State Department Outreach to Muslim Youth - A Force For Good?


State Department Outreach to Muslim Youth - A Force For Good?

After World war 2, leftists in the U.S. State Department  and the Office of Strategic Services/Central Intelligence Agency aggressively funded and promoted European Socialist parties as a supposed counterweight to communism.As most European Socialist parties were controlled or infiltrated by socialists anyway, this simply succeeded in pushing Europe, as a whole, even further to the left.
Today the U.S. State Department is actively helping to network  "moderate" young Muslims organizations, as a counterweight to radical Islam.Much of this work is being done through the Alliance for Youth Movements, "a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, connecting, and supporting digital activists from around the world". The Alliance has had at least some connection to recent events in Egypt,  and is keen to see this expand;From their website

Over the past few weeks, small-scale protests and plans for demonstrations have taken place across the Middle East/North Africa region. The resignation of Hosni Mubarak last week has further inspired opposition groups to take to the streets and push for government reforms. The extent to which activists are directly collaborating and sharing tactics across borders remains to be fully realized, but it's clear that organizers are attempting to replicate the Tunisian and Egyptian models of nonviolent and peaceful action. Here's the latest updates from Iran, Bahrain, Morocco, Yemen, and Algeria...

Farah Pandith being sworn in by Hillary ClintonFarah Pandith was appointed U.S. State Department Special Representative to Muslim Communities in June 2009. Her office is responsible for executing Secretary Hillary Clinton's vision for "engagement with Muslims around the world on a people-to-people and organizational level". Pandith, a  former  Term Member of the Council on Foreign Relations reports directly to the Secretary of State. Pandith spends her entire time traveling the world networking Muslim activists from Brazil to India to New Zealand.Here Farah Pandith addresses the Alliance for Youth Movements Summit in London on March 11, 2010.  Cut through the jargon to see how  "soft" revolution works.First speaker here is from EgyptHere Farah Pandith makes it very clear she is working and agenda laid out by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. Will this State Department effort actually achieve its stated intentions? Will it empower moderate Islam at the expense of the radical elements? Or, like many State Department  initiatives in the past, will it be hi-jacked to serve more dangerous purposes.The very intelligent, personable and committed Farah Pandith is right that young Western and Muslim activists working together may change the world.But to what?

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