Too Little Too Late: When Evangelical Leaders Break Away From Al Mohler Will It Be Based on Doctrine or Donors?

Through Worldview Radio & WVW-TV and my books, I have warned about the political and evangelical liberalism and lack of discernment of Al Mohler for years. The facts have been right there in the open for all to see, but apparently many of Al Mohler’s friends believe that clear-minded Charismatics are a greater threat to evangelicalism than the Cultural Marxists Mohler promotes and works with through such groups as the Gospel Coalition (which should be called the ‘Cultural Marxist Gospel Coalition.’)

I predict Al Mohler has become a liability for some of the “Good Ol’ Boy Club” members, and soon I think we will see some pastors and evangelical leaders cutting their ties with him.

In fact, I think conservative Christian Americans are smarter than many of today’s evangelical mafia give them credit. I also think that groups like WVW Broadcast Network, with our own digital platforms – 250,000 on our e-mail alert lists, large mailing list, and 40,000 subscribers to our Roku channels, have disrupted the controlled narrative that many within the evangelical mafia once counted on to keep themselves and their buddies like Al Mohler insulated from being exposed.

However, Biblically thinking Christians are doing their own online research and seeing that some of the ministry leaders they have supported are in fact giving a continual pass to a liberal ‘mole’ like Al Mohler, and they are fed up.

These thinking Christians have verified the facts we have presented and are pulling their financial support from churches and ministries that are promoting and standing with men like Al Mohler, Russell Moore, Tim Keller, D.A. Carson, David Platt, Matt Chandler and John Piper, to name just a few.

When you see some evangelical leaders making a public break from Al Mohler soon, then ask yourself why now and not a few years ago when thinking Christians saw Mohler for what he is and what he is up to?

Will a decision to break from Mohler or other Gospel Coalition council members be based on Biblical convictions, or pragmatism and profit? I contend it will be the latter.

If enough donors say ‘enough is enough’ and stop supporting the ministries that are sharing the stage with and giving theological cover to the Neo-Evangelicals and Neo-Calvinists promoting social justice, race-baiting, “queer Christians,” white privilege, and hating on Trump voters, then this is when some of the “good ole boy” members will turn on each other to stop their own financial ministries from losing more donors.

Too bad many of today’s evangelical leaders are more political creatures than principled Christians.

So why are so many conservative evangelicals fed up with men like Al Mohler? Well, let’s just look at what Al has said and done over the years as we have documented on our own website and through our radio and television programs:












  • TV Show: Al Mohler, Tim Keller, and the evangelical deep state. TV program #2


  • Al Mohler endorsed his disciple and extreme liberal Russell Moore to be president of the SBC’s ERLC. Mohler called liberal Moore the man from Issachar in Mohler’s speech at the installation of liberal Moore as president of ERCL. Moore is a founding member of the Evangelicals and Immigration Round table that is supported by globalist, socialist and anti-America George Soros.

Many of Mohler’s friends that promote him have HUGE staffs and bring in millions of millions of dollars each and every year with millions sitting in their bank accounts. Yet apparently they don’t have enough money or enough staff (despite numerous employees) to do the research that our broadcast ministry has done that reveals the real worldview of Al Mohler.

Countless Southern Baptist Church pastors bring Mohler in to speak at their churches while Al Mohler and the organizations he works with undermine the conservative and theological worldview many of these pastors claim to embrace.

When Mohler hails a Marxist and terrorist like Mandela as a hero, how is that not being a mole in evangelicalism for the Cultural Marxists? When Mohler spews his insults at Trump voters and questions whether they are real Christians how is that not being a mole in evangelicalism for the Cultural Marxists? When Mohler serves on the council of the Gospel Coalition and gives them credibility while they run an article on their website calling for mandatory minimum incomes, how is that not being a mole within evangelicalism for the Cultural Marxists? When Mohler is serving in leadership with the Gospel Coalition as they run an article that encourages pastors to tell their people to vote for neo-Marxist Hillary Clinton, how is that not being a mole in evangelicalism for the Cultural Marxists? 

“Al, the Cultural Marxist Mole” may finally be too much for his buddies that have given him theological cover, and they themselves might soon be running underground to hide from being seen with Mohler and thus stop their donors from running to the financial exits.

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