Russia Threats Continue : September 26, 2022

A shocking story tonight about how the FBI turned a blind eye to a 40-
year child trafficking operation.
In a first-ever move, Israel’s Prime Minister is ready to cede land to the
Palestinians for a new independent state.
And Bill Barr, the attorney general under President Donald Trump, famously told
the media after the 2020 election there was “no evidence of widespread fraud.” But
new information indicates Barr was lying.
And some good news from a federal court ruling on mask and vaccine mandates.
All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.
Brian Shilhavy has a bombshell story up at
He reports that 75-year-old Margaret Cole Hughes, director of European Adoption
Consultants, quietly accepted a plea deal in late May from the U.S. Department of
Justice to one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States and one count of
making a false statement to the Polish Central authority in front of federal Judge
James Gwin in U.S. District Court in the Northern District of Ohio, according to
WJLA TV 7, a local ABC News affiliate.
Shilhavy reports that defense attorneys admitted in court filings that Cole is still in
business after making $200 million over 40 years from selling 8,000 children
through fraudulent international adoptions. According to Judge Gwin, the FBI
protected Cole’s child-trafficking network for 40 years and failed to investigate
her. Instead, it was the State Department that investigated Cole. (Source.)
Cole’s stepson, Robert E. Hughes III, still works for the FBI. He was assigned to
investigate his own stepmother’s case by Andrew McCabe, who at the time was
the acting director of the FBI.
Defense attorneys said the evidence against their client would have filled the
Library of Congress.
Cole is also wanted for child trafficking fraud in Poland.

Margaret Cole Hughes began her three-month prison sentence in Alderson Federal
Prison as a result of her plea deal. This is a minimum-security prison located in the
resort area of Greenbriar, West Virginia.

Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid was expected to announce his support for the
establishment of a Palestinian State during his speech to the United Nations
General Assembly on Thursday, Israel’s Arutz 7 news outlet reported.
The endorsement will mark the first time an Israeli prime minister has called for
the two-state solution at the United Nations, which is at the pinnacle of the global
drive to create a one-world government and a one-world religion.
The source acknowledged there was pressure from the Biden administration to
publicly endorse the two-state solution, but added that “Israeli security policy will
be determined by Israel.”
“Support for the two-state solution is … best for the State of Israel. The greatest
danger we face is one state,” Arutz 7 cited its source inside the Israeli government
as saying.
During his address to the U.N. on Wednesday, Joe Biden also endorsed the two
state solution, saying that the Palestinians were “entitled” to their own state, and
that it was the only way to ensure Israel’s security going forward.
Biden told the U.N., “We will continue to advocate for a lasting, negotiated peace
between the Jewish and democratic state of Israel and the Palestinian people. The
United States is committed to Israel’s security. Full stop. And a negotiated two
state solution remains our best way to ensure Israel’s security and prosperity for
the future and give the Palestinians the state to which they are entitled.”
Of course, we who know the Bible know that’s a lie meant to deceive the State of
Israel will fall for the lie and live to regret it. When it needs its earthly protector the
most, that earthly protector will be nowhere to be found.


In December 2020, Attorney General Bill Barr said there was “no evidence” of
widespread voter fraud in the 2020 election.

Barr told NBC News there was no evidence of widespread voter fraud, defying
then-President Donald Trump’s ongoing efforts to reverse the results.
Barr repeated this claim to the corporate media several times since leaving office
as Trump’s Attorney General.
Now we have the receipts that show Bill Barr was lying all along.
On Thursday former Trump adviser Jeffrey Clark, the director of litigation at the
Center for Renewing America, joined Steve Bannon on The War Room.
Clark told Bannon the Center for Renewing America sent out FOIA requests to 12
U.S. Attorney districts from the 2020 battleground states.
Barr sent out a memo on November 9, 2020, saying there should be investigations
of the elections.
Jeff Clark told Steve Bannon that, with only one exception, the FOIA requests
have come back from every district with NO DOCUMENTS. Nothing.
Here’s what Clark had to say.
WATCH VIDEO (clip first 3:22)
So no investigations were done at a deep level. There is only one of the 12 districts
that has not yet come in and that’s the eastern district of Pennsylvania.
The U.S .Attorney of the Eastern District asked to investigate issues in his district
and Barr denied the request!
Bill Barr lied to the American public. Now he got caught. Where’s the corporate


For years now cremation has been a thing, advertised and heavily promoted as a
cheaper alternative to a biblical burial.
But now cremation is falling out of favor as well, and you won’t believe what the
globalists are saying you should do with your deceased loved one’s body.
Cremation, they say, releases too much “toxic” CO2 into the air, so the answer is
to allow composting of your dead loved ones to be used in your vegetable garden.

