Texas Can Investigate Giving Transgender Surgeries and Drugs to Minors as “Child Abuse” : Worldview Report Transcript For 18, 2022

INTRO: More escalations brewing tonight in the conflict between Russia and the U.S. led NATO nations. Are we heading toward a direct confrontation of superpowers, and potentially a nuclear showdown?

Sunday brought rioting, looting and multiple shootings in America’s fourth largest city as major left-leaning news outlets tell us to brace ourselves for a “summer of rage.” Is civil society showing the first telltale signs of breaking down?

And, also tonight, just how many boosters is enough? Bill Gates, who has had four injections already and still caught Covid, weighs in with advice for America’s senior citizens, and you won’t like what he has to say.

All this and more, as The Worldview Report begins now.


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.

Finland and Sweden have been bound to codes of neutrality since at least the Second World War, in return for security guarantees from Russia that it will not attack them.

Now, all bets are off.

Sweden has announced it will join Finland in applying for membership in NATO, citing Russia's invasion of Ukraine as the reason for their historic shift away from decades of neutrality.

Magdalena Andersson, the Swedish prime minister, announced the move on Monday - just a day after her Finnish counterpart Sanna Marin filed her own formal application. 

Andersson was quoted in the Daily Mail saying that the move was being made in conjunction with Finland and marks “a historic change in our country's security policy.”

Vladimir Putin, meanwhile is not standing pat.

Russia reacted to the news on Monday, as video showed a battery of Iskander ballistic missile launchers - which can carry nukes - moving toward Russia’s border with Finland.

While chairing a meeting of ex-Soviet heads of state in Moscow on Monday, Putin warned of a “response” if NATO expands its “infrastructure” into either Finland or Sweden.

He said he has no problem with Sweden or Finland joining NATO, as long as they don’t end up being a staging ground for NATO “infrastructure,” which could only be a reference to troops and weapons.

Video footage posted on Russian social media accounts showed rockets were being placed in Vyborg, a Russian city located just 30 miles from Finland and 135 miles from the Finish capital of Helsinki.


Rioting, chaos and multiple shootings took place in Chicago on Sunday night. In fact, 27 people were shot in a night of violence in the city, leading to tighter curfews being called by Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Take a look at this video in which the rioters attack civilians driving by in cars, throwing chairs and other objects at them.



Mayor Lightfoot reacted by calling a press conference on Monday.



There you have it. That’s a picture of civil society gradually breaking down in a major U.S. city, and they act as if they’re surprised. What do they expect when they let violent criminals out of jail with no bail or very little bail, roll back sentencing guidelines for violent felons and welcome with open arms illegal immigrants by offering them every government service under the sun?

This won’t end with Chicago. It’s coming to every major city run by progressive Democrats and Soros-backed prosecutors.

The liberal media is warning us to brace ourselves.

The civil unrest isn’t just about abortion and the overturning of Roe v. Wade, but in looking at the bigger picture for the months ahead, we are seeing increasing chaos coming at us from every direction.

All of which is causing "rage," which is and will continue to spill into the streets, warns All New Pipeline in an article Monday, which states:



“Aside from the overturning of Roe v Wade, which has caused a massive uproar and nationwide protests after a leaked draft of the Supreme Court opinion was published, we have massive inflation, record high gas and food prices, food shortages, the upcoming midterms where even Democrats admit a ‘red wave’ could be a bloodbath for them,  the free speech push on social media, and corporations deciding to stop the ‘woke’ mindset of letting liberal employees throw temper tantrums if they do not like the company stance, are all part of the upcoming ‘summer of chaos.’”


Immunity against the Omicron coronavirus variant fades rapidly after a second and third dose of Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine, according to a peer-reviewed research study published May 13th in JAMA Network Open. 

That report found the so-called protection only lasts a few weeks before it begins to wane.

So, what is the health establishment’s takeaway from this revelation?

Why, that just means we need people to get more boosters.

The study’s findings, according to Forbes, “could support rolling out additional booster shots to vulnerable people as the variant drives an uptick in new cases across the country.”

In fact, that’s exactly what Bill Gates is going around saying. It’s out in the open now. The vaccines don’t work. That’s why you need to get them more often. I know, it makes no sense, but that’s what they’re saying.

Gates himself has had four shots thus far and still got Covid.

Listen to Gates in this interview with the CNN mockingbird Anderson Cooper.



Did you catch that? As we get more data, we might need you senior citizens out there to be boosted even more frequently than every six months.

The first four shots didn’t work, and there’s evidence that they not only didn’t work but made people more vulnerable to various illnesses, so let’s give them more of the same thing that didn’t work after four injections. Doing the same thing despite repeated failure is the very definition of insanity. But this insanity is making a lot of money for Gates and Big Pharma.


