Sean Hannity is Now Putting His Credibility on the Line in Support of the Transgender Lifestyle: Worldview Report Transcript For April 4, 2022

Good evening everyone and welcome to Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.

We have breaking news tonight about our nation’s border.

As many of you know, there have been record numbers of illegals flowing through that border since Biden took office. Some estimates have the numbers as high as 200,000 per month.

And now it’s about to get a lot worse, if you can imagine that being possible, because the White House has quietly and unilaterally changed the laws under which people are allowed to be apprehended at the border.

Multiple media outlets report that CDC orders directing the expulsion of aliens who have entered illegally in response to the Covid-19 pandemic will end on May 23. That’s less than two months away.

This expulsion order is known as Title 42 and it’s being rescinded by the Biden administration.

The Center for Immigration Studies responded with the following comment:

“Expect Homeland Security to flounder in responding to the massive surge of illegal migrants who will follow in the wake of Title 42’s termination, but also expect the Biden administration to try to hide the scope of the disaster that will ensue.”

Brief background on Title 42. The first Title 42 order was issued in late March 2020, under President Trump.

At the outset, nearly all aliens “encountered” by Border Patrol agents at the southern border were expelled under Title 42.

Of the nearly 518,500 aliens encountered at the U.S.-Mexico line between April 2020 and January 2021, nearly 459,600 (88.6 percent) were expelled under Title 42. That changed, at least in practice, after Biden took office, according the CIS.

The long and short of this issue is clear, and CIS lays it out by noting:

“Get ready for one of the greatest cons in immigration history.

“DHS is expecting upwards of 18,000 illegal migrants per day at the Southwest border after Title 42 ends. Not surprisingly, the administration is attempting to manage the chaos but has no real plan to stop aliens from entering the United States illegally.”

Ladies and gentleman, this is an invasion unlike anything we’ve ever seen in history because it’s an invasion being literally orchestrated by the regime in Washington.


Fox News just keeps crawling deeper into the cultural Marxist trap of becoming “woke,” embracing the very cultural values that repulse the majority of patriotic Americans.

Fox host Sean Hannity is now putting his credibility on the line in support of the transgender lifestyle that is so important to the cultural Marxists taking over our schools, workplaces and, let’s face it, just about everywhere.

Hannity has, for reasons only he can explain, decided to let his show be a stage for  transgender activist Bruce "Caitlyn" Jenner, presenting him/her/it as a conservative "LGBTQ+" hero.

Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott announced she was hiring Jenner on Thursday.

According to Newsweek, the former Olympian and unsuccessful California Republican gubernatorial candidate will join Fox as a contributor.

Fox is touting Jenner as an "inspiration" and "a trailblazer in the LGBTQ+ community," the network announced on Thursday.

[...] "Caitlyn's story is an inspiration to us all. She is a trailblazer in the LGBTQ+ community and her illustrious career spans a variety of fields that will be a tremendous asset for our audience," Fox News CEO Suzanne Scott said in a press release.

Just hours later, Hannity became the first Fox News personality to promote Jenner to his audience. Hannity introduced Jenner by claiming he told him he's "over" his history as a reality TV star and athlete and felt compelled to step into politics because "this country is in deep trouble."

Chris Menahan, of the website Information Liberation, observed that Hannity's framing of the Jenner introduction was “intended to portray Jenner as a savior here to rescue us rubes from the too far gone woke left.”

"As you know I am trans but I'm not a trans activist," Jenner told Hannity. "That is just one part of my life. There is so much more to me."

Menahan fact checked Jenner on that statement and ruled it “false.”


Watch this video from Jenner that he posted to Twitter in 2017:

So there it is, Jenner’s first appearance on Fox and he already lied about his real purpose, which is to present transgenderism as normal and laudable. And he’s using Sean Hannity to do it.


Natalie Winters has a new investigative blockbuster up at the National Pulse in which she documents a Chinese Communist organization with ties to Bill Gates is grooming American farmers to collaborate with China on farming in the United States.

At issue is an event organized by the group, called the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, or CPAFFC.

