We Are Back to Taking Orders For Emergency Supplies But Know This....

For the past several years we have been trying to awaken our radio and television listeners to the need to prepare their families’ personal emergency kits. After sharing on the radio about my family’s preparation plans, we were swamped with requests by our listeners to order the very same items we had ordered. Due to this request by our listeners, we began to offer emergency supplies such as freeze dried food from Mountain House. I have consumed Mountain House on camping trips since I was in high school. I was also informed that Mountain House was the freeze dried food of choice by many U.S. Navy Seals.

In anticipation of where we are today, many weeks ago we ordered up two pallets of freeze dried food that sold out in a matter of days. However, we underestimated the demand that is now industry wide.

Last week we stopped taking orders for a few days due to the fact that Mountain House had sold out of their emergency food kits. However, after a few phone calls with Mountain House, we are starting to take orders again at www.wvwtv.com/store.

HOWEVER, We anticipate a six to eight week delivery time from the day you place your order. If this time frame changes, we will alert you to this fact. If you are NOT comfortable in waiting for your order, then DO NOT place an order.

Orders will be shipped in the order that they came in. If for some reason we cannot fulfill your order, we will refund your money. Please visit www.wvwtv.com/store to place your order. 

After placing your order, we welcome you to email or text us for updates at info@worldviewradio.com or text us at 901-825-0652.

I hope that this recent shortage of freeze dried food industry wide has been a teaching moment for everyone. As we have warned for years, the time to assemble your emergency kit is not during a perceived crisis or actual crisis.

The religious fools who mocked our organization on social media and on blogs for offering this service to our listeners have now been publicly and clearly revealed for being fools who lack even the most basic understanding of the world in which we live and the threats we face. Please use this to mark these people and avoid them, their fake ministries, and their fake discernment websites.

Whether the current crisis facing America turns out to be a serious threat is yet unknown. However, remember that we have warned over and over that the globalists, Marxists and neo-Marxists never let a good crisis go to waste. In addition, we have warned that the globalists and neo-Marxists will manufacture a crisis whenever the opportunity presents itself. Therefore, America faces not only documented clear and present dangers, but we face manufactured chaos that can then be exploited to damage our Constitutional Republic.

On another topic, we did recently receive a large order of Extract Gevity. We worked with an FDA approved facility to develop this all natural energy and supplement drink. Many of our listeners are on our subscription plan and receive a shipment every month automatically. We have received numerous personal testimonies from our listeners who have and continue to benefit from their use of Extract Gevity.

Now is the time to boost your immune system. Extract Gevity is an all natural energy and health supplement drink that consists of red wine extract, pine-bark extract, bilberry extract, grape seed extract and vitamin C. These extracts are filled with antioxidants. Numerous studies report that antioxidants assist in boosting our immune systems. Studies have also shown that these supplement ingredients may:

* Having anti-aging effects

* Protect cells from free radical damage

* Help prevent Alzheimer’s disease

* Prevent growth of cancer cells

* Benefit your heart, skin, brain, eye & circulatory health 

Don’t you think boosting your immune system is a good idea? For more details on this all natural energy and supplant drink please visit: www.extractgevity.com.

This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


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