We Are Combining The Worldview Weekend in the Ozarks & 
The Contend Student Worldview Weekend
















We Are Combining The Worldview Weekend in the Ozarks & The Contend Worldview Weekend But WHY?

1. Lake of the Ozarks is More Centrally Located

2. We have a limited budget to rent buildings and pay speakers each year so instead of holding the Contend Worldview Weekend in December and renting another building and paying for all the hotel, flights, car rental, and honorariums of the speakers AGAIN, we just do this all at one time.

3. It is great for young people and adults and seniors to all be together and encourage one another in the faith. That is Biblical. The adults that attend our Ozark Worldview Weekend will really be encouraged by these young people that want to know and learn truth. 

We have made the Contend Worldview Weekend Free the three years we held it. While we have not raised the ticket price of our Ozark Worldview Weekend in 14 years and we do have a family rate and group rate, and the student price is only $50, we do understand that some folks are doing good just to afford the travel and hotel to attend the Contend conference. 

THEREFORE, as a ministry of Worldview Weekend Foundation, if you or someone you know has a young person or even entire family that cannot afford the ticket price to the April 28, 29, and 30 Worldview Weekend at Lake of the Ozarks, then have them e-mail us at info@worldviewweekend.com and we will send them complimentary tickets. 

Full details on the resort, conference speakers, and times and to register go to www.worldviewweekend.com/ozarks 

You can also call 901-853-8792 to register by phone. You can also send a check to Worldview Weekend P.O. Box 1690 Collierville, TN 38027. 


Topics of the conference include:

It’s Time to Be Protestant Again by Pastor Philip De Courcy: Phil bring this challenging sermon to us on the need to return to the basics of the Reformation in a age of ecumenicalism and rising apostasy. 2017 is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation and thus this is a very timely keynote presentation. 


Evangelizing Catholics by Pastor Phil De Courcey: Phil shares extensive testimonies of living in Ireland which his a nation where protestants and catholics were literally at war. Growing up in a neighborhood where civil tension was commonplace, many of Philip’s friends became involved in acts of terrorism. Pastor Phil will take us to the Scriptures and show us how he was able to earnestly contend for the faith in a troubled nation that needed a Biblical voice and witness. 


Atheists Among Us! By Former Atheist Jason Pratt: Jason is a committed Christian and Biblical creationists. Jason is also a test pilot and rocket scientist serving in the U.S. Navy. Jason will discuss the Scourge of Practical Atheism in the Church. 


Soft Persecution, Hard Truth by Jason Pratt: What are some of the hard truths of the scriptures that will bring persecution to Christians when we believe and proclaim the truths of God’s Word? How should we respond to such persecution? Jason will share how as an atheist he personally persecuted Christians yet was convicted by their response to his attacks. 


Tracking the Bear by Dr. Mark Hitchcok: Mark will present current events dealing with Russia, Iran, Turkey and Israel that appear to be setting the stage for Biblical events to be fulfilled. While the world reads news stories that bring fear these same news stories bring hope and anticipation of soon and glorious return of Jesus Christ for His Church. 


Where History is Headed by Dr. Mark Hitchcok: This message is from Psalm 2 and Mark uses the Biblical text for the current rebellion against God that is taking place with world leaders and their nations. How is history headed to the kingdom of Christ. This is a message of hope. 


E-MADNESS: The Imminent Threat of Cyber-Attacks and Cyber-Warfare by Dr. Ron Rhodes 
More than one-third of U.S. consumers have experienced a computer virus, hacking incident, or cyber-attack in the past 12 months. There was recently a major hack of democratic party records, now blamed on Russian intelligence services. Chinese hackers downloaded digital truckloads of data on more than 20 million U.S. government workers. North Korea raided Sony Pictures’ computers after the movie company released a comedy movie that mocked their nation’s dictator. A hacking group called “The Shadow Brokers” infiltrated the NSA’s computers and is now looking to sell off “cyber weapons” used by the agency, asking for $1 billion. This session examines cyberspace and cyber attacks, the accessing of private government and military networks, the “electronic pearl harbor” that many expect soon in the United States, the terrorist cyber-threat to the United States, cyber jihad, the militarization of cyberspace, and how all this relates to biblical prophecy.


