Update on Mike Lindell's Lawsuit Against The Biden DOJ : October 4, 2022

Is the United Nations working with Big Tech to shut down free speech?
The jury is no longer out on that question and we’ll show you the stunning
President Trump gives the FBI a public beatdown at his recent rally in Michigan,
rebuking them for the way they raided Mike Lindell and stole his cellphone.
Europeans are being warned that their cold dark winter could also include stints
where they have no phone service.
And the U.S. Army misses its recruitment goals for 2022 by 25 percent, just as the
Biden regime is gearing up for war with Russia.
We’ve got all these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report.
The U.N. Secretary for Global Communications Melissa Fleming, a World
Economic Forum member, openly admitted how global elites work with Google
and other Big Tech digital platforms to censor information they deem to be
politically undesirable.
The U.N. has “partnered” with Google, she said, to shut down its critics.
She calls this strategy “becoming much more proactive.”
Take a listen to this stunning admission.
As Becker News points out, this is a chilling revelation that sheds light on the
globalists’ brazen efforts to regulate citizens’ speech in so-called “democracies.”
Of course, the U.N.’s partnership with Google isn’t relegated to climate change. Its
agenda includes all manner of topics, including vaccines, the integrity of elections,
the health impact of various mRNA injections, continuous boosters, fake meat, the
practical viability of replacing gasoline-fueled cars with electric vehicles and the
list goes on. Everything you type into a search engine nets you only the results that
Google and the other search engines want you to see.


Federal prosecutors on Friday twice reiterated that they were “not conceding” that
MyPillow founder and CEO Mike Lindell filed a “true and correct” copy of
a purported search warrant served upon him for the seizure on September 13 of his
Law and Crime reports that those comments came during a less than 20-minute
status conference in Lindell’s civil lawsuit against the government regarding the
seizure of Lindell’s phone in a Hardee’s restaurant drive-through in Mankato,
Minnesota, while he and a friend were returning from a duck-hunting trip in Iowa. 
A copy of the warrant filed by Lindell’s attorneys suggests that the FBI was
investigating possible identity theft and computer crimes connected to various
efforts to investigate the outcome of the 2020 presidential election in Colorado.
Lindell’s 20-page complaint, filed in U.S. District Court for the District of
Minnesota, seeks the return of the company-issued phone and other “declaratory or
equitable relief.” The complaint also asks for a judge to declare as invalid the
search warrant federal agents used to seize the device. It further seeks the return of
any data accessed from the device; for a “temporary restraining order prohibiting
the Defendants from attempting any access to the data collected”; and for the
government to provide Lindell “a copy of the Affidavit submitted to the Court to
obtain the Warrant.”
Washington, D.C.-based government attorney Jonathan Jacobson said during
Friday’s conference with U.S. District Judge Eric C. Tostrud, a Trump appointee
who is hearing the matter, that the U.S. Department of Justice would oppose
Lindell’s requests to obtain the aforementioned warrant affidavit. Warrant
affidavits lay out the details as to why a law enforcement agency believes it has
probable cause to believe a crime was committed, thus justifying a search, seizure,
or arrest. Warrant affidavits are considered public record documents and it’s
almost unheard of for courts to rule that they can be kept permanently under wraps.
Lindell’s attorneys asserted during Friday’s call that it would be “appropriate for
the plaintiffs to receive a copy in advance of the Oct. 19 hearing” that will argue
Lindell’s requests for a temporary restraining order against the government and for
the return of the device.

“We have every right to get that information in discovery,” Lindell
attorney Andrew Parker said. He called the affidavit a central piece of the
plaintiff’s challenge to the warrant.
Judge Tostrud said he would welcome motions on the issue. We’ll keep you
updated on this developing story.


Meanwhile, President Trump called out the FBI for its attack on Mike Lindell.
Take a listen.


In other news, an expert on artificial intelligence is predicting that by the year 2050
“virtual children” powered by artificial intelligence will become the norm – and
parents will warm up to the idea that they can raise these non-human humans in the
metaverse without having to change a single diaper.
Author Catriona Campbell believes parents will want to care for digital children
in virtual reality, using a headset to feel like they're really there with a fake CGI
baby or toddler.
Campbell’s comments appeared in an article in Britain’s Daily Star, where she
claims these virtual kids will be just like the real thing but could be switched off at
the touch of a button.
Campbell argues these cyber children will help the world deal with overpopulation,
which of course is a big lie made up by eugenicists at the United Nations and
World Economic Forum.
In a book released this year, Campbell says a “Tamagotchi generation” will be
born and be available to parents for a small monthly fee.
In the book, she says: “Virtual children may seem like a giant leap from where we
are now, but within 50 years technology will have advanced to such an extent that
babies which exist in the metaverse are indistinct from those in the real world.”

