Sri Lanka Implements a Digital National Fuel Pass to Start Rationing Gasoline: Worldview Report Transcript For July 25, 2022

INTRO: The Dutch farmers’ fight to keep their land and keep producing food is gaining steam as other countries’ farmers and truckers continue to join the fight, and maybe none too soon as more countries jump on board the World Economic Forum’s radical climate agenda bent on destroying global food supplies.

Another young, healthy athlete suddenly dies without explanation. We will tell you what we know.

And the lines between Big Pharma and the government agency tasked with regulating that industry continue to get blurred. Is there really any line left? We have a report you won’t want to miss.

Sri Lanka implements a digital National Fuel Pass to start rationing gasoline. Is this in America’s future?

And a special report tonight on California’s Governor Gavin Newsom. Is he positioning himself for a place in the White House?

We’ll break all this down and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.

Well, it was exactly one year ago, on July 21, 2021, that Joe Biden said, “you’re not going to get Covid if you have these vaccinations.”

That was just one of many lies Biden told about the vaccine as he pushed it relentlessly on the American people.


Now he’s eating his words as the fully vaxxed and boosted president himself is convalescing with Covid.

But even worse, how many Americans listened to those lies spouted by Biden and so many other government officials and believed them? They got the shots based on what they heard from Biden and so many others who were in positions that made people think they knew what they were talking about.

That’s the real tragedy. Why? Because people are now getting sick and some are dying from these shots. We have yet another example of this later in our broadcast.

This should teach everyone a lesson. Do not listen to politicians for your medical advice, and question everything that comes from the medical establishment, because you can’t trust them either.


Turning to international news, the Dutch government’s nitrogen-reduction policies targeting farmers in the name of fighting climate change has brought the war on food into focus for many who may have previously lived in denial, who just could not believe how evil the globalists can be.

Dutch farmers see it as a blatant effort to seize their land and control the means of food production. Nobody really believes this is about the climate. And the end result will be global famine, the Epoch Times reports.

Michael Yon, a journalist who is in the Netherlands covering the farmer protests, told The Epoch Times that the Dutch government is not alone in targeting their farmers.

Farmers across the world are experiencing the same threat to their livelihoods. And by threatening them, the globalist elites pushing climate madness are threatening the lives of billions of people who depend on the food the farmers produce.

Yon said during a recent interview with Epoch TV’s Crossroads program:

“The dark cult of Davos [World Economic Forum] is trying to destroy these farmers, and obviously, this has major security consequences, not just for the Netherlands, but for all of Europe and the world. They’re trying to put these farmers out of business and trying to confiscate their land.”

Hundreds of Dutch farmers and many truckers are trying to bring attention to the government’s proposed policies, which if implemented would effectively handicap the farmers and many would be financially ruined. In an effort to capture the public’s attention, the Dutch farmers are blocking roads and infrastructure that distribute their goods, leaving Netherlands’ store shelves empty.

Yon added that:

“Many people are not tracking, many are and tend to be highly supportive of the farmers, but many are just going about their daily lives just like Americans and Canadians and others do. They need to get that wake-up call, like listen, you are going to get hit sooner or later; would you rather have your shelves empty now for just a really short time, or be under the thumb of the beast [World Economic Forum] forever?”


Former Notre Dame offensive lineman Paul Emmett Duncan III known as “Paul Duncan,” died of a heart attack when he was out for a run in his neighborhood on Friday, according to his wife. Duncan was 35 years old.

On Saturday, Ellen Duncan, Duncan’s wife, took to Instagram to share the tragic news that her husband had died unexpectedly.

“Yesterday, Friday July 15th, Paul went into cardiac arrest while on a run in our neighborhood,” the bereaved wife announced. “Today he was pronounced brain dead. We will have a medical examination to understand the cause of death.”

The couple had two daughters.


Duncan was an offensive lineman for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish from 2005-09. He later played with the Denver Broncos of the National Football League as an undrafted free agent.

You can add him to the list of thousands of young people mysteriously passing away since the roll-out of the poisonous, spike-protein laced Covid “vaccines.”

We don’t know for a fact that’s what caused Duncan’s death, but, like almost all of the other sudden deaths of young people under the age of 50, his death comes with no explanation and no questions from the media, as if we are supposed to think it’s normal for people in their teens, 20s, 30s and 40s to die without showing any symptoms of illness or disease.


According to Kaiser Health News, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a real cash cow for Pfizer. Not only has it yielded record profits, but it has also “given the drugmaker unusual weight in determining U.S. health policy.”

Kaiser Health reporter Arthur Allen writes:

“Based on internal research, the company’s executives have frequently announced the next stage in the fight against the pandemic before government officials have had time to study the issue, annoying many experts in the medical field and leaving some patients unsure whom to trust.”

Allen adds that:

“When last year Bourla suggested that a booster shot would soon be needed, U.S. public health officials later followed, giving the impression that Pfizer was calling the tune.”

