USA Today's Woman of the Year is a MAN: Worldview Report Transcript For March 18, 2022

Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Joe Biden’s chief White House medical adviser Dr. Tony Fauci sees a storm cloud on the horizon.

No, it’s not a new virus or variant. He’s not worried about a study saying masks don’t protect anyone from anything. He’s not even worried about the emergence of iron-clad proof that the coronavirus escaped from a Chinese lab Fauci helped fund.

It’s those Republicans, who are likely to win control of Congress and have vowed to investigate Fauci’s conduct from the time he was funding research in China to the days when he flip-flopped in the advice he gave the American people. They are what keep him up at night.

“It’s Benghazi hearings all over again,” Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told The Washington Post.

Those hearings, conducted when Republicans had control of Congress, focused on the 2012 attack on a U.S. compound in Libya in which four Americans were killed due to the incompetence of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

That may have played a role in Hillary’s defeat by President Trump in 2016. The prospect of government corruption being exposed again, with Fauci the main target, has him very worried.

Why, for instance, does he have a patent on a sequence of the HIV virus that just happens to be in the Covid-19 virus as well as in the Covid vaccine?

Why did Moderna, which partnered with Fauci’s agency to create a Covid vaccine, have a patent on a sequential code that’s in the Covid virus three years before the virus was supposedly first discovered in December 2019?

These are questions he’s very afraid of being asked. And maybe, just maybe, he will have to give answers, under oath.


Big League Politics is reporting that Fox News correspondent Steve Harrigan is admitting after returning home from the front lines of the battlefield in Ukraine that Russia’s victory is a “done deal.”

In an appearance on America’s Newsroom Monday, Harrigan stated:


“I think Putin is being bled. And he will be bled for years and it will take years.

“I think for me, Ukraine is a done deal. It’s flattened and they lost. But the next story, I think, is Russia. The Russian people are going to rise up and throw this guy out.”

Harrigan does not see a coup against Putin happening any time soon. He sees Russia continuing to dominate after their victory in Ukraine.


Even though Russia’s military victory is inevitable, U.S. officials are still trying to turn this situation into World War 3, giving the figurehead of Ukraine’s corrupt puppet government a propaganda platform to draw America closer to war.

Ukrainian President Zelensky will continue his psychotic push for more U.S. and NATO involvement in the conflict between his nation and Russia, which could result in World War 3, all to save his corrupt globalist-backed puppet regime.


Meanwhile, Zelensky has passed a law punishing pro-Russian dissent with up to 15 years in prison.

Zelensky signed a decree claiming that “cooperation with the aggressor state,” which includes pro-Russian statements, could result in up to 15 years in prison.



The globalist cartel headquartered at the U.N. and the World Economic Forum is planning to monopolize health systems worldwide, and that plan is already underway, according to an article by Dr. Joseph Mercola at Technocracy News and Trends.

In June 2021, Dr. Julie Gerberding authored an article in Time magazine laying out the framework for an international pandemic-surveillance network, which would include threat prediction and preemption.

Gerberding served as director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control from 2002 until 2009. After leaving the CDC, she became the executive vice president of vaccines and later took a job in strategic communications at Merck.

This is particularly egregious, as Dr. Mercola points out, because she was head of the government’s regulatory agency for vaccines and immediately took a job with one of the largest vaccine manufacturers in the world. This is part of the revolving door between the Washington bureaucracies and the Big Pharma corporations they are supposed to be regulating.

So, what will be the globalists’ next move to create a top-down, one-world health system?

In an article last month, on February 18, Dr. Peter Breggin, author of the book “COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey,” warned that the next move in the globalists’ war on humanity is to seize control over the health care systems of the entire world.

He wrote:

“We have discovered the next move of the global predators — already in progress — in their escalating assaults against individual and political freedom. The next big assault on human freedom involves a legalized takeover of national healthcare systems by the World Health Organization.

“This stealth attack — with its initial plans already backed by many nations — will begin full implementation in 2024, if it is not quickly recognized and fought.”

Dr. Breggin further adds:

“The Chinese Communist influence over WHO has been solid for more than a decade, and the party was able to install Tedros without any competition.

“He became the first and only Director-General who is not a physician and instead is a communist politician. Now the Director-General of WHO, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus — known simply as Tedros — has unveiled plans to take charge of all global health.”

