Sidney Powell Reveals U.S. Government Patents Enabling Election Fraud: 'Your Votes Have Been Stolen With Computer Algorithms Since 2000

The U.S. military has been involved in the election-stealing business for decades, presumably for the purpose of rigging the elections of foreign countries and installing leaders who would serve U.S. interests.

But now there is evidence to suggest that at some point the U.S. intelligence community took this technology and turned its accumulated expertise inward, applying it to elections here in the homeland. And the insidious intervention activities likely predate the November 2020 presidential, said super lawyer Sidney Powell in an interview with Brannon Howse Live on the WVW Broadcast Network.

One patent developed by the DoD in 2006 allows the user to predetermine an election outcome.

"Since 2005 a core group of three or four people owns all the patent technology that we're seeing today," Powell said. "It allows them to change votes in process, the adjudication files allow them to do that. There is an 'access permitted' option where [users of the software] could grant access to anyone he wishes."

Much of this information is presented in the counter-claim lawsuit Powell filed Sept. 24 against Dominion Voting Systems, and it her answer to Dominion's suit.

Two patents are key, one from 2005 that involved the National Institutes of Health that allows the user to monitor election results in real time, and develop uses beyond what is stated in the patent itself.

"So I think there is a lot of room there for people to use them however they want to be used," Powell said.

The other DoD patent, granted in 2006, allows the user to calculate an algorithm to come to a predetermined outcome to an election. This patent was later transferred to a university in New Jersey that serves as an "international think shop," Powell said, hosting many foreign students.

In a  follow up interview a week later with Howse, Powell explained that in 2003 the government developed an interest in and funded research patents that can "real-time audit an election, allowing them to manipulate votes in an election, and inject false voters, false identifications for voters, as well as generate an algorithm that can predetermine the results of an election depending on the way they want it to come out."

These patents are posted at Powell's website,

"And we've also identified a video done back in 2004 of a man who actually testified in 2000 in front of a House judiciary committee field meeting in Ohio about having written an algorithm on behalf of a person in Congress who wanted an election rigged," she said. "What I find especially troubling is people in positions of authority have had their attention drawn to this over the years and done nothing. They've known about this for a long time and have been using it to manipulate our elections since the year 2000. It has rendered our entire election system a farce."

Clint Curtis testified that it's nearly impossible to find the source code responsible for flipping an election.

"You would have to get in there very early before data has been wiped, and the man who testified in 2000 even said it's possible to write the code so it 'ate itself' and disappeared."

A year before the 2020 election, Dominion assigned all 19 of its patents for election technology to the Canadian branch of Hong Kong Shanghai Bank [which operates under the authority of the Chinese Communist Party]. That was followed by an infusion of $400 million in capital to Staple Street Capital [hedge fund], Powell explained.

"Staple Street Capital owned or may still own Dominion," she said. "Staple Street got a $400 million infusion of capital a few weeks prior to the election."

All the voting system companies have opaque, mysterious ownership, she said. "They've made it extremely difficult to trace."

"So here we have the most important function of a democratic republic being conducted by opaque, privately owned companies with a 21-year history of fraud and hacking and manipulating votes," Powell said.

You can watch the full documentary, Murder, Spies, and Voting Lies: The Clint Curtis Story, at in which a Curtis testified under polygraph saying he was commissioned in 2000 to design an algorithm capable of flipping votes.

Howse asked why the DoD needs a program to flip votes.

"I think logic dictates that there is a strong relationship to the overall intelligence community," Powell said. "I would imagine that it's not the integrity of the military, I think there's still integrity in parts of the military. I certainly hope so. And obviously they have power and abilities that they should not have. Certainly they should not be able to alter the vote of any American. Anywhere, anytime, anyhow. But now it's clear to me that they have the power to do that. I hate to think when, how and where they have done it, and who they have collaborated with to do it."

She added, about the intel agencies, "They've been doing this a long time, gradually increasing their role in society at every level.