She adds: “We're already well on our way to creating the Tamagotchi generation
which, for all intents and purposes, will be ‘real’ to their parents. On the basis that
consumer demand is there, which I think it will be, AI children will become widely
available for a relatively small monthly fee.”

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene is one of the few Republicans who are
speaking out on Democrat violence.
The congresswoman was speaking at a rally in Michigan Saturday with Donald
Trump, campaigning for Michigan candidates Tudor Dixon for governor, Matt
DePerno for attorney general and Kristina Karamo for secretary of state.
Greene stated during the rally:
“I am not going to mince words with you all. Democrats want Republicans dead
and they have already started the killings.”
She added that when Republicans take back the House, “we will take back our
country from the Communists who have stolen it and want us to disappear.”
Greene brought up two recent cases involving political violence from the left.
The congresswoman cited the recent killing of a North Dakota teenager by
Shannon Brandt, 41, who has been charged with murder for plowing down Cayler
Ellingson, 18, after a political disagreement.
Brandt had called 9-1-1 and confessed that he intentionally ran over Ellingson. He
told the police they had gotten into an argument and that the teenager was part of a
“Republican extremist group.”
Greene then discussed the 84-year-old woman who was shot by a liberal Democrat
while campaigning against a Michigan ballot measure that would legalize abortion
until birth.
Right to Life, the group that the woman was volunteering with, says she was
peacefully walking away when she was shot in the back of her shoulder.

The man who shot her, the husband of the pro-abortion woman that the volunteer
was arguing with, claimed that he shot her by accident. She is now recovering from
her gunshot wound.


Another day, another young athlete with a heart problem.
NFL player J.J. Watt on Sunday revealed he had to have his heart shocked back
into rhythm on Thursday in order to play in Sunday’s game.
The 33-year-old athlete was peeved someone leaked his personal information to
the press.
The Arizona Cardinals player said in a Twitter post on Sunday:
“I went into A-Fib on Wednesday, had my heart shocked back into rhythm on
Thursday and I’m playing today.”
Watt missed practice Wednesday and Thursday for what the Cardinals listed as
“calf/illness” on their injury report.
According to the Cleveland Clinic, atrial fibrillation is “an irregular heart rhythm
that begins in your heart’s upper chambers.”

Meanwhile, Canadian actress Jennifer Gibson says she was severely injured by the
vaccine but says if she could go back and do it again, she would.
Take a look.
That’s really unbelievable. Bells Palsy or your health. She says she would choose
Bells Palsy, all for the sake of that sacred jab.

Former defense secretary advisor Colonel Douglas MacGregor weighed in on what
will happen if Ukraine joins NATO, as well as who may have been behind the
destruction of natural gas pipelines crossing from Russia into Western Europe. 
MacGregor shared his insights with Fox News.
WATCH VIDEO (clip first 1:51)
Count MacGregor among a growing number of analysts who believe the Nord
Stream pipeline was not destroyed by the Russians, as the mockingbird media has
claimed in accordance with their deep-state propaganda masters in the U.S.
intelligence agencies.
It looks like the only people who want World War III with Russia are Joe Biden,
Senator Lindsey Graham, and the rest of the war-hawk neoconservatives and
neoliberals who make up the Uniparty in Washington, D.C.


Many Europeans will be going without heat this winter and now they’re being told
by their governments to prepare to endure stretches without communication.
Cellphones could go dark throughout Europe this winter according to a report
from Reuters, because the cellphone networks depend on the electric grid.
There are reportedly not enough backup systems in European countries to handle
widespread power outages. Realizing that in just weeks Europe could be cellphone
free, countries including France, Sweden and Germany are scrambling to make
sure communications can continue even if power cuts end up exhausting backup
batteries installed on thousands of cellular antennas.
While Europe has nearly half a million telecom towers, most of them have battery
backups that last around 30 minutes. After that they go dark.
One of the alternatives being discussed is pushing Europe back to communist-era
rotating blackout regimes: In France, a plan put forward by electricity distributor
Enedis, includes potential power cuts of up to two hours per day in a worst-case
scenario, two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters.
The general black-outs would affect only parts of the country on a rotating basis.

Enedis said it was able to isolate sections of the cell network to supply priority
customers, such as hospitals, key industrial installations and the military and that it
was up to local authorities to add telecoms operator infrastructure to the list of
priority customers.
"Maybe we'll improve our knowledge on the matter by this winter, but it's not easy
to isolate a mobile antenna (from the rest of the network)," said a French finance
ministry official with knowledge of the talks.