Zero Hedge reports that a sharp rise in home prices and mortgage rates in the early months of 2022 has had a relatively limited effect on wealthy buyers and sellers, but has had a severe impact on lower-income Americans - and the Democratic Party may pay a steep price for their frustrations in the November midterm elections and beyond, according to real estate analysts and commentators.

Average payments on mortgages went from 3 percent to 5 percent in the first three months of the year, and are now 38 percent higher than a year ago, according to a Politico report citing figures from real estate listing service Zillow.

Partly because of inflation, the average rate on 30-year mortgages this week hit 5.46 percent, the highest figure since August 2009, according to Bankrate statistics.

Rates are up across the board, including 30-year fixed rates, 15-year fixed rates, and 5/1 adjustable-rate mortgage (ARM) rates. As of April 2022, the median home price in America stood at $344,141, a 20.9 percent leap from a year before, Zillow states.

Inflation, driven by the pandemic and other factors including the government’s expansionist monetary and fiscal policies, has contributed to adverse market conditions where lower-income voters whom the Democratic Party claims to represent have been hit the hardest. The sharply rising mortgage rates, compounded by an inventory shortfall, are driving many prospective buyers out of the market, experts say.


Also from Zero Hedge, we see a report on U.S. retail gasoline prices and it’s not pretty.

Gasoline prices soared to another record on Monday as global refineries struggled with adding new capacity ahead of the driving season. 

Before diving into Goldman Sachs' new commodity note explaining how global refining will be tight for the foreseeable future, last week, Saudi Energy Minister said, "the bottleneck is now to do with refining ... many refineries in the world, especially in Europe and the US, have closed." 

Goldman's commodity analyst Neil Mehta outlines a rash of refinery retirements, reduced Russian energy exports, recovering jet fuel demand, and tight global inventories for products, particularly diesel, which have supported higher retail fuel prices. 

Mehta points out US product inventories are below a 10% five-year average, refining utilization rates are below normal, global natural gas prices are high, and demand for diesel remains robust. 

US product and total inventories are well below a five-year average. 


Texas can investigate giving transgender surgeries and drugs to minors as “child abuse” according to a ruling Friday from the state’s highest court.

LifeSite News reports that the Texas Supreme Court lifted a lower court’s statewide injunction preventing the Department of Family and Protective Services’ (DFPS) from investigating parents for “child abuse” if their kids take transgender drugs or have genital mutilation or other transgender surgeries.

The court ruled that since neither Governor Greg Abbott nor Attorney General Ken Paxton could require DFPS to investigate the child abuse, plaintiffs could not argue that Gov. Abbott’s February order instructing DFPS to launch the investigations was an improperly created regulation. In Texas, the secretaries of departments are not bound to follow directives from the governor or attorney general.

“DFPS does not need permission from courts to investigate, but it needs permission from courts to take action on the basis of an investigation,” the majority opinion stated. “At that stage, before issuing orders, a court would have to decide whether the child abuse investigated and alleged by DFPS qualifies as such under Texas law.”

A specific investigation into a 16-year-old gender dysphoric individual remains blocked pending the separate court case to stop the inquiry, according to the Austin-American Statesman.

Attorney General Paxton called the Friday ruling a victory.

Paxton tweeted:

“Just secured a win for families against the gender ideology of doctors, big pharma, clinics trying to ‘trans’ confuse, innocent children. SCOTX green-lighted investigations that lower Dem courts froze. ‘Transing’ kids through surgery/drugs is abuse & I’ll do all I can to stop it.”


An article published by Daily Mail on June 19, 2020, revealed that Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and other billionaires invested in a new startup company to produce artificial breast milk from cultured human mammary epithelial.

According to the article, the U.S. firm BIOMILQ has received $3.5 million from an investment fund that is co-founded by Gates, Bezos, Richard Branson and Zuckerberg to “prevent climate change due to gases created in formula manufacturing.”

The Daily Mail reported:

“An artificial breast milk start-up that offers a green alternative to baby formula has received $3.5 million from an investment fund co-founded by Bill Gates. It has been estimated that around 10 percent of the global dairy industry — a major producer of greenhouse gases — is used to manufacture baby formula. The $1 billion fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, was established to help prevent the worst effects of climate change arising from carbon emissions.”

According to the company’s website, in 2021, they successfully produced the world’s first cell-cultured human milk, stating:

“Our team is thrilled to announce that we have produced the world’s first cell-cultured human milk outside of the breast. We find ourselves at the frontier of lactation science, helping to advance the entire field by putting mothers and babies at the forefront.”

According to UC Davis Human Milk Researcher & BIOMILQ Technical Advisor Dr. Jennifer Smilowitz, “human milk is tremendously complex in both composition and structure which has made it impossible to replicate outside of the lactating parent.”

Until now.

