The Third Sex

                              The Third Sex <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
                         By David A. Noebel
          If <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />New York City is Sodom on the Hudson, Washington, D. C. is Gomorrah on the Potomac.  Homosexuality, the third sex, is rampant throughout America as the homosexual mafia moves ever closer to our Federal capital for its final push toward respectability and acceptance.  And not just acceptance, but homosexuals are demanding praise for their enlightened sexual proclivities and depravities.
Homosexuals consider male/male sex superior to male/female sex.  And many consider man/boy sex the highest form of sexual pleasure.  While Foley is presently in the dog house he will most likely emerge a hero when the mist clears; especially if the Democrats take over the House of Representatives and make Barney Frank, already a leading voice of the Democratic Party, the chairman of the Judiciary Committee (or whatever committee he desires).
            Homosexuals have literally moved from Alfred Kinsey's sex labs in Bloomington, Indiana to the power centers of America in a generation.  The most powerful and outspoken organizations on America's university campuses are the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender groups.  And they are clever, mean and determined, broking no competition and shouting down anyone standing in their way as homophobic, insane, insensitive and worse. 
            The homosexuals fought to have the practice of sodomy removed from various state laws which made their disgusting practices illegal.  Thanks to the U. S. Supreme Court (Lawrence et. al. vs. Texas) sodomy is now considered a legal sexual nicety.  Come to think about it prayer, the Bible, the 10 Commandments and God may well be illegal, but sodomy is not. Has America fallen for the devil's spin or no?   
            It was just yesterday when the homosexuals told us all they wanted was to be left alone?  The next day they said they wanted their sexual behavior considered lawful. The day following they really got organized and infiltrated the media, Hollywood, churches, schools, major corporations and government.  Today, they want the right to marry, adopt children and run for president where the first lady will be "lover."  We have already sent homosexuals and their "lovers" to represent this nation as ambassadors etc.
            Even the famous British historian, Paul Johnson, was fooled by their intentions and antics.  Johnson relates in his work The Quest for God how he helped bring about the decriminalization of homosexuality thinking that was all the homosexual movement wanted from the heterosexual community.  He was fooled. In fact, he was totally naïve for he said homosexuality was still to be considered "a great moral evil."  That didn't last long.
            Says Johnson, "We were proven totally mistaken.  Decriminalization made it possible for homosexuals to organize openly into a powerful lobby, and it thus became a mere platform from which further demands were launched.  Next followed demands for equality, in which homosexuality was officially placed on the same moral level as standard forms of sexuality, and dismissal of identified homosexuals from sensitive positions, for instance schools, children's homes, etc., became progressively more difficult.  This was followed in turn by demands not merely for equality, but privilege:  the appointment, for instance, of homosexual quotas in local government, the excision from school textbooks and curricula, and university courses, passages or books or authors they found objectionable, special rights to proselytize, and not least the privilege of special programmes to put forward their views-including the elimination of the remaining legal restraints-on radio and television."
            "Thus we began, says Johnson, "by attempting to right what was felt an ancient injustice [criminalizing homosexual acts] and we ended with a monster in our midst, powerful and clamoring, flexing its muscles, threatening, vengeful and vindictive towards anyone who challenges its outrageous claims and bent on making fundamental-and to most of us horrifying-changes to civilized patterns of sexual behaviour."
            What is transpiring in Washington, D. C. is frightenly similar to what transpired in and around Berlin before the fall of the Weimar Republic due in large measure to its moral decadence.  Germany's Alfred Kinsey was Magnus Hirschfeld, a homosexual who was known in the gay community of Berlin as 'Tante Magnesia.'  He was responsible for the world's first homosexual rights organization and worked to have Germany's laws criminalizing sodomy overturned.  Hirschfeld also founded Berlin's "Institute for Sex Science."  Like Kinsey, he was feted by the intellectual elite as having superior knowledge about sex and sexual orientation.
            He also made Berlin a magnet for homosexuals and decadence was the label slapped on the government and its environs which made it easier for Adolph Hitler to use moral degeneracy as an excuse to replace the government with the German Workers National Socialist Party (Nazi).
            Unknown to most Americans, however, is the fact that the Nazi Party was literally populated with homosexuals.  In 1928 the Nazi Party issued a statement in response to a German homosexual rights organization which said in part, "We reject all immorality, especially love between men, because it deprives us of our last chance to free people from the chains of slavery which are keeping it fettered today."  
And who knew the identity of the Nazi homosexuals?  Magnus Hirschfeld!  Indeed, because Hirschfeld did know the identity of Hitler's closest confidants he became an immediate enemy of Hitler who could not afford to have Hirschfeld reveal any Nazi thugs (e.g., Ernst Roehm) to the opposition press.
            Besides, knowing who is homosexual or "hitting on boys" makes it easier to "out" a congressman or senator who votes against gay marriage or anything else on the homosexual agenda.  Let's face it:  homosexuality is a most powerful weapon in the hands of secular progressives and C. S. Lewis' "Conditioners" seeking to destroy Western Civilization and its Christian-based morality and change "the civilized patterns of sexual behavior."

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