The event comes amidst Gates snatching up huge swaths of U.S. farmland and advocating for overhauling global food production and diets in favor of a “plant-based” approach. The Chinese Communist Party has similarly been purchasing massive amounts of U.S. farmland.  Despite the risks of those purchases to U.S. national security, Congress has done nothing to stop them or even slow them down.

CPAFFC co-hosted the 2022 U.S.-China Agriculture Roundtable with the U.S.-China Heartland Association (USCHA).

Founded by former Democrat Governor of Missouri Bob Holden, the USCHA purports to be a “bipartisan organization committed to building stronger ties between USCHA Region (20 states located in the USA between the Great Lakes to the Gulf) and the People’s Republic of China.”

But, as is always the case whenever communists are involved, they cloak their real intentions in flowery language meant to deceive the naïve masses and keep them ignorant.

The U.S. China Heartland Association, according to Winters’ report, appears to be used by several Chinese Communist Party-controlled organizations to “gain access to American agricultural officials and company representatives.”

Winters reports that these groups are all tied to Beijing’s United Front Work Department, a billion-dollar operation executed by the Chinese Communist Party. Its stated mission is “to co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party” and “influence foreign individuals and the policies of foreign states to serve Beijing’s interests,” according to the federal U.S.-China Security and Economic Review Commission.


Last week we showed you that the Biden regime is openly warning of severe food shortages coming to a supermarket near you.

But we all know Biden wouldn’t know how to predict anything. He got that information from someone else on his team of handlers.

Now we hear the same message coming from a much more influential source than Joe Biden.

Klaus Schwab, head of the World Economic Forum, gave the following message at the World Government Summit in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates this week. Take a look.

WATCH VIDEO (clip from 1:18 mark to 3:02 mark)

You heard him. Food supplies and supply chains will be deeply affected, and when we have a crisis, governments step in and expand their role in people’s lives, just as planned. If you think global power elites like Schwab, Gates and Soros are not rooting for more crises, including war, famine and cyberattacks, think again.


Ukraine launched the first attack inside Russia late Thursday night in a significant escalation of the war.

Ukrainian attack helicopters reportedly hit a fuel depot inside Russia in the early morning hours of April 1st.

Take a look.


And here is another view of that attack:

The targeted depot is located in Belgorod about 18 miles from Ukraine’s eastern border. 

Ukrainian officials denied the raid was carried out by their forces.

According to Defense One: “If it was indeed a Ukrainian helicopter assault, infiltrating such a heavily militarized area to make such a brazen attack would be a damning indictment of Russia's air defense capabilities.”

Meanwhile, Australia says it’s sending armored Bushmaster vehicles to Ukraine, one day after Ukraine’s president addressed the Australian parliament and asked for off-road vehicles, according to Defense One.

And Arizona’s governor Doug Ducey says the state is sending 9,000 pounds of protective gear to Ukraine. That includes 17 pallets containing “874 bullet proof vests, 77 helmets, miscellaneous tactical clothing, footwear, pads, and shields,” according a press release from the Governor’s Office.


A school nurse was suspended after revealing the school she worked at was secretly handing out puberty-blocking drugs to middle-school children behind their parents’ backs.

77-year-old Kathleen Cataford was suspended by Hartford Public Schools this week after she revealed the school secretly put an 11-year-old student on puberty blockers in a public comment on Facebook, according to a report by the Gateway Pundit.

Cataford’s Facebook post read as follows:

“Investigate the school system curriculum…CT is a very socially liberal, gender confused state. As a public school nurse, I have an 11-yo female student on puberty blockers and a dozen identifying as non-binary, all but two keeping this as a secret from their parents with the help of teachers, SSW [social workers] and school administration.”

She continued, “Teachers and SSW are spending 37.5 hours a week influencing our children, not necessarily teaching our children what YOU think is being taught.”

And what did this school nurse get for blowing the whistle on this insanity?

One would think she would at least get named employee of the week and given a hefty raise for looking out for the health and welfare of her students.

