Saudi Arabia Delivers a Big Blow to the U.S. Dollar

INTRO: Lots of news coming out of Davos tonight and we’ll get you up to speed,
including a Swiss lawmaker who says cities need to become car-free zones.
Saudi Arabia announces its intent to settle its oil trading accounts in currencies
other than the petrodollar, delivering a blow to the already shaky U.S. dollar.
The U.S. Federal Reserve is getting closer to issuing a central bank digital
currency, a fact that now even the Wall Street Journal is acknowledging.
And the ATF issues a new ruling banning the possession of a popular type of
braced pistol, essentially making millions of Americans felons with a stroke of the
pen if they don’t register those guns with the government or turn them in.
All these stories and much more when the Worldview Report starts, right now!


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m your host,
Brannon Howse.
In a major blow to the U.S. dollar, Saudi Arabia announced this week it is open to
settling trade in currencies other than the US dollar.
The kingdom’s finance minister Mohammed Al-Jadaan told Bloomberg TV in an
interview in Davos that:
“There are no issues with discussing how we settle our trade arrangements,
whether it is in the U.S. dollar, whether it is the euro, whether it is the Saudi riyal. I
don’t think we are waving away or ruling out any discussion that will help improve
the trade around the world.”
The move signals the Saudis’ desire to strengthen trading relations with the BRICS
nations, which include Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The Saudi
kingdom represents the foundation block of the petrodollar system, which was
formed in the 1970s and is based on pricing crude exports in U.S. dollars.
It’s impossible to overstate the importance of this story because if Saudi Arabia,
the world’s leading oil producer, moves to undermine the petrodollar, that’s likely
to hasten the collapse of the dollar. With the U.S. being more than $30 trillion in
debt, an amount of money that can never be paid back, the only thing that props up
the dollar internationally is that nations perceive the dollar as strong due to its
status as the world’s reserve currency. But the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the

Western response to that invasion has backfired, exposing the dollar for what it is,
essentially a worthless piece of paper backed by nothing other than an illusion.


Smart cities, where people don’t own cars and live a “sustainable” lifestyle, are
being touted at the World Economic Forum’s Davos summit.
A speaker at the meeting promoted the idea of cities where people could live “in
harmony with nature” and not own cars.
Bastien Girod of the Swiss National Council, the lower house of Switzerland’s
legislature, spoke glowingly about cities in his country where people don’t need to
drive cars.
“What’s important is for policies to change the rules of the game, so sustainability
becomes the easier choice, not just for the people, but also for the companies.”
Girod stated further that, “In Zurich, we have a lot of districts where you don’t
actually need a car, because all the activities, school, buying something, everything
you can do in walking distance, and by doing that people don’t buy a car.”
It sounds like Mr. Girod is actually touting the WEF’s 15-minute cities, where
citizens living that “sustainable lifestyle” basically hand over to the government
their freedom of movement, living as a dependent ward of the state who can only
move about on foot, by bicycle, scooter or public transportation.
The motor vehicle has always been one’s ticket to freedom in the United States.
And that’s the primary reason why the Davos crowd hates the gas-fueled vehicle.
In their eyes, the peasants cannot be trusted with something as valuable as
independent car ownership.


In other news coming out of Davos this week, the Gateway Pundit reports that
John Kerry let it all hang out in his January 17th talk to fellow globalist power

Kerry had previously admitted, at the COP27 meeting last fall, that all these elites
really want is money, money, money and more money to implement their global
climate agenda.
Now, Kerry expresses that he believes he is part of a “select group of human
beings” who were called to save the planet.
Kerry has always had a very high opinion of himself but this is a new level of
Kerry shared:
“It’s pretty extraordinary, that we, a select group of human beings because of
whatever touched us at some point in our lives, are able to sit in a room and come
together and actually talk about saving the planet. And it’s so almost
extraterrestrial to think about quote saving the planet.”
He goes on to say what most people think about Kerry and others.
Note that while he’s talking, another panelist totally ignores him, Desmond Kuek,
Chief Executive of Temasek Trust.


Joe Biden on Tuesday held a bilateral meeting in the Oval Office with Dutch Prime
Minister and World Economic Forum stooge Mark Rutte.
According to a Reuters report:
“Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte told U.S. President Joe Biden on Tuesday that
the Netherlands would offer Patriot missiles to Ukraine, a day after the top Dutch
trade official balked at new U.S. restrictions on exporting chip-making technology
to China.”
Reporters shouted questions after Biden’s meeting with the Dutch Prime Minister.
Joe Biden laughed as he ignored the reporters shouting questions about the stolen
classified documents stored in his garage next to his Corvette.
Take a look.
Such smugness. Unbelievable.
The Gateway Pundit reports that it appears Joe Biden’s lawyers told him to keep
his mouth shut about the classified documents scandal.
And for good reason. Last week Fox News reporter Peter Doocy got Biden to
admit in the wide open that he committed a crime.
Doocy asked Biden: “Classified materials next to your Corvette?! What were you
“My Corvette’s in a locked garage so it’s not like it’s sitting on the street,” Biden
“So the material was in a locked garage?” Doocy asked Biden.
“Yes— as well as my Corvette,” Biden said.

