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By Jan Markell
What malady infects the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />U.S. State Department? What turns reasonable, intelligent people into political machines that work against America's interests? How can an incredible woman, Condoleeza Rice, make some of the following statements and not believe that thinking people know she is stretching credulity with them?
RICE: "We welcome the completion of the Israeli disengagement from Gaza. This is an historic moment for both sides, and the commitment of both sides to be a successful disengagement process has been impressive."
REALITY CHECK: Secretary Rice, just name ONE fulfilled commitment on the part of the Palestinians or their leadership other than that terror will continue? This week the Palestinians burned down every synagogue in Gaza. They rampaged through Gaza shooting guns and destroying any remnant of anything Jewish. The Israelis even exhumed all bodies out of graves as they knew they would have been dug up and destroyed lest there be a shred of Jewishness in Gaza. The Gaza-based terrorists are claiming victory through violence. PA leader Abbas continues to tell children to be martyrs. This is a peace partner? Secretary Rice, appeasement won! The PA violates every treaty they sign yet are rewarded and commended by people like you.
Additionally, the PA destroyed over 3,000 greenhouses purchased by American Jews to employ Gaza Palestinians, and Israel left millions of dollars of infrastructure in Gaza to get their economy growing.
Rice did not even mention the mayhem, looting, shooting, and torching when she made her statements. Instead the State Department chastised Israel for not destroying the synagogues when they departed. Put the shoe on the other foot. Can you imagine the outcry if Israel touched an Islamic shrine? They even protect them, starting with the Temple Mount. Rice also said more evacuations are now needed and Israel must release more prisoners (terrorists).
RICE: "Israeli Prime Minister Sharon's courageous decision (to leave Gaza) will enhance Israel's security and allow the Palestinians to make progress towards building the necessary institutions for a future state."
REALITY CHECK: How does the evacuation of Gaza enhance Israel's security? What has moved into Gazastan now are many of the world's terror groups including al-Qaida. They will upset the entire region even more. Secretary Rice, if you REALLY believe what you said, I can sell you a vacation to sun yourself on the beaches of Minnesota in January. This all has to be the delusion of 2005. How does this promote the president's vision of spreading democracy in the Middle East? It is only spreading terror in the Middle East. The perfect base for it has been established.
RICE: "We congratulate the Israelis and Palestinians on their effective co-odination in recent months and particularly during the actual implementation of disengagement. We hope to see this cooperation continue."
REALITY CHECK: There is no cooperation, Secretary Rice. None on the part of the PA. The PA is shouting "onward to Jerusalem!" This is a peace partner? Their charter calls for the extermination of Israel. You've appeased terror. The jihadist terror paid off and you thank them for their cooperation. You are a brilliant woman, but why can't you see the obvious?
RICE: "This will advance the president's vision of two states living side by side in peace and security."
REALITY CHECK: The cry of Jeremiah 6 here: "Peace, peace, when there is no peace." Only the deluded would believe that these two sides are going to live side by side in peace. One (the PA) wants the extermination of the other (Israel). Visit a PA classroom. All maps show all of Israel as "Palestine." As Benjamin Netanyahu says, "Israel gave and gave and gave some more. What did we get in return? Nothing, nothing, and nothing."
President Bush has said that his goals will not be accomplished if there is not a Palestinian state by 2007 and Abbas says it must be 2006. But the baby state already shows signs of being a deformed monster built on radical Islam and controlled by thugs and terrorists. An outfit that U.S. taxpayers have already spent $50 million on and has promised another $550 million.
State Department, please wake up and smell the bagels. There is blood on your hands and you are endangering America which seems to be your tradition. I do not wish to speak with disrespect towards America's leaders so let us double our prayer effort for them.
The unreported story of the last two weeks is that the U.S. actually turned down some Israeli Katrina aid fearing it would anger the Muslim world. Where is the outrage for any of the above? I fear the outrage will come from God.
(Jan Markell is founder/director of Olive Tree Ministries. To learn more, get her e-alerts or print newsletter, visit her Web site at

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