Some public health experts and scientists are now saying the quiet part out loud.

They openly question these hasty decisions, noting, for example, that although the boosters produced by Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTech improved antibodies initially, “it generally doesn’t last.”

And, even worse, the shots have now been shown to actually degrade a person’s innate T cell and B cell immune system.

The Kaiser report adds:

“Since January, Bourla has been saying that U.S. adults will probably all need annual booster shots, and senior FDA officials have indicated since April that they agree.”

Granting this type of power to a pharmaceutical company with such a vested interest in one single outcome, more vaccines, has started to worry even some vaccinologists.

Dr. Paul Offit, director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, stated:

“Policies on booster recommendations for different groups are complex and shifting,” Offit said, “but the CDC, rather than Bourla and Pfizer, should be making them.”

This led him to conclude that:

“We’re being pushed along. The pharmaceutical companies are acting like public health agencies.”


Sri Lanka has begun forcing citizens to use a QR code to access gas pumps as part of a nationwide fuel rationing scheme. They’re calling it a “National Fuel Pass” and it works much like the digital health passes adopted by many nations and cities last year. If you don’t present it, you don’t get any fuel.

The policy was introduced by the Sri Lankan Minister of Power and Energy, at the behest of Sri Lanka’s new president — who is an agenda contributor for the World Economic Forum.

The “fall” of the Sri Lankan government reported by the global media last week only increased President Ranil’s power, promoting him from prime minister to president.

His minister of power and energy wrote in a July 21st tweet:

“After initial technical issues, FuelPass QR system was successfully tested today. [The] pilot project will continue before going national next week. Last Digit Number Plate Fuel Quota will ease the fuel lines in the next few days with distribution speeding up island-wide.”


The minister of energy continued in a follow up tweet:


“I thank the fuel station owners who supported, the public that adopted and assisted, forces and volunteers that assisted [in implementing it]. Some fuel stations did not adopt [it], [and] some individuals manipulated [or] falsified [QR codes], and did not want this implemented. However, it will be enforced island-wide.”


The Office of Financial Research (OFR), which serves as a sub-agency within the United States Department of the Treasury responsible for collecting financial data and making recommendations to the Department, has published a working paper advocating for a Central Bank Digital Currency, or CBDC, to replace the dollar.

The authors claim that a digital dollar would help prevent bank runs by “monitoring the flow of funds into CBDC,” which “allows policymakers to identify and resolve weak banks sooner, which also decreases depositors’ incentive to run.”

While this may sound like a good idea to some, the fact that bank runs are happening at all means that things are getting ready to hit the fan in a financial crisis being engineered by the very people who will then swoop in with the solution.

Mark Agorist writes in an article for the Activist Post that, “the fact that the OFR is preparing for (a crisis) is unsettling enough, but the fact that their answer is a CBDC should make everyone start to pay attention.”

And what are the ramifications of such a move?

Agorist reminds us that just a few months ago, in February, Canada’s prime minister began freezing the bank accounts of protesters who stood against vaccine mandates and arresting them. But it got worse. The government seized the bank accounts of those who provided monetary support to the truckers in the form of donations.

He writes:

“For practicing their free speech, Canadians were persecuted and driven into financial ruin by the government that claims to protect them. This was all carried out with zero due process, without any democratic input, and with zero resistance from the banks, who later apologized.” 

The writer then offers this chilling conclusion:

“Think about the ease with which this was done using the Canadian dollar and real money inside real banks and then consider the implications had the Canadians already adopted the federated digital ID system with a digital asset controlled by the central bank and the state. Sounds like a conspiracy theory, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, it’s not and it will be here before you know it.”


Canadians will be holding nationwide protests on Saturday, July 23, to stand in solidarity with Dutch farmers fighting for their livelihoods in the Netherlands.

The protests are being organized by Freedom Fighters Canada, who are using the hashtag #WeMoveAsOne on Twitter.

Organizers say they plan to drive through Ottawa, Toronto, Vaughan, Edmonton, Calgary, Grande Prairie, Red Deer, Lloydminister, Montreal, Winnipeg, Vancouver and many other cities making this a nationwide protest demonstration.


Many former Freedom Convoy truckers who demonstrated in Canada earlier this year have said they will participate on Saturday, bringing with them semis, big rigs, and lots of loud honking to the streets.

According to the Western Standard, a poster has also begun circulating, encouraging protesters to bring tractors and farm equipment and to “Bring a flag from the Netherlands, upside down as per request from the Dutch.”

Dutch farmers are protesting a climate policy that will put a 50% cap on nitrogen and ammonia emissions by 2030. This will put an estimated 30% of farmers out of business, forcing them to sell their land due to the policy.

According to one statement by the Dutch government, “The honest message … is that not all farmers can continue their business” if the planet is to be saved from climate change.