But no. The Superintendent of Harford Public Schools suspended Cataford and opened an investigation into her.


The effects of sexual grooming in public schools appears to be paying dividends for the radical Marxists who control our education system.

One in five Gen Z adults now identify as LGBTQ — and that number is only expected to go up, according to a Gallup poll released Thursday.

The percentage of U.S. adults who identify as LGBTQ has doubled over the past decade, from 3.5% in 2012 to 7.1% in 2021.


These Gallup survey results, if accurate, are shocking.

Gen Z adults who identify as LGBTQ have increased from 10.5% in 2017 to 20.8% in 2021.

Millennials, ages 26 to 41, identifying as LGBTQ increased from 5.8% in 2012 to 10.5% in 2021.

The number of traditionalists (those born before 1946), baby boomers, and Generation X adults who identify as LGBTQ has held relatively steady.

Gen Zers who have turned 18 since 2018 are more likely than older members of Gen Z to identify as LGBTQ, so the number of LGBTQ adults will likely increase as all Gen Zers reach adulthood.

57% of LGBTQ Americans identify as bisexual, the most common identification among adults surveyed.

Gen Z women are roughly three times more likely than men to identify as LGBTQ and Millennial women are about two times as likely than men to identify as such, according to Gallup.


The Epoch Times is reporting that the economic sanctions imposed on Russia for its invasion of Ukraine are threatening to weaken the dominance of the U.S. petrodollar as the world currency.

If this continues, we will be experiencing a major backfiring of those sanctions due to the ill-advised policies of the Biden administration.

The Epoch Times cited statements from First Deputy Managing Director Gita Gopinath of the International Monetary Fund to The Financial Times.

The sanctions may result in a more fragmented international monetary system, warned Gopinath.

She had previously said the sanctions against Russia would not bring about the dollar’s demise as the world’s reserve currency and that the Ukraine crisis would slow growth, but not cause a global recession. Now she is backtracking.

The Russian government responded to the U.S.-NATO economic sanctions by demanding payment in rubles or gold for purchases of its oil and other commodities.

The new policy has hit the EU the hardest, sending gas prices there up by 30 percent on March 30.

After first falling, the ruble had risen to a three-week high against the dollar as of March 30.

The Epoch Times report stated that “Russia had been planning for years to reduce its dependence on the petrodollar since the United States imposed sanctions in retaliation for its annexation of Crimea in 2014. The current crisis in Ukraine has only accelerated those plans.”


With the perfect storm arising for a global food shortage of epic proportions, we should soon expect to see food riots pop up around the globe.

A new report Thursday via the United Nations' World Food Program (WFP) warns a toxic combination of the conflict in Ukraine, economic disruptions due to COVID-19, and climate volatility resulting in bad harvests, are driving food prices to record highs as fears of shortages flourish. 

Citing this UN report, Zero Hedge posted an article that predicts the Middle East region will likely see the first and hardest impact of the food crisis.

The UN report said millions of Middle Eastern and North African families struggle to buy even the most basic foods to feed their children. 

According to Corinne Fleischer, a UN World Food Program regional director who deals with the Middle East:

"People's resilience is at a breaking point. This crisis is creating shock waves in the food markets that touch every home in this region. No one is spared.”

The report documents the cost of basic food for a family in Lebanon increased by 351%, the highest in the region, followed by Syria with a near 100% rise, and Yemen at 81%.

These three countries are extremely reliant on food imports and vulnerable to currency fluctuations, according to the report, which cited a killer drought that has reduced Syria's wheat production, while Ukraine's grain exports have come to a full stop.

Russia and Ukraine export about a quarter of the global wheat trade, a fifth of corn, and 12% of all calories traded globally, according to Zero Hedge.


Classic rock band Lynyrd Skynrd has composed and recorded a new song dedicated to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. We think you’ll like it.

As we sign off tonight, instead of delivering our normal commentary, we’d like to share this sweet little tune with you. Good night from everyone at the Worldview Report.

WATCH VIDEO (you can cut this off at the 4:37 mark)


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