Shocking Number of Young Adults Dropping Dead

INTRO: The body count of young, healthy people dying suddenly continues to
mount. We’ve got a slew of new cases to report from across the United States,
including the tragic passing of a 5-year-old girl in Ohio.
Klaus Schwab’s globalist World Economic Forum has come out with the guest list
for its upcoming invitation-only meeting in Davos, Switzerland, and there’s one
state governor on the list from a conservative southern state that is turning heads.
Thousands of dollars of taxpayer-provided food for a migrant shelter in New York
City gets thrown out on a regular basis. We’ll tell you why.
While Russia and China are mobilizing their forces for all-out war, what is the U.S.
Army doing? It has prepared detailed guidelines on how to integrate transgender
soldiers into its ranks, including instructions for group showers and how to respond
to pregnant men. Yes, you heard that right, pregnant men.
All these stories and more when the Worldview Report starts, right now!


Good evening and welcome to your nightly Worldview Report. I’m your host,
Brannon Howse.
Tragedy struck the community of Huron, Ohio, Sunday when a young child died
suddenly and unexpectedly. Shawnee Elementary School announced the death of
Evelyn Bauer, a kindergarten student attending the school.
Huron Superintendent Dr. James Tatman expressed his condolences to the family
in a release to the parents of other children in the school system. He also
encouraged them “to be extra attentive to their child to pay attention to changes in
attitude, sleep, eating, etc.”
Here is the story from Cleveland 19 News:
“Evelyn Bauer, a Kindergarten student at Shawnee Elementary School, passed
away unexpectedly Sunday, according to a release sent to Huron Schools families
In the message from Huron Superintendent Dr. James Tatman, faculty and staff of
Huron City Schools expressed their sympathies and condolences to her family,
friends, and classmates.

“Counsellors were made available to students and staff Monday, according to the
release, and ongoing support will be available.”
Tatman said, “Concerned parents are encouraged to contact their child’s
counsellor, or seek outside professional counseling. It is our hope that we can work
together to meet the needs of our students throughout this difficult time.”
Then he added this:
“Evelyn’s cause of death has not been released at this time.”


A senior high school student at Amplus Academy in Las Vegas was found
unresponsive in the school bathroom last week after suffering cardiac arrest for
unknown reasons, according to his family, reports The Gateway Pundit.
Jordan Brister, 18, passed away on Sunday “suddenly and unexpectedly” after
suffering a cardiac arrest on January 3 after gym class “with no explanation as to
why,” according to a fundraising campaign.
According to Brister’s father, Conrad Brister, it took 25 minutes before he was
found. He added, that during that time, Jordan’s heart stopped.
In a statement, the public charter school stated its personnel rendered “immediate
medical assistance” to Brister until paramedics arrived.
Jordan was admitted to ICU at Southern Hills Hospital and was pronounced dead
on Sunday.
“It is with deep sadness and sympathy that we announce the passing of one of our
Senior High School students, Jordan Brister,” Amplus Academy wrote on its
Facebook page.
Jordan Brister’s death comes after another high school student died in Las Vegas
within a week.
On Thursday night, a sophomore high school student in Las Vegas died suddenly
while playing flag football.

As we reported earlier this week here at the Worldview Report, Ashari Hughes, a
16-year-old player for Desert Oasis High School, collapsed and died suddenly after
the team’s home game against Valley High School.
The Clark County Coroner’s office has not yet released Hughes’ cause of death.


The Air Force Academy said one of its cadets died suddenly and unexpectedly on
Monday, January 9, after he collapsed while walking to class.
Cadet 3rd Class Hunter Brown, age 21 and a member of the Air Force football
team, was walking to class from his dorm room when he experienced a “medical
emergency,” the Air Force Academy said in a statement.
First responders performed CPR, but Brown could not be saved. Officials have not
yet determined a cause of death.
Brown was a sophomore member of the Air Force Falcons football team. He
played on the offensive line and appeared in two games during the 2022 football


A 16-year-old girls’ basketball player in Rochester, New York, suffered a stroke
while in school on Tuesday, January 5.
Keyonna Garrison, a junior at Odessa-Montour High School, was hospitalized at
Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester after being treated at Guthrie Corning
Hospital, the Star Gazette reported.
According to a fundraising campaign created to help the family with medical
expenses, Garrison had a blocked vertebral artery, causing her to have a stroke.
She had been in the intensive care unit for several days, but after undergoing
numerous tests and treatments, she was finally released.

“Keyonna is still undergoing neurological tests to find a path forward and to repair
the issue as well as physical therapy to recover motor skills. She is on the road to
recovery but it will be a long and emotional journey,” an entry in the fundraising
campaign reads.


