Voter Fraud, Treason, Psychological Gaslighting, Enemies Inside the Wire and The Existential Threat to Our National Security

Source: Worldview Weekend Radio Transcript from Monday, November 10th, 2020

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Brannon: We're trying to set the table here. This is not just about an election. Okay? Or election fraud. They need this election to cover up high crimes, misdemeanor, treason, subversion beyond what you can imagine. So with that, understand that Sidney Powell, General Flynn's attorney, is talking about voter fraud. Why does she care? Because if they win the election, they win the country with all their crimes with America's enemies. Listen to this. 

Sydney Powell: There has been a massive and coordinated effort to steal this election from we the people of the United States of America to delegitimize and destroy votes for Donald Trump, to manufacture votes for Joe Biden; they have done it in every way imaginable; from having dead people vote in massive numbers to absolutely fraudulently creating ballots that exist only voting for Biden. We've identified at least 450,000 ballots in the key states that miraculously only have a mark for Joe Biden on them and no other candidate. If you look at Florida where things were done right, you can see that that's how the rest of the country should've gone. 

But they also used an algorithm to calculate the votes they would need to flip, and they used computers to flip those votes from Biden – I mean, from Trump to Biden and from other Republican candidates to their competitors also. I think Doug Collins had the race stolen from him. I think John James had his race stolen from him. It wasn't just President Trump. There were many people affected by this. We have got to fight tooth and nail in Federal Court to expose this abject fraud and the conspiracy behind it and get a recount and audits in every place that's needed—which is, frankly, most of the country.

Maria Bartiromo: So there are recounts going on right now. We know that. In Georgia, you have a  of numbers of ballots with only Joe Biden on the ticket. You say it's 98,000 ballots in Pennsylvania; 80,000 to 90,000 in Georgia; another 42,000 in Arizona; 69,000 to 115,000 in Michigan; and 62,000 in Wisconsin. Sidney, if this is true, this appears systemic. Where is the Department of Justice? Where is the AG Bill Barr? If this is so obvious, then why aren't we seeing massive government investigations?

Sidney Powell: I don't know. We definitely should be. I mean, we're getting reports of all kinds of fraud. 

Brannon: All right. Now, I think the Attorney General has now authorized the Justice Department to look into this. Mister Barr, you might want to speed it up a little bit. Only at risk is the Republic, that’s all. No big deal. And by the way. If you go to today, you'll see a Rasmussen poll that's come out that says that only like 57 percent of Joe Biden supporters voted for him. 

Only 57 percent of Joe Biden supporters actually voted for him. But you're to believe that tens of thousands of ballots were turned in just voting for Joe Biden, and that's it? Sidney Powell here should be the spokesperson for the whole administration when it comes to this topic. I'm getting a little tired of hearing about one person disenfranchised, one person who had their vote stolen; one person this. Look. Why do we need to pick on this low-hanging fruit? She just laid out the case. Boom. Enough to turn the whole election when it gets into court. We don't need to hear about all these little-bitty stories. We need to stick with the big stories and the big picture. 

I mean, do people not know how to tell a story to the American people for the purpose of conveying our mission—free and fair elections, and voter fraud? But no. They're telling over here little stories about this little person and this She knows how to do it. Sidney Powell knows what she's doing, and she's very articulate. Let's go back to hearing what she's saying. But then, we'll get into the nuclear triad. We'll get into the Club-K container missile system. We'll get into these companies that are really fronts for America's adversaries and Joe Biden putting them there and his team. 

And this guy's about to become commander and chief? Excuse me? Do you think Joe Biden could pass a national security background check with all of his compromise? And yet, folks, that's the goal; the goal is not to have to fire a shot. The goal is to move inside the wire, as Mary Fanning and Alan Jones have written; move inside the wire; get us over a barrel, and we are forced to surrender. Listen to this. Because, again, the point is this is not just about election fraud. It's about stealing the election to stop the truth from coming out about these people's high crimes and misdemeanors.

Sidney Powell: I mean, we're getting reports of all kinds of fraud. We have got a -- getting an affidavit from a postal worker now who talks about having been ordered to backdate ballots. No ballots received after the polls closed on voting day should even be counted.

We have got multiple states that didn't even follow the rules of their own legislature. That's a federal constitutional issue. There are at least three major federal issues here that will require the Supreme Court to resolve these -- this case.

