School to Punish Students For Not Using Correct Pronoun For Transgender or Gender-Expansive Students: Worldview Report Transcript For June 1, 2022

INTRO: New indications tonight that the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting may have involved a level of planning that was beyond the scope of one mentally unstable teenager. We’ll take a look at the bizarre timeline leading up to the attack.

At least one Los Angeles high school is telling its students, if you haven’t been injected with the experimental Covid “vaccine,” then you aren’t welcome at the school’s graduation ceremony.

A popular YouTuber with nearly 3 million subscribers calls on his fellow leftists to attack the NRA convention venue in the most vicious manner imaginable, but as far as we’ve been able to tell he’s not been arrested nor has he been accused by Joe Biden’s Department of Homeland Security of being a domestic terrorist or extremist.

And toymaker Mattel has released the world’s first transgender Barbie doll, but you won’t believe where this LGBTQ doll is manufactured. We’ll have that and much more when the Worldview Report begins now.



L. Todd Wood of CD Media reports that as an outsider looking into the situation surrounding the Texas school shooting, there is much confusion and many curious facts.

Wood sets the background for his article by noting:

“We know the World Economic Forum and the Chinese Communist Party are pushing for tyrannical control of humanity. Just this week the WEF was looking to pass ‘health amendments’ to give the WHO sovereignty over America, enabled by the Biden regime. The only thing standing in the way of this in North America is your personal weapons. The Second Amendment was not just for self-defense, it was designed mainly as a bulwark against a tyrannical government, that our Founders gave us. Hence my question about the criminal acts in Uvalde…”

He further notes that the school shootings largely went away under Trump. Now they are back with a vengeance.

Why is that?

Then we have the disturbing timeline of events leading up to the Uvalde shooting.


It is also reported that Federal Marshals were the law enforcement personnel that were ‘handcuffing and tasing’ parents who were desperate to go into the Uvalde school to save their children as police waited outside for an hour.

How does this make sense?

We also know that, according to a report by Sarah Arnold, the Uvalde police had just held an active shooter training two months before the attack. Were they trained to stand down and wait for an off-duty federal agent to storm the school building and take out the shooter?

At the very least, the American people deserve an investigation and answers.

We also learned recently that a ‘retired Federal agent’ was communicating with, and had ‘advance notice’ of the Buffalo supermarket shooting earlier in May.

Watching the Biden regime in action in Afghanistan, the southern border, the baby formula debacle, Federal spending, Covid response, vaccine mandates, destroying our economy and energy security, funding the war in Ukraine, etc, etc., it is painfully obvious to anyone with intellectual honesty that Biden is not working for the American people, but someone else.

Since we know the Biden crime family was in bed with the communist regime, the natural inclination is to assume Biden is working for the CCP to bring down our nation.

Americans being armed stands in the way.


Breitbart, citing CBS News and others, reports that a high school in Los Angeles County is prohibiting unvaccinated students from participating in their graduation ceremony.

After prohibiting unvaccinated seniors from attending prom and senior awards night, Granada Hills Charter High School is banning unvaccinated students from its graduation ceremony on June 2.

Instead of attending the ceremony, Granada Hills Charter High School offers remote participation to 70 unvaccinated seniors by having their names called while their other classmates walk the stage.

One Granada Hills senior, Andrew Luna, said the situation is “heartbreaking” and added he felt “abandoned” by the school he “worked so hard for.”

After the school did remote learning throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Granada Hills High announced that only vaccinated students may return to campus for the current spring semester.

The unvaccinated students were enrolled in the school’s online independent study program, preventing them from being engaged in extracurricular activities on campus.


YouTuber Ethan Klein called for the NRA conference in Texas to be bombed.

Klein said Friday:

"Saw there was a big protest outside the NRA meeting, which was good. Do we have any insight into what they’re actually talking about there at the NRA meeting that’s today in Texas? Someone should bomb that building."

Klein hosts the H3 Podcast with 2.9 million subscribers. The National Rifle Association’s convention is held annually in Houston.

Here he is openly calling for the mass murdering of NRA convention goers.


In that same podcast, Klein went on a profanity-laced tirade in which he said he hopes someone shoves a stick in the wheelchair of Texas Governor Greg Abbot, sending him tumbling to the floor.

Earlier this year, Klein, who is obese, was embroiled in controversy for criticizing Joe Rogan’s health choices.

His calls for violence also don't end with his call for bombings and an assault on a wheelchair-bound governor.

According to the Post Millennial, Klein has also encouraged his young audience to engage in physical confrontation with NRA supporters and Republicans.

He said:

"More people need to be getting loud, more people need to be getting angry, getting in people’s f’ing faces.”

This young man is unhinged, to the point of displaying some of the same characteristics of the mass shooters. He is someone who should be brought into a police station and asked to explain his comments openly calling for violence, but of course we know he never will be held accountable because he is a leftist and leftists right now in America can say anything they want no matter how inciteful and hateful. Only conservatives need to watch what they say.