Biometrics and the Loss of Personal Privacy By Dr. Ron Rhodes 
Biometrics is a technology that enables identifying people by measuring and analyzing one of their bodily characteristics—such as their fingerprints, voice patterns, facial patterns, odor/scent, hand geometry, palm print, iris recognition, retina recognition, and even DNA. This session examines the various forms of biometrics, the two primary applications of biometrics—identification and verification, and how this technology, despite some benefits, also contributes greatly to a loss of personal privacy. The ubiquity of biometrics begs the question as to whether any of us can lead truly private lives anymore. This session will show the significance of biometrics to biblical prophecy. 


God Begins, God Wars, and God Wins: Surveying Through God’s Entire Plan in His Word by Abner Chou 
 In an age where tribulation, persecution, uncertainty, and apathy grows, we need to have the certainty that God has a plan, it is glorious and we are a part of it. Going through the big picture of God’s plan in His word tells us that He is worth living and dying for, it is a privilege to serve Him, and our destiny is sure.


Why We are All About Christ by Abner Chou
Text: Zech 14:4-5. We live at a time when it is easy to be distracted as Christians from what is central to us: Christ. When we study what the end times reveals about Jesus, we see that there is no one more noble, more beautiful, and more heroic than Christ. We must be all about Him. 


America's Surrender to Islam: Part 1 by Shahram Hadian: 
How we are becoming a "dhimmi" nation Extortion through Jizyah and foreign aid to Islamic countries Islamized schools: corrupted textbooks, biased curriculum, students praying the Shahada, and more… Alarming demographics of Americans converting to Islam Interfaith ecumenical heresy in the church


America's Surrender to Islam: Part 2 Shahram Hadian:
Muslim Brotherhood on college campuses: growing connection to nazism and anti-semitism Ripe for attack: soft targets and gun free zones Churches becoming physical targets for ISIS Hijra: Muslim refugee agenda Mixing oil & water: Shari'ah law vs our constitutional laws What can we do to turn things around?


The Battle for the Next Generation by Mike Riddle 
The Christian Mission
Three absolute biblical truths
The heart of the matter (4 attacks on God’s Word)
National science organizations against the Bible
Who should Christians be upset with?
The state of Christian education
Questions seminary grads cannot answer
The hard facts
Warfare and the plan of action
A short lesson in critical thinking
4 deadly questions all Christians should know
The mission field


Title: Refuting “God Used Evolution and Billions of Years” by Mike Riddle
How much should we trust Scripture (2 Tim 3:16)?
Warnings from God
Tools for combat
God’s Word and the word “day”
Bombs away - the attack on Genesis
What does it mean if God used billions of years?
The Law of Non-Contradiction
A call for courage, honor and commitment
Onward Christian soldiers


The Future Goes Back to Babylon by Brannon Howse (Part 1 & 2) 
In this presentation Brannon starts with Genesis 10 and then takes us on an interesting tour through the Bible to see how the religion of Babylon continues to reveal itself from one book to another until the world’s religions unite again in Babylon as described in Revelation 17. How did the children of Israel continue to fall into paganism and idolatry that started at the Tower of Babel? What is the connection between the growth of the New Age Movement and the Babylon religion of Genesis 10 & 11? What is the connection between today’s worship of Mother Earth and the Tower of Babel? What is the connection between feminism and the Tower of Babel? What is the connection between today’s quest for hidden knowledge and the Tower of Babel? Brannon will also reveal how Babylonian religious beliefs are hidden in plain sight, if you know what you are looking at. What is the connection between globalism and world government and a return to the region founded at the Tower of Babel? How can Christians contend for the faith in a world in which Biblical Christianity is at odds with the uniting religions of the world? How can seemingly opposite religious systems merge? The things discussed in this talk that will have you on the edge of your seat are too many to mention. Brannon will conclude with how understanding these issues will actually encourage you and equip you in your faith as we see a return to the Tower of Babel.

It is going to be a great 14th annual National Worldview Weekend at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri. Please let us know if we can answer any questions.


Brannon Howse
Worldview Weekend
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