"There are ties all over this and it all runs together. The Covid mess and the election issues and everything we're experiencing right now in this country is all wrapped up in one big ball of fraud and evil that is being heaped on us by this globalist cabal and the puppets it uses in our government to do what it wants to do."

Powell said Seth Keshel's election integrity investigations found that America's voting population is not becoming more Democrat or liberal. Quite the opposite. But their wishes have not always been reflected at the polls.

"Americans love freedom, we cherish our freedom, and the God-given inalienable rights that are enshrined in our Constitution, and I don't know any real Americans that want that going away, but the left that has been gradually taking this power, and is now come out so boldly and blatantly with it that they stuck it up our nose with the fork of fraud."

There are actually two different hedge funds that own the three primary voting machine corporations in this country, Powell said.

"I think there's some very big and concerning names behind all of it. Dominion in Canada had its offices across the hall from George Soros's Tides Foundation and Lord Malloch Brown, Soro's right hand man, is on the board of SmartMatic [now called SGO]," she said. "Three or four of its board members are heavily involved in the Biden administration, including Peter Neffenger, its former chair, who went to join Biden's transition team."

Howse said it sounded as though Powell is "getting really close to some stuff."

"Which would explain why even Congressmen are trying now to take my law license," Powell said. "So that means we are right over the target."

Among the cyber security issues found in the Arizona audit were:

  • Failed to perform basic OS patch management
  • Failed to update antivirus definitions
  • EAC certification defense is NOT valid in view of the evidence
  • Log management – failed to preserve security logs
  • Credential management – shared accounts and common passwords
  • Failed to establish and monitor host baseline
  • Failed to establish and monitor network communications

There were also the following hardware configuration issues:

  • Dual boot configuration discovered on adjudication 02 endpoint
  • Two hard drives internal to system
  • Both drives bootable to different configuration
  • Clearly not an approved configuration
  • Second hard drive contained non-Maricopa County data [was South Carolina and Washington state data found on these machines]

"The American people can handle this by not giving a dime to any candidate who refuses to go to paper ballots," Powell said.

Then there's the issue of deleting voter logs that were supposed to be maintained for 22 months after the election, according to federal law.

"They're destroying logs right and left, and hopefully a federal judge soon will hold them to account for that," Powell said. "But even with their audit logs the system is so poorly done you can't really do an audit on it. Judge Amy Totenberg found that in the Georgia case of Curling vs. Raffensperger, before the election, that audit logs are virtually worthless ... the ballot depends on the QR code and no human can read the QR code. And that judge also said Georgia's machines don't comply with state law."

The Maricopa County audit found the following with regard to preserving operating system logs:

  • Logs produced by Maricopa County did not contain the Windows security logs
  • Security logs set to maintain only 20MG of data
  • Oldest date in Windows security log on EMS was 2/5/21 [after the election]
  • Clear intentional overwriting of the security logs by the EMS ADMIN account on three different dates in February and March 2021.

General election results were also purged from the system database on Feb. 2, 2021.

"That alone, the fact that anything was modified in the system after the election should have voided the election in Arizona and there should be a new one based on real paper ballots and real citizenship ID, before anything can be trusted there at all. At some point the Supreme Court is going to have to decide this. We can't have every branch of a three-branch system of government, if it's supposed to be a republic, ducking its responsibility to keep the other two branches in check. This country is based on the rule of law and we can't have a republic without it. It's based on one person, one vote, a transparent system. And until we have that people of this country cannot rest easy at all."

The audit found that votes were sent off site, where the algorithm could be run for votes to be potentially flipped.

"But the patent Dominion holds provides for remote access, so it could have been done from anywhere. One of the pieces of information we have is the algorithms were run from Serbia," Powell noted.

"Essentially the CIA owns Serbia, and Hunter Biden certainly visited Serbia, and I think there are a lot of concerns about what goes on in Serbia."

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