“Tedros’ closing words to his report to the executive committee are chilling in their grandiosity and echo Marxist exhortations to cheering mobs by a Stalin, Mao, or Xi Jinping: ‘We are one world, we have one health, we are one WHO.’ Tedros seeks to become the super-Fauci for the world, and, like Fauci, he will do it on behalf of the global predators.”


As many of you know, the Biden administration’s recent executive order instructs the Federal Reserve chairman, the DOJ and the Treasury Department to produce a study on the benefits of creating a digital dollar. Biden wants the report on his desk within 180 days and you can rest assured that the report will list all of the benefits and none of the detriments of replacing cash with a Central Bank-controlled digital currency.

It appears, however, that Canada may be a little ahead of America in the globalists’ drive to create a cashless society.

Take a look.

WATCH VIDEO (clip the first 2:26)

That pretty much lays it out. But will there be any more smart people in the United States than there are in Canada? We will find out soon enough.


As conservative author Pamela Geller writes in her recent blog post, there is one common thread running through every Democrat policy – it’s hurt Americans,  and seeks to destroy America.

And now progressive Democrats in the House of Representatives are reportedly planning to publicly urge President Biden to ban oil drilling on federal lands amid record-high gas prices and a war in Ukraine that has disrupted oil markets.

According to a report from Politico,  the Congressional Progressive Caucus is planning to demand that Biden use his executive power to declare climate change a national emergency and ban drilling on federal lands.

“Progressive Caucus member @JaredHuffman told me calling on Biden to declare a climate emergency is one of the ‘centerpiece’ actions to headline their EO plan,” Politico reporter Joshua Siegel tweeted Tuesday. “A draft of the plan I saw also calls for Biden to ban oil/gas drilling on public lands and end fossil fuel subsidies.”



Dr. Robert Malone has put out another shocking video report that the globalists don’t want you to see. That’s why it won’t be shown on any mainstream media outlet, nor is it being shown on many conservative media outlets.

But Dr. Malone, one of the inventers of the mRNA technology, gives you the straight truth about the real reason the medical, military and media establishment are so intent on getting everyone injected with this new technology.

Malone says that the globalist elites in Davos, affiliated with the World Economic Forum, view these vaccines as an entry point into transhumanism.

Listen to an excerpt from his recent video interview with Glenn Beck.

WATCH VIDEO (clip the first 1:14)

Mechanical augmentation is one thing with all kinds of embedded chips, including into the brain, but as he hints in that interview, Dr. Malone believes the biological and gene-editing aspects of the transhumanist agenda have the capability to be even more terrifying.


Every day the Western NATO nations become more and more like the people they claim to hate, writes Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit.

The latest evidence of this is the case of Daniil Medvedev, a Russian tennis pro who faces being banned from Wimbledon unless he denounces Putin.

And he is the world’s number one ranked player.


The Times reported:

Daniil Medvedev, the world’s No. 1 tennis player, could face a ban from Wimbledon unless he provides public assurances that he is not a supporter of President Putin.

Nigel Huddleston, the sports minister, told a hearing of the digital, culture, media and sport select committee that the government would only allow individual athletes from Russia or Belarus to compete in events in the UK if they received assurances that the individual was not linked to the Russian or Belarusian states or their leaders.

When is the last time you remember an athlete being required to denounce a political leader in order to participate in his or her sport?

This is setting a dangerous precedent. But then again, there have been lots of historic firsts in the way NATO countries and their corporate partners have responded to this war.


Joe Biden on Wednesday announced an additional $800 million in military aid to Ukraine.

The $800 million is in addition to the $13.6 billion in aid included in the $1.5 trillion omnibus bill – and the $1.2 billion the U.S. already gave Ukraine in the last couple of weeks.

Biden said:

“This could be a long and difficult battle, but the American people will be steadfast in our support of the people of Ukraine in the face of Putin’s immoral, unethical attacks on civilian populations. We are united in our abhorrence of Putin’s depraved onslaught and we’re going to continue to have their backs as they fight for their freedom, their democracy, their very survival.”

Biden refused to answer any questions after he signed a new military aid package for Ukraine.


How long before the Biden administration caves on Ukraine’s biggest ask, a no-fly zone over the country? That would be tantamount to a declaration of war on Russia and the start of World War III. Brace yourself, because unless the U.S. government gets off this roller coaster of escalation, and soon, that seems to be where things are heading.


