TERROR IN TEXAS: Wave of blood letting could be harbinger of long, hot summer as America comes under attack by cartels and Biden exploits opportunity to finally disarm law-abiding patriots


Authorities have identified a Latino man with known mental health issues as the shooter who killed eight people and injured seven more at a mall in Allen, Texas, at around 3:30 p.m. Saturday, May 6, and the corporate media wants us to believe he is a “white supremacist.”


After waiting more than 24 hours, the Texas State Police identified the man responsible for the slaughter at the Allen Premium Outlet Mall as 33-year-old Mauricio Martinez Garcia of Dallas, Texas.

Garcia reportedly lived with his parents but had been staying recently at an extended stay hotel in the area.

According to a search warrant obtained by WFAA, investigators allegedly found several handguns, long guns and ammunition inside Garcia’s grey 2014 Dodge Charger at the scene of the shooting.

The warrant did not list the weapon that was used by Garcia, though it was widely reported to be an AR-15. Garcia was shot dead at the scene by police.

Later Saturday night, there were multiple FBI agents inside a home in northeast Dallas, and there were Dallas police outside, making it obvious who is in charge of this investigation and who was assigned to menial security duty. Multiple sources said this is the home where the suspected shooter, Garcia, lived along with his parents.

A translator was reportedly requested by the Spanish-speaking family during interviews with police.

The search warrant stated that Garcia’s driver’s license listed his current address as the Budget Suites of America in Dallas, which is an extended-stay hotel.

Sources told ABC News and WFAA that Garcia had been in the U.S. Army in 2008 but was kicked out due to mental health concerns.

The entire mainstream corporate media is reporting that Garcia was a “right wing extremist” who “didn’t like Jews and people of color.” He was a “white supremacist.”


This is interesting when you consider that Garcia was a Spanish-speaking man with brown skin. Just a few days prior to this attack, four Proud Boys members were found guilty by a jury made up of all D.C. liberals on charges of seditious conspiracy to mount a right-wing takeover of the U.S. government. You can see the narrative being built here.

According to mainstream sources, the 33-year-old Garcia was also a licensed security guard.

Photos circulating of Garcia showed a tattoo on his left hand potentially representing the city of Dallas.

Texas law enforcement told Newsmax this tattoo might be an indicator of potential gang involvement with the Puro Tango Blast prison and street gang. Tango Blast tattoos typically indicate where the bearer is from, such as sports or city symbols and area codes, the official told Newsmax.

Puro Tango Blast is one of the fastest growing gangs. It has no constitution, and no leadership.

So here you have a former military man who worked security but had mental health issues and was potentially involved with a violent street gang.

Add it all up and it’s clear that this should be investigated as an act of terrorism, not random gun violence. The shooter was Latino targeting people at a mall frequented by many immigrants and his victims all appeared to be either Latino or Asian.

A second violent crime in Texas one day later

Now, let’s look at another “random” crime that took place less than 24 hours later, on Sunday, May 7, also in Texas and also involving a male Latino suspect targeting another group of immigrants.

On Sunday morning, another Latino man crashed his SUV into a bus stop outside a Brownsville migrant center, killing another eight people and injuring 10 more. He has been charged with eight counts of manslaughter and 10 counts of assault with a deadly weapon.

Brownsville police Chief Felix Sauceda said at a press conference Monday that George Alvarez, 34, of Brownsville ran a red light and lost control of his vehicle in front of the Bishop Enrique San Pedro Ozanam Center. He said Alvarez attempted to flee the scene but was held down by several men until police arrived.

Police said Alvarez has an extensive criminal history including six previous assault charges against an elderly person, a family member and a public servant.

Another Latino man targeting migrants, for the second time in two days, both in Texas. So what’s going on here?

A connection to Title 42?

Investigative reporter Pete Santilli appeared on the Alex Jones show Sunday night and said sources in the federal government told him that this is the beginning of a bloody backlash by Mexican cartels who are angry with the Biden administration for allowing Title 42 to expire on May 11. Without Title 42, millions of migrants will be allowed to flood into the U.S. without having to pay the cartels a minimum of $7,000 to facilitate their illegal arrival at the border. They will no longer be deported and then re-imported into the country, a scenario where the cartels often get paid for transporting the same body into the United States multiple times.

The cartels will fight back against this policy of the Biden administration, and their favored means of warfare will include killing other migrants, especially Latinos, starting in Texas and then moving across the nation using bloody acts of horrific violence.

How many other recent incidents reported as random acts of “gun violence” may actually be part of a series of coordinated attacks being orchestrated by the cartels?

Jones showed video of the shot-to-death corpses at the mall in Allen, Texas, and the SUV-destroyed bodies in Brownsville, Texas. You won’t see this video on the corporate media and it’s indeed hard to watch, but the last thing they want is for Americans to wake up and realize they are under attack, living in a failing state that’s about to dissolve into terroristic violence like we’ve never seen before.

See GoFundMe page of one family completely wiped out by the mall shooting –  the father, mother and 3-year-old son were killed and only their 6-year-old son surviving and even he was seriously injured.

The Biden Justice Department, meanwhile, will not investigate these crimes properly, as serious acts of political terrorism. These crimes will be used instead to drum up support for more gun control laws, because that’s a top priority of this administration. This is a communist regime that seeks to disarm law-abiding Americans even as violent gangsters are waved into the country to butcher helpless, unarmed Americans, all while the Biden regime whitewashes the truth with a fake-news narrative about “gun violence” that can be solved through enacting more gun laws.

I say all this to warn my readers to be on the alert when in public, to avoid large crowds whenever possible this summer, and don’t take anything for granted, even while at home. This is not the old America. This is the new Amerika, where normalcy bias will get you killed.

God have mercy on your remnant.

Stay calm, stay peaceful. The answer never lies in violence.

The answer lies in noncompliance.

Never comply with any unconstitutional or unbiblical laws, edicts or rules. Never submit to tyrants.


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