Toy maker Mattel has created the world’s first “transgender” Barbie doll.

There’s very little known as of now about the product. For instance, Mattel doesn’t say how one identifies a trans doll. Does it have surgery scars, a therapist, maybe a prescription for hormone blockers?

What is known is that this Barbie is the latest in a line of sexually confused dolls – they call them “gender-nonconforming” – that Mattel has rolled out over the last three years.

The Gateway Pundit reports on the story as follows:

“Toymaker Mattel has partnered with transgender actor Laverne Cox to create its first transgender Barbie doll modeled after the Emmy Award-winning celebrity’s likeness. The symbol of body dysmorphia will be featured in Mattel’s Tribute Collection Barbie edition and retail for $39.99. Transgender Barbie hit store shelves ahead of Cox’s 50th birthday in honor of his ‘impact as an advocate for LGTBQ rights.’ …Cox, famous for being the first non-white transgender ‘woman’ to land a leading role in a scripted television series while starring in the Netflix series Orange Is the New Black, calls the transgender toy ‘healing’ and a reminder that ‘trans is beautiful.’”

Jack Davis at the Western Journal reports that while Mattel is virtue signaling to America’s woke liberal left, it hides a dirty little secret about where the transgender Barbie is made—the Islamic nation of Indonesia, where the LGBTQ agenda is illegal in some places and frowned upon in others.


As Reuters reported, earlier this month a major Indonesian conservative Islamic group said in a statement that when Britain flew the LGBT flag at its embassy, doing so tarnished the “sacred values of Indonesia.”

A foreign ministry spokesperson said a formal scolding was issued to the British embassy officials who flew that flag in Indonesia. He said:

“The foreign ministry reminds foreign representatives to be respectful of the sensitivities among Indonesians on matters relevant with their culture, religion and belief.”

Homosexuality is legal, though considered taboo, in most of Indonesia, except for Aceh province, where Sharia is the official law.


British conservative Nigel Farage recently mocked the new transgender Barbie. Take a look.



The Federalist reports that parents rallied outside of Luther Jackson Middle School in Fairfax, Virginia, on Thursday in opposition to a proposed policy change that would increase penalties on fourth- through sixth-graders for “misgendering” or “deadnaming” people — for example, addressing a boy as “he” even though he calls himself a female, or calling “transgender or gender-expansive” people by a name other than their chosen name.

The Fairfax County School Board was initially scheduled to consider this change to the Student Rights and Responsibilities guide at their meeting that evening, but they rescheduled discussion of the topic to June 16.

Stephanie Lundquist-Arora, a mother who spoke at the event, stated:

“It could be that some people are waiting for the stillness and quiet of a summer evening when we’re all not paying attention. But I’m here to say, our enthusiasm for the First Amendment will not wane; we will not stop paying attention, even in the summer months.”


In 2018, officials from the Obama administration met secretly with Iranian officials as part of a plan to undermine sitting President Donald Trump’s efforts to isolate the regime with economic pressure to get them to dispense with their nuclear programs.

The Post Millennial reports that a newly released memo from the State Department shows this "off-the-record" meeting was between a delegation of former US ambassadors and Iranian foreign minister Javad Zarif at his residence in New York City.

The memo was released due a lawsuit that was brought by The American Center for Law and Justice specifically to compel the State Department to come clean about their efforts during Trump's administration, reports The Washington Free Beacon.

John Kerry, who served as Secretary of State after Hillary Clinton vacated the post, was "reported to be working behind the scenes with Iranian officials to salvage the 2015 nuclear accord," the Free Beacon reports. This "shadow diplomacy" concerned "nuclear weapons, potential prisoner swaps, [the] Afghanistan withdrawal, and negotiations with the Taliban,” according to the ACLJ.

This was in essence a shadow government working to controvert and undermine the policies of a duly elected sitting president. There’s a name for that. It’s called treason.


When the world goes to the next stage of wireless networks, 6G, people will no longer use cellphones, the CEO of Nokia said at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos last week.

Why? They won’t need them. Everything will be “under the skin,” said Pekka Lundmark.

He added that in the 6G era, we can also expect very high-quality holograms, stating:

“We could then have this meeting when in reality, we would be sitting in different parts of the world.”

Here he is making his bold predictions about the fast-approaching age of transhumanism:


RAIR Foundation reports that, as part of his Davos speech, Lundmark said that sixth-generation networks will appear on the commercial market by 2030. He also noted that the smartphone would cease to be the most common gadget in the near future.

The businessman said he believes people will begin to abandon their usual phones in favor of more convenient and modern devices by the end of the decade. The head of the company refers to smart glasses and other devices that people will wear on their faces.

According to Lundmark, many of these inventions will be built directly into our bodies. He also predicts that by 2030 there will be a technology for developing digital twins, which will require substantial computing resources.