Brannon: And let me just stop right there. She makes a very good point. If this is all done in the courts legally, he will be President. And I have to wonder – and I'd love for each of you to respond to the same question, Alan Jones and Mary Fanning. By the way, their website is Right, Mary?

Mary Fanning: That's correct. And you can also read a good body of our work at

Brannon: And you can also read a lot of their work over at Because Alan and Mary have been gracious to partner up with us not only for radio, TV, but at our website, where we carry portions of their work and then shove you over to their Page. So as they crank it out, we're highlighting it. We're also highlighting it right now. It's the highlight at If you go to, you'll see a highlighted article – which I hope we'll have time to get into. Because people are besmirching Dennis Montgomery and saying, "Oh, he's a fraud. He's a scam. Blah-blah-blah." 

No. We'll get into the facts about him. This is character assassination because they cannot have him having credibility. But even National Geographic has had to come out and admit that the things that were said about him were not true. We'll get into that. But here's the first question, Mary and Alan, in regard to this voter fraud and President Trump. This has been done so sloppily. I mean, if you watch it, it's so sloppy. And you're about to hear Maria say, have you ever seen all of the networks stop and hold all the counting? Every state, the network reports – all these states are stopping the counting. And this allows them, of course, to bring in the ballots as you're about to hear and figure out what they need to do. 

But all of this has been so sloppy; voting for only Joe Biden on a ballot, thousands and thousands of ballots with only Biden voted for? So here's the question, Alan. Are they doing this on purpose? Is this by design that they knew they weren't going to get away with it, or maybe they thought they could. They thought the American people were that stupid; the Republicans were this lazy or compromised, because who knows what they have on them because of the HAMMER? But were they really thinking they were going to get away with it? And if they were not thinking they were really going to get away with it, was the goal here then to do this big propaganda, have the "President-elect Biden" transition team members, being named, all of this coordination by the media; then when it’s "stolen by Donald Trump," they can use that to delegitimize him for another four years. 

But more than that, can you imagine the psychological impact this is going to have on their already mentally unstable followers who voted for Biden? I'm already seeing videos of people saying, "If you try to steal this from Joe Biden, we will start killing people." That's my concern. Is this a big, gigantic, psychological operation – if part one doesn't work which is stealing the election, then part two, the liberal media conveys the election of Biden. However, it could be taken by the courts legally – but they won't say that – so that you have this massive psychological response. I don't know how you avoid a Civil War with these people 'cause they're going to go nuts. What say you, Alan?

Alan Jones: Well, I think they were very confident that they were going to win the 2016 election and Hillary Clinton was going to be the next president. Obviously, that did not work out for them. And I'm sure that they used everything they had to throw at that election and thought they had it. So they were stunned when President Trump clearly won in a landslide – probably far greater than the number of votes that were reflected because of the existence of the HAMMER and Scorecard, and various other techniques they used for voter fraud. Now, to gameplay what's going on right now, if President Trump's legal team prevails and they're able to prove that President Trump actually does have the 270 electorates that he needs, you're absolutely right; there's tremendous – I would say it's guaranteed there's going to be civil unrest. The only question is, "How bad is it going to get?" And, Mary, what are your thoughts?

Mary Fanning:  Well, they're out there creating chaos and division. And if you can – you know, if those who understand Antonio Gramsci understand some of what they're doing; this is a race war. They're looking for a race war. Have you ever heard anyone talk about all these white supremacists? The only white supremacists we knew of were the good friends of the Clintons that was the head of the clan. There are no white supremacists on the ground.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. Robert Byrd. Robert Byrd in the US Senate who Hillary praises as one of her greatest friends and what a great man he was in his speech.

Mary Fanning: Her heroes. Yeah.

Brannon Howse: Mm-hmm. 

Mary Fanning: You know, he just forgot to wear his white robes into Congress.

Brannon Howse: And by the way. Why are the white supremacists not burning down the country right now? Because this would be the perfect time for all of Trump's people and all these white supremacists at the Department of Homeland Security are the greatest threat to the country right now. This would be the time for them to burn the country down. I don't see any people doing that. I don’t see them rioting, looting, burning cars and buildings. Do you?

Mary Fanning: The Right doesn’t do that. And those that are out doing it are paid by Soros. 