Canadian baseball player Theo Gibbs, 18, died suddenly in his sleep at his family’s
Regina home on December 30. Gibbs began his baseball career at the
Saskatchewan Premier Baseball League’s Regina White Sox before going to the
Martin Sports Academy and the Regina Red Sox Academy.
Gibbs played collegiate baseball at Lassen Community College (LCC) in
Susanville, Calif., and was home for the holidays and rehabilitation. In June, Gibbs
committed to LCC after graduating from the Martin baseball program. However,
he suffered a shoulder issue at LCC and returned to Regina to recover.
In January, Gibbs was heading back to the LCC baseball team. LCC’s Baseball
Coach Frank Avilla released a statement about Gibbs’ passing, stating “Our
baseball program is heartbroken by the passing of Theo Gibbs.”


Former Major League Baseball outfielder and coach Lee Tinsley died suddenly
January 12 at the age of 53. No cause of death was announced.

According to USA Today, Tinsley died in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he is
“survived by three beautiful children.”
Tinsley’s brief major league career spanned five seasons from 1993 to 1997, where
he played for the Mariners, Red Sox and Phillies. In 1994, he ranked second on the
Red Sox with 13 stolen bases.
He started the 1995 campaign with a 14-game hitting streak and was moved from
the bottom of the order to the leadoff spot. He also had a 15-game hitting streak.
Tinsley hit a career-high .284 with 18 stolen bases in 100 games for the American
League East champion Red Sox.


Reports of young, healthy athletes dying continue to pile up. We’ve reported on
many of them here, night after night, at the Worldview Report.
And now one veteran sportscaster is finally speaking out, saying that the
prevalence of these mysterious deaths is unlike anything he’s ever seen in his 20-
year career coving sports.
OutKick founder and sports writer Clay Travis said:
“In the world of sports, we need deep-dive investigations into whether the COVID
shot is leading to more deaths of young, otherwise healthy people.”
He also admonishes his colleagues in the sports media for the way they spread fear
of death about Covid but now don’t want to ask questions about real deaths
occurring after the shots were rolled out.
WATCH VIDEO (clip first 3:42)
All valid questions by veteran sports journalist Clay Travis. The new Congress
needs to delve into this ASAP, like yesterday.

Statistician Steve Kirsch has a new Substack article on the Covid vaccines.

In the October 2022 version of the FAA Guide for Aviation Medical Examiners,
Kirsch reports that the FAA quietly widened the EKG parameters beyond the
normal range. And they didn’t widen the range by a little. They widened it by a lot.
It was done after the vaccine rollout.
This is extraordinary, Kirsch writes, adding:
“They did it hoping nobody would notice. It worked for a while. Nobody caught it.
But you can’t hide these things for long. This is a tacit admission from the U.S.
government that the COVID vaccine has damaged the hearts of our pilots. Not just
a few pilots. A lot of pilots and a lot of damage.”
The cardiac harm of course is not limited to pilots.
Kirsch reports that his best guess right now is that over 50 million
Americans sustained some amount of heart damage from these experimental
That’s a lot of people who will be very upset when they realize the vaccine they
took to reduce their chance of dying from COVID actually worked in reverse,
Kirsch says, making it:
1. More likely that people will get COVID
2. Be hospitalized from COVID and other diseases
3. Die from COVID (and other diseases)
4. You also have an excellent chance of getting a lifetime of heart damage for no extra


Central Bank Digital Currencies, or CBDCs, will allow individual bank customers
to bypass commercial banks and hold digital currency accounts directly with the
Federal Reserve. This is a major shakeup that some say risks driving smaller banks
and credit unions out of business. Few are talking about this issue, but the Wall
Street Journal has just put it front and center with a bombshell article guaranteed
to get attention in the financial world.
“Central-bank digital currency” doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, the Journal
reports. But you might want to get used to saying it. These so-called CBDCs, or
digital versions of dollars, yuan, euros, yen or any other currency, are coming, say

