s blueprint he used for obamacare.

Rhinos found in the jungle are ill-tempered, dangerous animals with poor eyesight, but the RINO found in Congress is a backstabbing traitor and saboteur. Thus the question that begs an answer: Why are those like Romney, Murkowski and Collins in the Republican Party?

I’m frequently polled and every poll that asks if I have something I’d like to add, I respond that I want Republicans to support and defend President Trump. I let them know that I am sick of Romney, Collins, Murkowski and those like them.

Democrats marched in lock step for Bill Clinton and Obama who abused their office and decimated the Constitution. The only thing missing in the Oval Office when Clinton was in office was a “red light” and the only thing missing in same when Obama was in office was a flag with a star and crescent on it.

The words of MSNBC’s Brian Williams from 2016 ring true: “The Republican Party is facing an existential crisis. We are [watching] a moving history lesson.” The “history lesson” we’re watching today is that RINO Repubs continue proving there’s no level they won’t stoop to, in trying to destroy President Trump.

President Trump is guilty of three things: 1) getting elected; 2) keeping his campaign promises to the absolute best of his ability despite betrayal by Republicans and fallacious accusations by Democrats and their lapdog fake news media; and 3) being one of the greatest President’s in modern history, rivaling and even exceeding the gold standard of President Reagan.

Romney, Collins Murkowski et al have done the heretofore unthinkable. They’ve conspired with Democrats and never-Trumpers to aggressively undermine and sabotage President Trump’s presidency.

Every Senate Republican knows exactly what the House Republicans knew and that is this entire impeachment process is a massively transpicuous attempt to delegitimize and overturn the will of more than 63 million voters. And yet Romney, Collins and Murkowski spurred on by the Erebusic cabal of never-Trump marplots have been exposed in their treachery to rig the impeachment trial in the Senate to destroy President Trump.

These people have been in office for decades and apart from enriching their personal coffers they’ve done nothing for We the People. They didn’t overturn obamacare as they promised when they had majorities in both the House and the Senate. They aligned with Democrats to oppose President Trump on border security, restricting the flow of people from countries sponsoring terrorism, sanctuary cities, foreign policy, they support the taxpayer funded murder of babies and so on.

They and their minions are fighting to continue doing business as usual. They are not fighting to make a difference for you and I. They’re part of the swamp President Trump must to eradicate.

If Romney, Collins and company do not sabotage President Trump during the Senate Impeachment trial, it won’t be because they didn’t try. Nothing persuades me that shadowy wraiths like Ben Ginsberg have ceased in their efforts to find an effective way to remove our President. We know that the remaining Koch brother is a committed never-Trump devotee and he has billions to poor into undermining President Trump. For the record, I am prepared to start calling out the so-called conservative Capitol Hill public policy institutes that were so vocal in their support of George W. Bush for being so sickeningly tepid in voicing their support for President Trump and his agenda.

Our electing Donald J. Trump President wasn’t an anomaly; it was an uprising. We the People are tired of being played for patsies.

The Republican sith lords demanded candidate Donald Trump submit to unparalleled promises and agreements including having him agree not to run as a third party candidate if he didn’t win the nomination, even as they were fiendishly plotting to prevent him from getting the nomination.

Are we really supposed to believe they stopped trying to sabotage him just because he won? They still parade Karl Rove out with his board to take cheap shots at our President.

I do not think it an accident nor do I think it political sleight of hand that Senator Rand Paul, R-KY, has made it clear there would be hell to pay, if the machinations to have a rigged impeachment trial in the Senate were acted upon.

He warned same because that’s what Romney and company were/are preparing to do.


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