Solving The War On Terror: A Light From the Past

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A Light From the Past
Mayflower Institute
Are we being drawn into World War III?  Can we have any assurance that we will win?  Can we know that our enemies are destined to be defeated?
The conflict that is unfolding is a new chapter in a 1,400 year old war between the ideologies of Islam and Christianity; between the power religion of forced submission and the transformational, loving religion of voluntary conversion.  Hundreds of battles have been fought in this epic struggle.  At the pivotal battles - when Islamic tyrants could have engulfed the entire world - they were defeated against all odds by divine <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Providence.  For encouragement, let's flashback 500 years to one of these strategic battles.
In the 1529 Siege of Vienna, Austria, the fate of the whole world hung in the balance.  Martin Luther had just started the Reformation in 1517 and was completing his translation of the Bible.  The Christian world was reeling from division between Rome and the new Reformers and did not anticipate the Islamic hordes that almost swept them all away, both Protestants and Catholics. 
Suleimon the Magnificent was the Muslim ruler of the Ottoman Empire (based in modern Turkey). He had spent his life preparing for a final invasion of Europe to destroy Christianity.  He left Istanbul in May of 1529 with an enormous army of 120,000 fighting men and horses. They had 20,000 camels just to transport their supplies.  The Muslim armies, since the invention of gunpowder, have loved bombs and cannons.  The Ottomans possessed some field cannons that could shoot a cannonball the weight of a car. On his way, Suleimon depopulated whole regions of Hungary and Austria, slaughtering or enslaving every Christian in his path.  But as he entered Austria, the power of Providence interceded.  Torrential rains turned the roads into mud-filled bogs and much of the army was taken with sickness.  Ten thousand camels broke their spindly legs in the sludge and had to be shot, and the largest field guns had to be abandoned.  It was mid September before the massive Muslim army finally approached Vienna.
Vienna was in chaos.  There were only 16,000 Christian soldiers to defend the city.  They were outnumbered five to one.  The city's 500 year old, five foot thick walls should have been easily breeched by the Muslim bombers.  But the tunneling Islamic bombers were intercepted with counter tunnels and killed just before they could blow up the walls.  Then the defenders withstood three major suicide charges through one of the gates.
Providence once again intervened.  A major snowstorm hit in early October.  Suleimon burned his tents, cut the heads off the 4,000 Christian hostages and headed south.  But as the Muslims retreated, thousands of soldiers died of starvation, because they had killed all the Christians and raped the land and there was no food left to steal.  The enraged Austrian Calvary, when they discovered the headless Christians, chased the starving army back to Hungary, killing thousands more.
Jihadists of our day use the same barbarian strategy as Suleimon.  They kill innocent civilians, love cowardly bombings like the 9/11 conflagration, and cut the heads off of hostages.  Today they record their barbarism on video to catch the nightly news.
But, as in the case of Suleimon, the World War being initiated by radical Muslims today will lead to their own eventual destruction.  They think they are facing a weak and divided Christendom again.  But in reality, their real enemy is the Ruler of heaven and earth as revealed in Jesus Christ. 
We need not fear our enemies, if we are right with God. The Christian community, as it continues to permeate our culture with the transformational gospel of Jesus Christ, can restore our nation to its biblical roots.  Of course we must continue to defend ourselves when we are attacked.  This defense must include a "bulletproof" missile defense shield against nuclear attack.   And we must thank God for our brave soldiers in the field today who are offering their lives to keep the enemies from our shores.  But we should never forget that the most powerful weapon in our defense arsenal is the blessing of Almighty God.  During our present crisis, may we, God's preserving body, lay all we have before our loving, forgiving God.  Our offering of faith, like that of the little boy with the loaves and fishes, can be multiplied by our all powerful God.  "The Lord is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer." 
 The glorious task of "discipling the nations" is going forward, and nothing will stop it.  Thousands of Christians are being taught the truth.  Hundreds of new leaders are being raise up by God in law, business, government, the military, and in the ministry to offer uncompromising leadership for the future.  Revival is spreading in Africa, Asia and will come again to America as we are faithful to the truth.   Let's continue to rebuild that "City on a Hill" that once was America, so that the enslaved people under Islam and Communism can hope that their nations too, can be blessed as they return to the true God. 

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