With Ukrainian President Volodomyr Zelensky receiving a standing ovation Wednesday morning after his brief address to Congress, you should know that over 1/3 of Americans polled by Pew Research support the U.S. “taking military action, even if it risks a nuclear conflict with Russia.”


Zero Hedge reports that, according to the poll, 35 percent favor U.S. military action even if it risks nuclear conflict with Russia.

Three weeks into Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine, nearly half of Americans (47%) approve of the Biden administration’s handling of the Russian invasion, while about four-in-ten (39%) disapprove; 13% say they are not sure.

Roughly a third of Americans (32%) say that the United States is providing about the right amount of support to Ukraine as it fights to hold off the Russian invasion. A larger share – 42% – say the U.S. should be providing more support to Ukraine, while just 7% say it is providing too much support. About one-in-five (19%) say they are not sure.


The recent stabbing of two employees at the Museum of Modern Art on March 12 in New York City is a case study of how the Covid cultists in the media have incited mentally deranged individuals and quite literally turned them into violent criminals, reports Susan Duclos at All News PipeLine.

A man caught on video stabbing Museum employees is responsible for his own actions, but when a mentally ill, angry individual has his delusions deliberately encouraged by the media, does the media also bear partial responsibility?

In the case of the man at the Museum, since he never had a police record, Duclos believes the media actually created this monster.

Check it out.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 1:45 of video)

On Tuesday, March 15, the suspect in that video, Mr. Cabana, was arrested in Pennsylvania after setting his motel room on fire.

While one would never know what triggered Cabana from watching that mainstream TV station’s report, Cabana's social media posts tell the rest of the story.


In these screen shots, you can see him ranting about Republicans, the Second Amendment, how the "unmasked" (with barely any mask mandates left in place) should be rooted out, locked up and segregated.

Furthermore the "no-maskers" aka the "virus zombies" should be put into concentration camps, he says.

This is what two years of media brainwashing is capable of doing to weak-minded individuals. Let’s pray those injured by this madman experience a quick recovery and are not traumatized for the rest of their lives.


Last night we reported on how a large group of Republicans voted for the $1.5 trillion budget bill that contained hidden gun-control legislation.

Well, more bad news about that budget, which most of them did not even take the time to read before voting to approve it.

The 2,700-page omnibus budget bill has drawn attention for $13.6 billion in emergency aid to Ukraine, budget increases for domestic agencies, and various examples of pork and subsidies for various left-wing environmental and cultural priorities, as well as its ramifications for inflation and the national debt

But what about abortion funding?

While some in the media have depicted the deal as a victory for pro-lifers because it retains the Hyde amendment, the bill contains other provisions that will likely be used to financially support the abortion industry.

The biggest of those provisions is a $200 million earmark for the Biden administration’s Gender Equity and Equality Action Fund, which the administration says is meant in part to “advance economic security for women and girls globally” – something Biden claims is impossible without “reproductive rights,” which is progressive code for abortion.


Now for our nightly commentary. When one of the nominees for Woman of the Year is a man, you know your country is in a heap of trouble.

And we’d like to give a shout out to conservative commentator Candace Owens for her outspoken criticism of the trans obsessed cultural Marxists who keep pushing this trashy agenda on our athletes and our youths of all backgrounds.

Candace Owens slammed USA Today's decision to include President Biden's transgender Assistant Health Secretary Rachel Levine among its nominees for 2022 Women of the Year. 

The inclusion on the list of Dr. Levine, 64, who is the nation's first openly transgender federal official to be confirmed by the Senate, sparked a beatdown from Owens, who appeared recently on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

'What’s a woman? I'm confused,” she told Carlson, adding:

“I don't know what a woman is anymore. It is funny and pointedly ridiculous. It gets back to what I always say about progressives which is that they're always so progressive that they’re actually just regressive, right?”

'It's the same with feminism,' Owens went on. 'With early feminism, we were trying to create a space for women that was separate from men. We wanted women sports and for them to compete differently. 

'We have women that train all the way from the time that they're kids up through college to try to compete against other women. Now you can throw on a wig and say 'Actually, I am a woman too' and you can crush all of their records because it is so progressive it is actually regressive!''

We agree Candace.

And that’s our broadcast for tonight. Thank you for watching. Please tell your friends about this nightly newscast, where we give you the news straight, without the filter or the liberal bias. Goodnight from all of us at the Worldview Report. Take care.


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