Then there’s the case of Blaze Jacobs in the Western Brown County area near
Take a look at this local news report from the area’s NBC affiliate, WLWT

A mother in Draper, Utah, broke her silence and revealed that her healthy son
developed blood clots in his brain nine days after receiving the first dose of the
experimental mRNA Covid vaccine. Nearly a year later, another blood clot formed
in his right leg and moved to his lungs.
Cherie Romney revealed that her son, Everest Romney, was taken to the ICU with
blood clots in his brain back in April 2021, nine days after receiving the Covid
vaccine. Medical records show the blood clots were an “adverse reaction to the
Everest, 18, stands 6-feet-9 inches tall and was a basketball player for Corner
Canyon High School prior to the incident.
Mrs. Romney wrote:
“You all know someone this happened to. It’s not as rare as people think. It is true
and it is not misinformation. Happy to share his medical records with anyone who
wants to see for themselves.”
She added that:
“The vaccine has altered his life path forever. He is lucky to be alive today but his
life will never be the same. In 2021, everyone who talked about this had their
social media pages frozen. We need truth in reporting these events. It is not rare &
it happened to us.”


Ladies and gentlemen, we have been getting so many reports this week of healthy
young people dying suddenly or suffering debilitating cardiac events, strokes and
blood clots, that we could fill this entire broadcast with them and still not get
through them all. Something has gone terribly wrong with the system that pretends
to care about your health.
Alex Newman, a senior reporter for the New American, interviewed former
BlackRock portfolio manager Edward Dowd, who has been investigating the
Covid jabs and recently came out with a new book on the issue titled “Cause
Unknown: The Epidemic of Sudden Death.”
Dowd has looked at the data from insurance companies showing a massive
increase in all-cause mortality.
Take a look.
WATCH VIDEO (clip from 1:56 mark to 5:56 mark)
Dowd went on to explain in that interview that American workers are also filing
record numbers of disability claims since the rollout of the experimental Covid


When the World Economic Forum released the guest list for its 2023 conference in
Davos, Switzerland, many were surprised to find that it included Georgia’s
Republican Governor Brian Kemp. 
Other notable figures among the invitation-only attendees include Michigan
Governor Gretchen Whitmer; Illinois Governor J.B Pritzker, former Senator and
current Biden climate czar John Kerry; Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia;
former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair; FBI Director Christopher Wray; Arizona
Senator Krysten Sinema; the CEOs of Amazon, Blackrock and Pfizer as well as
executives of the Gates Foundation, Soros Organization and the publisher of the
New York Times.
Also on the guest list are Avril Haynes, a former CIA agent who is the current
director of National Intelligence for the Biden regime. Haynes played a leading

role in the Event 201 tabletop exercise that game-planned the global response to
Covid about six weeks before the news broke about Covid’s presence in China.
The Davos meeting is for elite globalists in key positions of power in government,
business, Big Tech, Big Pharma and the field of entertainment. They meet in
mostly private meetings to exchange ideas on how to advance globalism in the
coming year, presenting their proposals and plans for how to use public-private
partnerships to usher in what they call the Great Reset and Fourth Industrial
Revolution. Essentially, it’s a surveillance society where everything is centrally
monitored and controlled.
The World Economic Forum was founded in 1971 by Klaus Schwab, a protégé of
Dr. Henry Kissinger, who remains chairman of the organization and who is often
heard speaking about the need for a “New World Order.”
The Georgia Record offered a probing question when it asked:
“What brings Brian Kemp to Switzerland to rub shoulders with the global elite
from government, big pharma and finance? Perhaps a hint was seen earlier in 2022
when Georgia’s Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger announced that he was
awarding management of Georgia’s voter registration system to a subsidiary of Marc Benioff is founder and co-chairman of Salesforce and is also
a member of the Board of Trustees of the World Economic Forum.”
The WEF’s 2023 meeting in Davos is scheduled to be held next week, January 16-
The Georgia Record stated:
“We look forward to a comprehensive briefing on his discussions when Governor
Kemp returns to Georgia.”


The New York Post reports that nearly a ton of taxpayer-provided food gets
tossed in the trash every day at a massive Manhattan hotel being used to house
migrants — because they’d rather secretly cook their own meals on dangerous hot
plates, a whistleblowing worker told the Post.
Disturbing photos show garbage bags full of sandwiches and bagels awaiting
disposal at the four-star Row NYC hotel near Times Square, where the city pays a

daily rate as high as $500 per room, hotel employee Felipe Rodriguez told The
“It’s a crime to be throwing out so much food,” he said.
Other images show a hotel room littered with empty beer cans and bottles
following a wild World Cup viewing party in November, Rodriguez said.
That gathering — in a room whose occupant “gave the key to a cousin” while she
“was in the Bronx, hanging out” — erupted into a fight over the match that left one
man with a “big knot on his head,” Rodriguez said.
Rodriguez said he also shot a brief video clip of two female migrants engaged in a
hair-pulling fight outside the hotel during New Year’s Eve festivities last week.
The 23-second cellphone recording shows men holding what appear to be beer
cans while struggling to separate the women after they tumbled off the sidewalk
into the street.


