Transgenderism Is A Mental Disorder Not A Sexual Identity

The idea that a person can change their sex simply by thinking they are not the male or female they were born is utter foolishness; regardless of the newly created psycho-idiomatic lexicon now being employed to identify the ever-increasing sub-categories of this dysphoria. It is a form of an irrational psychological imbalance that is self-destructive. It is a mental disorder.

Altering one’s body through surgery doesn’t change the sex a person was born. It simply adds or deletes organs that were or were not there. It is madness to believe otherwise.

Surgery that alters one’s appearance doesn’t change a person’s sex – it changes their appearance. Putting on a wig and a dress doesn’t change one’s sexual identity anymore than putting on a baseball uniform makes someone a baseball player.

Therein is the damnable lie of transgenderism. A person can undergo surgery, butchering their body to falsely shape it into that which it was not created, but that doesn’t change what they were born. It only changes the way they look. Trying to walk, talk and adopt behavioral characteristics of the sex you were not born is an effort in futility. It makes one a pretender; it doesn’t change their sex.

We need not do anything to remain as we were born, but to alter our appearance into something which we were not born, requires surgery, massive amounts of drugs, prosthetics and psychological counseling. It requires learning how to pretend to be what one was not born, from speech to walking and sitting.

A man wearing women’s clothing or a woman wearing men’s clothing cannot dictate that you or I reference them as what they clearly are not. A woman wearing men’s clothing and making every effort to conceal their breasts is still a woman. A man altering his voice, wearing makeup and women’s clothing is still a man. There can be no law that threatens you or I with legal action because we refuse to engage in their psychosis.

Ergo, threatening me or anyone else with bullying tactics intended to advance this false narrative is worthy of condemnation in the strongest possible terms.

Transgender activists are pushing what amounts to nothing less than an assault against you, myself and everyone else who refuses to embrace the lie that a person either by surgery or irrational thought can change the sex they was born. They are attempting to use judicial terrorism to force us into recognizing their deviancy as normal.

Rachel Dolezal was rightly rebuked when she claimed to be black even though it was clear she was white. Senator Elizabeth Warren has been soundly criticized for claiming she was an Indian, when in factuality the percentage of Native American blood in her DNA is negligible to the point of being nearly nonexistent.

With practically no exceptions, this variant persuasion of mental and emotional imbalance stands alone in not being recognized as a mental illness. Yet, by any reasonable rendering that is exactly what it is.

Body integrity identity disorder is recognized as a harmful disorder that requires counseling. People who believe they are overweight and go to harmful extremes for weight loss, are treated by psychologists and/or psychiatrists.

And yet, we are told that it is perfectly normal for a person to believe they were born one sex trapped in the body of another sex. It is even more egregious are the activists for deviancy and perversion who argue those so stricken legislatively deserve special dispensation and approval in the pursuit and encouragement of developing this psychosis. Some states and municipalities have now made it illegal to take children for psychological treatment of this disorder.

A person can go through life with a thoroughly convincing account of having served in military combat service. Politicians have used lies like this to get elected. But at the end of the day, they are not combat veterans, they are delusional liars who may or may not have successfully convinced people of being something they are not.

DNA determines what we are at birth and until a method is found which can change our DNA, the sex we were at birth is the sex we are our entire life. No amount of surgery, drugs, feigned behavior, ad nauseum is going to change that fact. It is akin to believing in fairy-tales and unicorns to reason otherwise.

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