The same Dutch government forcing these policies has positioned itself to purchase the land, which has led many to conclude that this is nothing but a land grab.


Bill Gates’ Foundation is helping fund the Chinese Communist Party’s Ministry of Science and Technology, assisting the brutal regime in its efforts to lure foreign scientists in to boost China’s scientific advancement, The National Pulse reports.

A $100,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation was sent to the Foreign Talent Research Center of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology in June, according to the organization’s website.

The purpose of the grant is listed as organizing a forum on “pandemic preparedness and response,” in order to “support disadvantaged populations who are disproportionately impacted by pandemic.” The forum is affiliated with a Beijing-based technology conference sponsored by the Chinese Communist Party that counts high-level officials – including President Xi Jinping – as speakers.

The National Pulse reports that the Gates Foundation’s decision to fund the Foreign Talent Research Center of China’s Ministry of Science and Technology comes amidst controversy over the likelihood of international collaboration between U.S. and Chinese researchers in Wuhan leading to the genesis of COVID-19.

The National Pulse states that, “Since the outbreak of the virus, the Chinese Communist Party has stonewalled investigations into the origins of the virus and planted Western researchers with compromising ties to China in senior investigative roles.”

The CCP has also come under fire for weaponizing its science and technology programs to lure Western scientists into helping advance China’s military build-up. This program – commonly known as the Thousand Talents Plan – has led to several Department of Justice indictments of American researchers who routinely fail to disclose their financial ties to the Chinese Communist Party despite receiving U.S. taxpayer funds.


Pro-family organizations in California are sounding the alarm over a proposed bill they say could give power to state courts to take "temporary emergency jurisdiction" of children if they come to California for transgender drugs, surgery, or related mental healthcare. 

The California Family Council and the Pacific Justice Institute are warning about the bill known as SB 107, which calls these gender-altering treatments "gender-affirming health care."

CBN News reports that the measure was rammed through the state assembly’s Public Safety Committee on June 28 even after hearing testimony from a teenager who had undergone transgender procedures and regretted them.

Chloe Cole, a 17-year-old girl who was born female but decided to identify as male before changing course and returning to her biological gender, testified against the bill at the committee hearing, stating:

"I was unknowingly, physically cutting off my true self from my body, irreversibly and painfully.”

CBN reports that SB 107 was introduced by Democrat State Senator Scott Wiener to fight against what he called "brutal attacks on transgender children" in states that have banned minors from receiving sterilizing puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and sex-change surgeries.

Some states have labeled these irreversible treatments as child abuse when they're performed on children who are too young to fully comprehend what they're doing.

As CBN News reported, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton released a legal opinion in February explaining why he thinks transgender drugs and mastectomies on healthy minors violate his state’s child-abuse statutes. Other states like Alabama, North Carolina, and Oklahoma have passed or have introduced laws to ban trans-treatments on minors, while other states are considering similar bans. 


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

While President Joe Biden was visiting the Middle East last week, California Governor Gavin Newsom traveled to Washington D.C. “to accept an award from the Education Commission of the States in recognition of California’s transformative improvements to education.”

The governor who closed California schools for nearly two years received an award for improving education, reports the California Globe, which pointed out the irony in an article taking Newsom to task for his many failures.

While in D.C., the Globe reports that Newsom also made a trip to the White House to meet with Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain, and First Lady Jill Biden.

The Globe reported on his trip, and noted some other state education policy failures making the education award seem absurd:

California ranks 50th in literacy.

  • Only half of public-school students in California meet the state standards in English, and only 40 percent are proficient in math.
  • The California Supreme Court issued an order to permanently lower the passing score for the state’s bar exam by 50 points.
  • State curriculum writers and teachers are drilling critical race theory into the heads of kids.

Despite these glaring breakdowns in California, Newsom paid for a 30-second television ad which aired in Florida on July 4th, in which he attacks Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Take a look at this bizarre ad.


The ad appears to be positioning Newsom for a run for the presidency.

Newsom, who runs what is arguably the most freedom-destroying state in the union, has the audacity to project his sins onto the most freedom-loving governor in America.

California is a state where it’s no longer legal for thousands of small trucking businesses to operate because they aren’t tied to the corporatized, unionized system of oppression that controls that state.

California, as we’ve reported, makes it legal to kidnap children and send them to be mutilated by surgeons who cut off their private parts and give them sterilizing chemical treatments in the name of “trans-affirming health care.”

Newsom still has his state under the oppressive COVID State of Emergency order – more than 840 days – while DeSantis never locked Florida down, and kids went to school unmasked.

And while Americans have flocked to Florida in record numbers since DeSantis took over as Governor, residents of California can’t wait to get out.

It’s not Florida that is encouraging state-sponsored child abuse and trying to drive hard-working truckers out of business.

No, Mr. Newsom. It’s you.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thank you for tuning in and for your continued support of this newscast. God bless you all, and God save America.

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