The Truth Behind Covid19 Should Make You Furious

I do not as a rule do a post on Friday, but I think it important that I make you aware of the following information that confirms The Daily Rant I wrote yesterday titled: “Is Covid19 A Deep State Threat?”  A special thanks to “Deb” for her role in sourcing and vetting the closing articles.

There is one constant that We the People ignore at our own peril and that is the media as a whole are purveyors of misinformation and outright liars. The proof of same is unimpeachable. I have warned repeatedly since 2005 that we are being misled and misinformed by the media and the federal government.

Persons such as myself have been criticized and outright condemned for daring to warn you of the threat America faces from Fabian Democratic Socialists and neo-Leninists specifically under Obama and even the George W. Bush administration.  I was excoriated by anti-American front groups funded by George Soros and in no few cases anti-American groups funded by we the American taxpayers completely unbeknownst to us.

I wasn’t alone in warning that America was under attack from within by subversive Soros-funded groups instituting a new era of Hitler Youth Werewolves to spy on their parents and neighbors.

Bill de Blasio, mayor of New York, has instituted Hitler’s campaign to have family and neighbors spy on one another to a level only the most malevolent anarchists could envision in America.

I confess that there was a time I doubted the factual reality of a one-world government and a globalist cabal committed to subjugating We the People. I have long not suffered from such doubt. Over the last 20 to 25 years I have studied the present in the mirror of history and Biblical prophecy, and I have reached the conclusion that the events of modern political history and specifically the manufactured Covid19 crisis are born out of the most sinister machinations.

Which of you honestly imagined this past Christmas and New Years, that by Valentine’s Day we would be told about a deadly flu virus and by April, America would be shut down with her citizens under martial law? Who foresaw attending Passover and Easter worship services, two of the most holy Christian and Jewish holidays, falling under government edict by banana republic dictatorial Democrat governors? Who can truthfully say that as they celebrated the birth of Christ this past Christmas season they foresaw that in less than three months time later, America’s booming economy would be virtually destroyed overnight by a nefarious globalist health organizations heavily funded and influenced by Bill/Melinda Gates, pharmaceutical companies, and their minions like Dr. Fauci?

The following two-part article is long, but I cannot stress strongly enough the importance of your investing the time to not only read the article, but to read those hyperlinked within same as well.  We have a choice.  We can either open our eyes to the reality that the America we love is under serious attack.  We are being deceived; and our God-given rights and freedoms are being stripped away because many refuse to believe there are dark forces at work committed to destroying the America we love and subjugating her people.

There are people who do not like President Trump, but we can thank God we elected him President. I cannot imagine what it would be like if he weren’t.

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