A tweet from Candace Owens pointed to the irony of the timing of the current shortage of baby formula in connection to the discovery announced by BIOMILQ.



Owens commented:

“Doesn’t Bill Gates just have the best luck? Just like with the COVID vaccine— he makes an investment, and then suddenly there is a pandemic or shortage and everyone must line up for his product. Of course he’s invested in lab produced breast milk!”


COVID was an important theme in the manifesto posted by the Buffalo, New York, mass shooter before he went on a rampage at a local grocery store. More specifically, not only Covid but Covid vaccines were mentioned prominently.

Here’s what the killer said in his manifesto about the vaccines he received: “Who knows maybe it’s the two shots of Covid vaccine juice going through my bloodstream that’s really making me do this.”

He also explains how the Covid lockdowns aided in his radicalization.

According to the shooter, he became bored during his Covid isolation time and started browsing extremist websites that preach hate and violence. He stated:

“Before I begin, I will say that I was not born racist nor grew up to be racist. I simply became racist after I learned the truth. I started browsing 4chan in May 2020 after extreme boredom, remember this was during the outbreak of covid.”



The killer said he “wants no part” of conservatism and is open to being called “socialist” but prefers to be called a “populist” and is definitely a self-described fascist.



He said he hates conservatives and libertarians. He calls himself a “fascist, white supremacist” and an anti-Semite.



You can see here, we’re talking about someone who doesn’t really know what he believes, he’s a total head case, who had been treated for mental illness and sent back home with no notification to law enforcement that he could be dangerous.


Michael Schneider reports on a bizarre skin disease that has been found in humans in the U.K., Nigeria and a handful of other countries.

The numbers of cases of so-called Monkeypox have thus far been small but bear watching. Monkeypox is similar to smallpox although not quite as deadly. It carries a 10 percent mortality rate among those infected.

On Saturday, health authorities in the UK announced that two more human cases of rare viral monkeypox have been confirmed, adding that they are not linked to one reported a week ago.

The UK Health Security Agency said the latest infections involved people living in the same household and an investigation was underway into how they contracted the virus.

But these two new cases did not have any contact with the first case that was confirmed on May 7th.

Authorities are in a race to figure out how they could have contracted it.

As for the case that was confirmed on May 7th, authorities believe the victim was infected in Nigeria.

The patient received specialist care in an isolation unit at Guy’s and St Thomas’ infectious disease hospital unit in London, according to the UK Health Security Agency.

The following information on Monkeypox comes from the official CDC website:

“In humans, the symptoms of monkeypox are similar to but milder than the symptoms of smallpox. Monkeypox begins with fever, headache, muscle aches, and exhaustion. The main difference between symptoms of smallpox and monkeypox is that monkeypox causes lymph nodes to swell while smallpox does not. The incubation period for monkeypox is usually 7−14 days but can range from 5−21 days.”

Schneider notes that since it has such a long incubation period, that would make it an ideal candidate for a global pandemic if it mutates into a form that can spread easily among humans. Definitely something to keep an eye on.


Time now for our nightly commentary.

Over the last two years the United States and the Western world have been hit with a dizzying array of crises, most triggered by the mother of all crises, Covid.

The infant formula shortage, skyrocketing fuel prices, a supply chain collapse, totalitarian censorship and now a wave of mass shootings that seem all too coincidentally timed.

Mike Adams has a new article up at the Conservative Playlist that concludes all of these crises taken together point to the systemic collapse of Western society as a whole. Not just the U.S. but the entire free world.

He states, and we agree, that:

“The rule of law is dead. Elections are rigged. Free speech is disallowed and a criminally corrupt government now runs an actual Ministry of Truth disinformation board. Science is a total fraud and the medical system is a murder system. Most of the youth refuse to work, and real-world skills are practically non-existent among those under the age of 30. The education system is run by pedophiles and groomers, Hollywood has gone all-in with satanic programming of children and the US military, under the leadership of ‘woketard’ Pentagon officials, has become a pathetic shadow of its former self.”

Oh and don’t forget, the dollar is collapsing, paving the way for the new digital currency.

Throw in the fact that, as Adams points out, “our president is a dementia patient who was installed in a rigged election, and our news media — if you can even call them that — are journo-terrorists who parrot CIA lies and corporate disinformation to invoke race wars and Covid panic while pushing depopulation vaccines that are designed to exterminate humanity.”

It's enough to drive the weak-minded to insanity.

But we aren’t weak and we will not succumb to the mind-controlled evil corporate media mockingbirds. We are in this fight for the long haul and will not comply with any more lockdowns, lock ins, vaccine passports or attempts to silence our voices.

Prayer and perseverance will get us through along with raising our collective voices against the tyranny.

Thanks for tuning in everyone to this edition of the Worldview Report. We’ll see you here tomorrow when we’ll do it again. God bless and take care.


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