What Has Anger Achieved For Blacks?

The following is an excerpt from my eBook titled, “Blacks Are Victims: Because They’re Told They Are,” published 2015.

What is it that makes so many blacks so angry? What is it that makes so many of blacks blame the realities of life that beset everyone, e.g., debt, disappointment, etc., a result of their being black?

I know that I am treading on “sacred ground”; I know that the worship of skin color by the majority of blacks specifically, and Liberal white politically correct skin-color mongers who fancy themselves as not having a racist bone in their Liberal bodies is the standard by which “blackdom” is valued.

I believe this mindset is born out of a doctrine of inculcated inferiority based on a very real desire to foment anger and antipathy, and white guilt, by those who profiteer from same.

I recall reading that Dr. King was once approached by a breathless young reporter who asked (and I paraphrase): King, they say all black men are lazy, they drink, and they chase women; Dr. King responded to the effect that when a person is told they are something long enough they start to believe it.

Blacks have been told that they should be angry, that white America has stripped them of their dignity, that America was built on their backs and they weren’t compensated for it. They are told it’s their right to be angry and harbor antipathy toward whites. They are
told that anti-social behavior and the rejection of modernity are “keepin’ it real.”

But the question that begs an answer is how have those beliefs, thoughts, anger and antipathy helped them? How has “keepin’ it real” by rejecting modernity helped them? How has being relegated to lowered expectations, government handouts, and unfair educational and employment opportunities helped them? How has being angry and blaming the consequences of their bad decisions on the color of their skin helped them?

Those to whom I refer are loathe to cogently explain their rage and hatred of persons such as myself. For instance, last week on my Facebook page a person named Joseph Sansbury, wrote: “Uncle tom u a spade wen the revolution begins im hitting u first u f*****g sellout.” He followed that screed with: “I enjoy life everyday had have no regrets the the world on the other hand can do as it please I don’t control don’t care too but for the simple fact for all your text book thesis and talk you will never accomplish your goal I in the other hand I’m just getting started matter of fact I’m there…I luv the world people and everything I’ve been to exotic palces I live life to the fullest so sorry I not your America hating black man…I hav a house n bolton nc and Brooklyn no welfare hard work.” He then proceeded to call my readers anti-Semitic slurs and curse my readers who responded to his crude diatribes.

Bernard Brown, another “keepin’ it real brah-tha” similarly wrote: “You are a self serving, arrogant fraud, You need these Jim Jones praising fools to make you feel important. I see they love drinking your poison kool aid. We all know how that turned out. I couldn’t or never would be envious or jealous of you…I live a great life. Since you don’t know me, I am a 51 year old Dept. of Justice retiree with 32 years of service to this great country. I live the American Dream. Now, Who is the envious and jealous one? If you didn’t have all these people kissing your butt, You would kill yourself, Because you don’t have anything else, but this pathetic fb blog. To keep you relevant.”

If Sansbury has such a great life, why did he feel the need to lash out at me? If he has multiple homes and travels to exotic places as he claims, why did he unsolicitedly lash out at me? As for Bernard Brown, allowing that his job at the Department of Justice entailed more than emptying trash cans, what kind of interaction did he have with his co-workers who didn’t share his point of view? If he is living the American dream why is he so angry?

The answer is because the majority of blacks have been inculcated with the idea that skin-color trumps all. They would rather be recognized as a color before anything else. Thus, the ever-present color assignation as a prefix to their person. They need it because that is how they validate their self-worth.

Liberalism, as Charles Barkley once said, has done nothing for blacks but give them an inferiority complex. I do not need a color to validate my self-worth. I do not need a crayon color assignation as a prefix to feel I have something to contribute or to make me feel more valued. I do not need a color assignation to be recognized as a Christian, a scholar, or to hold the political views that I do.

I wasn’t taught that white people had stripped my family of their dignity, etc. And my son was certainly not raised that way. The result is a cosmological perspective based on scripture and the American tradition that if I work hard and set my goals high, I just might be fortunate enough to achieve them. I was taught, and I passed same to my son that our decisions determine or station.

When skin-color mongers and those preaching validation through melanin content see those such as myself who refuse to be relegated to a crayon color, they are confronted with their own self-limiting beliefs. But they’ve been inculcated to transfer their anger to me instead of directing it toward those who have misled them, or directing it inward for allowing themselves to be misled.


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