Brannon Howse: Exactly. And they even said in their own report they would sneak in and start acting like Trump people. So one of my concerns is, guys, if these people are about to go down – if Sidney Powell has the goods on them – you guys have the goods on them. This has all been in print, by the way, for a long time; a lot of this in your excellent research. How desperate would these people be? And we know who "these people" are. I mean, we've been naming their names in the crimes they've committed. How desperate would these people be? In other words, could some of them actually encourage a massive attack inside America in order for there to be a massive distraction if Donald Trump does win re-election?

Mary Fanning: Absolutely. Absolutely. You have to think about Joe Biden with those TIGER grants; he's setting the table. He's putting our enemy...they're not just an enemy that we don't know about. Doctor Jafar, Dhiya Jafar was on the Pentagon's blacklist. That meant, should he not cooperate when they were trying to capture him, he was wanted for capture or kill. Can you even imagine putting a man like that with his family? It's not just Doctor Jafar. His brother Hamid Dhiya Jafar, who is the Principal – one of the two principals. The other one is actually the Emir of Sharjah which they hired – although we found the world bank documents proving that. 

Brannon Howse: Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. What did you just say? Wait a minute. What'd you just say?

Mary Fanning: They didn't tell who the actual owners of Gulftainer are. And there's a reason for that. The Emir of Sharjah, Al-Qasimi, is a 50-percent owner. We've proved that with World Bank documents. 

Brannon Howse: And who is he? Tell us who he is.

Mary Fanning Well, he's the Emir of Sharjah and the UAE. Alright? And so, that would take – were they to do what they bypassed – a national security threat analysis and a  CFIUS review – it takes it to an even higher standard. Imagine another country buying our ports. A critical infrastructure.

Brannon Howse: Yeah. Absolutely.

Mary Fanning: So they only put forth that it was Hamid Dhiya Jafar. But he comes with his own set of problems. Hamid Dhiya Jafar was under investigation by three Congressional committees and our treasury department. Why? Because Hamid Dhiya Jafar was behind a scheme known as Oil For Super-weapons where they had come in and taken over an oil company, and they were sending the illegal money back. And they were funding Saddam and his brothers' WMD program. Now, Doctor Jafar is the creator of a miniaturized nuclear weapon beachball. There were beachballs in Iraq. They don't tell the truth about that. Doctor Jafar also had oversight over the chemical and biological weapons and also a group that we've connected to the bombing in Oklahoma; unit 999. 

Brannon Howse: Tell me about unit 999. But first, let me just explain what you're saying here. Gulftainer – which is the ones that have the Club-K container missile system that we've talked about for so long, highly featured in my documentary, Sabotage at from 2018, and the research of Alan Jones and Mary Fanning – my guests right now. That's in Sabotage, folks. And it's been since 2018 we've been telling you this. Right? They're in the open. What they're telling you is, their research shows that the Obama Administration and Biden worked to give this contract to people that are known – they're companies. 

These people behind these companies that now run sensitive ports – Port Canaveral, Port Wilmington, Delaware – that are also right there by...very, very important military installations; including things that deal with our nuclear triad – our submarines, our airplanes and our missiles, our nuclear triad – they've very close to very sensitive material that could break up those nuclear triad communications that are necessary. And so, there's a lot going on here, and we've let our enemies do this with Biden and Obama. And what she's telling you is that Gulftainer isn't just owned in part by the Jafar family of whom the brother involved in this – as we've told you about – was the former head of the Nuclear Program for Saddam Hussein who developed a miniaturized nuclear device known as the beachball, but she's telling you that 50 percent of the companies owned by the head of the UAE...and he was under investigation by three Congressional committees for an oil scheme to fund Saddam Hussein's nuclear weapons of mass destruction program. Did I get all that right?

Mary Fanning: You did get it all right. And there's another piece that should be a little chilling to you. Hamid Dhiya Jafar, when he was under investigation...the man that was under investigation is the man working with him, General Doctor Amir Asadi. General Amir Asadi, he was the man that was charged in the MM lawsuit with the Halabja Genocide where they gassed with chemicals the Kurds to death. 

Brannon Fanning: So these are great people to bring over and be in a relationship with Americans. I mean, I guess of course unless we're not concerned about them doing these kinds of atrocities here. Right? Is that what you're saying?

Mary Fanning: This is so beyond the pale, to be unimaginable.

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