World Net Daily reports that the U.S. Army has prepared extensive guidance for
how to integrate transgender soldiers into its ranks, including instructions for group
showers and how to respond to pregnant men, newly revealed training documents
The Biden regime restored an Obama-era directive codifying service for many
transgender individuals shortly after taking office in 2021 amid competing
judgments about the influence of gender-related psychological issues and medical
procedures on a person’s fitness for service. While the number of transgender
individuals currently serving is likely small, the training materials, dated August
2021, imagine a variety of problems officers and soldiers might encounter related
to transgender members.
One slide in the “Tier Two” training materials addresses how an officer should
respond when a soldier approaches “to discuss his newly confirmed
pregnancy.” The training materials, first reported by The Wall Street Journal, come
in three versions, with Tier One aimed at staff, Tier Two focused on commanders
and Tier Three directed at individual units and soldiers.
“Understand that Soldiers who have transitioned gender may remain susceptible to
medical conditions associated with their birth gender,” the materials advise.

Soldiers have to accept living conditions with little or no privacy, including in
open-bay showers, where women might find themselves bathing alongside “a
female who has male genitalia” or vice versa.
“Soldiers must accept living conditions that are often austere, primitive and
characterized by little or no privacy,” the slide reads. Commanders can install new
privacy features or adjust showering schedules, but no transgender-only spaces are
permitted, according to the guidance.
While the Army will pay for a transgender soldier’s gender transition surgery, it
won’t provide additional funding to add curtains or shower hooks inside stalls,
according to materials labeled “special staff training.”


The U.K.-based Daily Star has a chilling report out about a new Microsoft
artificial intelligence program that is capable of digitally cloning anyone’s voice
within just 3 seconds of hearing you speak.
Your voice could be digitally cloned and used to impersonate you, thanks to a
creepy new AI called VALL-E, the newspaper reports.
And all it needs is 3 ticks off the clock.
It can then be used to turn any written text into speech, making it possible for
someone to put words into your mouth using the tool.
According to the report, “It's even designed to recreate the 'emotional range' and
pacing of the speaker, making it a hyper accurate form of mimicry.”


The Daily Mail reports that a major counter-terrorism investigation is underway
after several kilograms of uranium were seized at Heathrow airport in London.
The deadly nuclear material – which could potentially be used in a ‘dirty bomb’ –
arrived on a flight from Oman, in the Middle East, on December 29.
The shipment was reportedly addressed to an Iranian-linked firm in the UK.
Sources said the uranium was “not weapons-grade” and so could not be used to
manufacture a thermo-nuclear weapon.

But the security services are reportedly investigating whether the undeclared
package could have been destined for an improvised nuclear device known as a
dirty bomb.
Such a device, which has long been a nightmare scenario for counter-terror
experts, combines conventional explosives with nuclear material to disperse a
lethal radioactive plume.
The package originated in Pakistan before arriving at Heathrow’s Terminal Four
aboard an Oman Air passenger jet from Muscat, sources told The Sun.

Time now for our Worldview Report Commentary.
Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz (FL) appeared on the Charlie Kirk Show
Tuesday, January 10, to discuss the changes in tactics and approach within the
GOP controlled House.
Gaetz said Kevin McCarthy will support the full release of information that has
been hidden by the J6 committee, adding:
“Kevin McCarthy told us he’s going to get the evidence out in front of the
American people, and that means releasing the 14,000 hours of tapes that have
been hidden that I think would give more full context to that day, rather than the
cherry-picked moments that the January 6th committee tried to use to inflame and
further divide our country.”
Freedom Caucus Republicans appear to be rallying around McCarthy and are
certainly raising the expectations of conservatives higher than they’ve been in
Let’s pray that McCarthy does come through with a truly robust investigation of
the Weaponization of the Federal Government, as he has promised. Because if that
happens, nobody can any longer say they didn’t know. At that point, if Americans
sit back and trust Congress and the White House to conduct business as usual, it
will no longer be “I didn’t know,” but rather I didn’t care. I didn’t care enough to
demand better of my elected officials.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thank you, as always, for
tuning in and for supporting this broadcast. If you would like to help us financially,
there are two ways you can do that….
Until next time, good night and God bless. And may God save America. I’m
Brannon Howse. Take care.

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