those who study them. And depending on how they are designed and rolled out,
their impact on the banking system could be profound.
According to the Journal, 114 countries are exploring digital currencies, and their
collective economies represent more than 95% of the world’s GDP, according to
the Atlantic Council’s Central Bank Digital Currency tracker. Some countries,
including China, India, Nigeria and the Bahamas, have already rolled out digital
currencies. Others, like Sweden and Japan, are preparing for possible rollouts. The
U.S. is studying the issue and has run trials of various technologies to enable a
digital currency, although Fed chair Jerome Powell has indicated the U.S. central
bank has no plans to create one, and won’t do so without direction from Congress.
Debates about the necessity, utility and potential pros and cons of digital currencies
are often confusing, and confused, in part because every country rolling out a
digital currency is doing it in its own way.
Generally, however, CBDCs can be roughly divided into two types: those designed
for use by financial institutions and those designed for use by the general public.
The first type is just a new way for central banks to transfer money to commercial
The second type of CBDC is a digital version of fiat money made available to the
general public through accounts held by a central bank or a commercial bank.
From the perspective of a regular person or business, this kind of CBDC isn’t any
different from the electronic money in their bank accounts today—it’s just a digital
dollar. What makes these kinds of CBDCs special is that they are created, and held,
in accounts that a central bank has direct access to. If another pandemic happened,
for example, the Fed could just deposit stimulus “checks” into every U.S. citizen’s
digital-currency account.
This type of CBDC represents a departure from the way money is created and
distributed today, in that everyday people would now have accounts, or “wallets”
that contain money created by their country’s central bank, instead of by their
commercial bank. It represents a shift for central banks, from their traditional role
as providers of money to a country’s banking and financial system, to connecting
directly with everyday people.
Get ready, this is going to be a rough financial ride for the banks.


The U.K.-based Exposé reports that the country’s National Health System director
has confirmed that hospitals lied about the cause of death in order to artificially
inflate Covid deaths.
Before Covid, four types of pneumonia added together were the highest cause of
death in the UK. In a newly implemented Medical Examiner System to certify
deaths, the Medical Examiner was certifying all types of pneumonia deaths as
Covid-19 deaths, a former Director of End-of-Life Care has said.
On Saturday, a former NHS Director of End-of-Life Care, wrote a Twitter thread
which, among other things, gave a personal account of the changes to the system of
reporting deaths implemented in the NHS:
“When four different diseases [are] grouped and now being called Covid-19, you
will inevitably see Covid-19 with a huge death rate. The mainstream media was
reporting on this huge increase in Covid-19 deaths due to the Medical Examiner
System being in place.
“Patients being admitted and dying with very common conditions such as old age,
myocardial infarctions, end-stage kidney failure, hemorrhages, strokes, COPD and
cancer, etc. were all now being certified as Covid-19 via the Medical Examiner
“Hospitals were switching to and from the Medical Examiner System and the pre-
pandemic system…when they pleased. When Covid-19 deaths needed to be
increased, the hospital would switch to the Medical Examiner System.”
In addition, “hospitals were incentivized to report Covid-19 deaths over normal
deaths, as the government was paying hospitals additional money for every Covid-
19 death that was being reported,” he said. “I have no doubt in my mind, that the
Government has planned the entire pandemic since 2016 when they first proposed
the change to medical death certification.”

A Member of the European Parliament, Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes, accused
the European Union of pushing “horrible propaganda” after a project described
pedophiles as “people with a sexual interest in children.”
According to an article in the Daily Fetched, Terhes accused the E.U. of trying to
rebrand the term with something “more appealing and morally neutral.”

The news comes amid controversy surrounding an EU project’s use of
the term Minor-Attracted People (MAPs) to describe pedophiles.
Terhes says the EU is still trying to soften the language around pedophiles, with
another EU project on child protection referring to them as “people with a sexual
interest in children.”
Terhes told Breitbart:
“I am shocked and appalled, in equal measure, that the European Commission was,
until very recently… replacing the term ‘pedophile’ with the more appealing and
morally neutral phrase of Minor Attracted Person. They even intensified this
horrible propaganda and are now talking of ‘people with a sexual interest in
children! This attitude of the European Commission to soft soap an evil and
criminal behavior, like pedophilia, is dangerous and a threat to all children in
The Romanian MEP also highlighted the EU’s continued funding of drag queen
shows for children, giving financial support to drag-queen projects in Germany,
Spain, and Slovenia.

Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.
After years of flip-flopping, the ATF has issued a rule reclassifying guns with
pistol braces, making millions of currently owned guns subject to federal “short-
barrel” rifle registration, together with a $200 tax.  
The effect of this rule change is to make upwards of 20 million firearms owners
felons if they don’t register their pistols with the federal government within 120
days of the ruling, which will be May 13.
The anticipated retroactive prohibition by the ATF rule change of possession of
what was a legal weapon into an illegal weapon may be alleged to be an “ex post
facto” law and thereby prohibited by the U.S. Constitution. There promises to be
multiple lawsuits filed by gun rights groups and this one may ultimately be decided
in the U.S. Supreme Court.
In my opinion, the ATF has no authority to ban any legally purchased item held by
Americans. This is a clear example of an agency, created by Congress, that has

now usurped the lawmaking authority of its creator. The Republican House should
immediately set about defunding this rogue agency.
That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in and for
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