The Scottish government announced an investigation of why newborn deaths were
higher than expected from September 2021 through the end of March 2022, as
published by Public Health Scotland.
Healthcare Improvement Scotland has been commissioned by the Scottish
government to investigate the high incidence of newborn mortality in the country.
According to the news release:
“The review will cover all reported deaths across Scotland between April 1, 2021
and March 31, 2022 to find out if there is anything that may have contributed to the
increase. Anything identified will feed into recommendations and actions to
improve the quality of care for mother and babies.”
Deaths among infants younger than four weeks old increased to at least 18 in
March (4.6 per 1,000 births) and as many as 21 in September (2021) (4.9 per 1,000
births), according to Scottish Daily Express.

A Christian family in the United Kingdom was ordered by their children’s Church
of England primary school to believe that girls can become boys and boys can
become girls, or be labeled "transphobic.”
But the family sued the Department of Education over its aggressive gender
identity policies and engaged in a five-year legal battle, from which it has now
emerged victorious.
In 2017, the family of Nigel and Sally Rowe were forced to homeschool after their
son’s Church of England primary school said that their children could be labelled
‘transphobic’ bullies for not being “trans-affirming.”

According to a report from the U.K.-based Christian Legal Center, the government
there has promised to reform transgender policies for primary schools.
The court also awarded the family $24,000 for legal costs.
World Net Daily reports that the school system was working with the scandal-
plagued and now-shuttered Tavistock and Portman NHS Trust to transition
students from one gender to another.
The school demanded that parents accept the trans ideology or leave the school.
They said any student with an "inability to believe a transgender person is actually
a 'real' female or male" would be labeled transphobic.
The Christian Legal Center explained that, “The local church of England diocese
backed the school’s position based on its 'Valuing All God’s Children' guidance on
challenging homophobic, bi-phobic and transphobic bullying.”
The Rowes ended up homeschooling both of their sons. But they also asked federal
education regulators to intervene and review the case.
“The Rowes also presented international expert evidence to the Department of
Education which revealed how trans affirming policies lead to ‘catastrophic
outcomes’ for gender-confused children,” the center reported.


The U.S. Army fell 25% short of its recruiting goal for this year, officials with the
Biden regime confirmed on September 30 to the Associated Press.
Apparently the opportunity to get a  free sex change operation and free training in
"white rage" was not a enough to entice many young Americans to sign up to fight
Russia in a World War.
The Army fell about 15,000 soldiers — or 25% — short of its recruitment goal for
fiscal year 2022.
According to officials who spoke with AP, the Marine Corps, which usually goes
into each fiscal year with as much as 50% of its recruiting goal already locked in,
has only a bit more than 30%. And the Air Force and the Navy will only have
about 10% of their goals as they start the new fiscal year.

Officials said the Army brought in about 45,000 soldiers during the fiscal year that
ended September 30. The goal was 60,000.
Immediately after taking office, the Biden regime declared that "trans rights are
human rights" and began offering free sex changes and opposite sex hormones to
active duty troops and veterans.
There have been pictures of obviously male U.S. military officers meeting with
their counterparts overseas wearing skirts. This is an embarrassment.


And that leads us into our Worldview Report commentary.
The same insane trans policy has been introduced into our once-proud American
military is also invading the states, starting with California.
Last week, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law a bill that will
designate the state as a sanctuary for children and teens seeking medicalized
gender transitions.
Newsom’s signature on the legislation, SB 107, comes nearly a month after the
California legislature passed State Senator Scott Wiener’s bill, which was
introduced in 2021. 
The Democrats war on the family, the basic building block of civilization, is
nothing less than part and parcel of their war on almighty God. This is a globalist
deep-state psychological operation that is pushing degeneracy, depression and
death on our children and young adults.
Eliminating parental authority paves the way to absolute control and autocracy.
Ten to 15 years after surgical reassignment, the suicide rate of those who undergo
this horrific, mutilating surgery rose to 20 times that of their comparable peers,
according to a study by the Heritage Foundation.
Even our enemies are mocking us.

Vladimir Putin, in a speech to his people last week that sought to rally them for
war against the West, alluded to its “Satanic” policies that “experiment on
children” by trying to change their genders.
While no fan of Putin, it’s hard to argue against the charge that the U.S., U.K. and
other Western governments have come under a demonic influence that seeks to
destroy the family and empower government at every level. If this continues, it’s
difficult to believe God won’t step in and judge our nation severely.
Pray for America. Pray for the parents of young children that they will stand
against these disgusting agendas. Together, we can defeat these cultural Marxists
who have taken over our country.
That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report.
Thanks for tuning in and for supporting this newscast.
Until next time, God bless you all, and may God save America.


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