In order to transmit all of the computer bits that the metaverse will require, networks will need to be at least 100 times or even 1,000 times faster than they are today, Lundmark predicted.


RINO ringleader Mitch McConnell is working on a plan he hopes will blunt Donald Trump’s influence on the Republican Party.

McConnell, a leading GOP globalist, seeks to replace Trump as the major kingmaker among Republicans, Politico reports. His globalist streak is in direct conflict with Donald Trump’s America First policies and so MAGA must be crushed.

The obedient Senate under Mitch McConnell voted to send $40 billion to Ukraine by a vote of 86-11. McConnell and his fellow globalists from both parties say this is a mere down payment on the full amount of U.S. tax dollars they intend to transfer to Ukraine. Only 11 GOP senators voted no. Senator Rand Paul attempted to force oversight and transparency over the funds since there is none built into the bill. Remarkably, McConnell blasted him for wanting accountability for the money.

“My colleague, Sen. Paul, has always been an isolationist,” McConnell said, adding, “He’s proud of it and believes that’s where America ought to be.”


CNN on Saturday of the holiday weekend admitted that the Dominion Software has flaws that can be exploited.

Then why are we using them? Are we going to start pretending Democrats don’t cheat?

Federal authorities at the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency, also known as CISA, have finally admitted this. But the same officials told CNN that there is no evidence that the machines were tampered with even though they are wide open to being tampered with.

CNN reported (following excerpt in bold runs 4 graphs):

Federal cybersecurity officials have verified there are software vulnerabilities in certain ballot-marking devices made by Dominion Voting Systems, discovered during a controversial Georgia court case, which could in theory allow a malicious actor to tamper with the devices, according to a draft analysis reviewed by CNN.

The vulnerabilities have never been exploited in an election and doing so would require physical access to voting equipment or other extraordinary criteria standard election security practices prevent, according to the analysis from the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency.

But because the subject is Dominion voting equipment, which has been the target of conspiracy theorists who falsely claim there was large-scale fraud in the 2020 election, federal and state and local officials are bracing for election deniers to try to weaponize news of the vulnerabilities ahead of midterm elections.

“While these vulnerabilities present risks that should be promptly mitigated, CISA has no evidence that these vulnerabilities have been exploited in any elections,” reads the draft CISA advisory, which the agency shared in a briefing with state and local officials on Friday.

So an arm of the state-run media, CNN, assures Americans that the Dominion machines were not tampered with despite the fact that, as The Gateway Pundit reports, not a single Dominion machine was ever examined.


Genetically engineered food is heavily restricted in the United Kingdom, and for good reason. But a new bill being pushed in Parliament right now could sidestep these restrictions using the Ukraine conflict as an excuse, reports Ethan Huff at Natural News.

Gene-edited crops differ from standard genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, in that their own DNA code is modified as opposed to being spliced with foreign DNA. And British politicians are attempting to exploit this by claiming that gene-edited crops are excluded from their country’s strict GMO regulations.

Entitled the Genetic Technology bill, the legislation is described by the UK’s Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs as a way to “cut red tape and support the development of innovative tech to grow more resistant, more nutritious and more productive crops. These precision technologies allow us to speed up the breeding of plants that have natural resistance to diseases and better use of soil nutrients so we can have higher yields with fewer pesticides and fertilizers.”


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Police released video footage over the weekend showing a man was randomly stabbed on the Upper East Side of New York City on Thursday.

In a 16-second clip tweeted Saturday by the NYPD, an assailant wearing all black, with his face covered by a balaclava mask, is shown getting off a bike before swinging at a 29-year-old stranger with a large knife, according to the New York Post.

The video captures the victim trying to escape the knife-wielding man to no avail. The attacker wildly swings the knife while chasing him off the sidewalk and onto the road.

During the broad-daylight assault, the wounded man was slashed multiple times in the back and left arm, according to police, who said the man did not know his attacker. It was completely random.


The stabbing occurred on the sidewalk near a subway entrance at the East 63rd Street and Third Avenue Q and F train station just before 2 p.m., police told the New York Post.

The NYPD is searching for the assailant, who the department said Friday is about 30 years old, with a medium build. He was riding a black E-bike when he stabbed the victim without provocation and fled the scene in an unspecified direction, police said.

Police said medics rushed the victim to a nearby hospital, where he was in stable condition.

Rest assured this knife assault won’t get two seconds of air time on the national state-run corporate media. It doesn’t fit the media’s narrative about gun violence, but it’s got to be just as scary for anyone living in New York City’s Upper East Side who is not wealthy enough to surround themselves with gun-toting private security details.

That’s it for tonight’s Worldview Report. Join us again tomorrow when we will bring you another edition of the news you won’t hear reported by Fox, Newsmax, or any of the other corporate media outlets. Good night from the entire team at the Worldview Report.


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