I kid you not.
This is one step away from the sci-fi movie “Soylent Green.”
As reported by, California has joined Washington as the
second state that will begin offering the option of human composting after death,
thanks to a bill recently signed into law by Governor Gavin Newsom on the
premise that it fights “climate change.”
Human composting, also known as natural organic reduction, would be an option
for residents who don’t want to be buried or cremated upon their death – starting in
The process involves placing the body inside a long, reusable steel container along
with wood chips and flowers to aerate it – allowing microbes and bacteria to break
down the remains.
Approximately one month later, the remains will fully decompose and be turned
into soil.
Advocates for the bill have said it’s a more climate-friendly option.
Cremation in the U.S. alone emits about 360,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide per
year, according to National Geographic. So now, livestock raised for meat,
gasoline-fueled cars, nitrogen fertilizer, coal and natural gas-fired power plants,
and the practice of cremation must be eliminated.
Global warming lunacy becomes more bizarre with every passing year.


In the category of better late than never, a federal judge ruled on September 21st
that federal school mask and vaccine mandates cannot be enforced because “liberty
interests of individuals … outweigh any interest generated by the mandatory
administration of vaccines.”
The federal mandate affected 280,000 teachers, staff, and volunteers with the Head
Start program who were met with a “job-or-jab” ultimatum.
Judge Terry A. Doughty, an appointee of former President Donald
Trump, opened his 27-page opinion quoting James Madison’s Federalist No. 51,
“The accumulation of all powers, legislative, executive, and judiciary, in the same

hands, whether of one, a few, or many, and whether hereditary, self-appointed, or
elected may justly be pronounced the very definition of tyranny.”
Doughty further wrote:
“The public interest is served by maintaining the constitutional structure and
maintaining the liberty of individuals who do not want to take the COVID-19
vaccine. This interest outweighs Agency Defendants’ interests. The public has a
liberty interest in not being required to take a vaccine or be fired from their jobs.
The public interest must be taken into account before allowing Agency Defendants
to mandate vaccines.”
The Biden administration required the vaccines and masks as part of its package of
coronavirus-related mandates that included the vaccine mandate on private
employers that was eventually blocked by the U.S. Supreme Court in NFIB v.
In the Head Start case, staff and volunteers with the program were required to be
vaccinated against the coronavirus by January 31, 2022, and all persons aged 2
years or older were required to wear masks.

A Texas church dropped a “goth” drag queen from an all-ages “drag bingo” night
after learning he was convicted in a 2004 plot to shoot up a school when he was 17
years old.
Jaysen Kettl, aka “Tisha Flowers” was scheduled to perform at a sold-out, all-ages
event for the First Christian Church, which is part of the Disciples of Christ. Then
adults got involved.
Kevin Whitt, Founder of Culture Warriors of America, did a little digging and
learned that Kettl not only has a creepy present life but a criminal past.
Kettl was the mastermind of a plot to torture and shoot people at his high school.
The plot was foiled, and he was arrested. Kettl was sentenced to four years in
prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit capital murder. Prosecutors

found a notebook with 12 pages of detailed, gruesome tortures that he and a 16-
year-old female friend were planning for people at his school.
Assistant District Attorney Troy Johnson reported:
“They described how they were going to torture some people. Nailing their hands
to the table, chaining them to trees, before they killed certain people.”
School officials learned of the plot and called the police. Investigators searched his
home and found a backpack with hammers, nails, chains, and knives.
Kettl was quietly dropped from the September 24 “drag bingo” extravaganza when
the church learned he plotted to kill roughly 20 people.
But church leaders were fine with him coming into their congregation and shaking
his nearly nude body in the faces of children.

When Russian President Vladimir Putin pledged to use “all the means at our
disposal” to defend the Russian homeland, some observers balked at interpreting
that statement as a threat to use nuclear weapons.
As has often been the case, Putin’s deputy chairman of the security council, Dmitry
Medvedev, stepped into the fray to offer clarification on exactly what Putin was
referring to.
Putin's most alarming line came when he said, "If the territorial integrity of our
country is threatened, we will certainly use all the means at our disposal to protect
Russia and our people," followed by "It’s not a bluff." He had also stressed
Moscow is ready to use "all available" means to protect its territorial integrity.”
In case anyone was bedeviled by that statement, Medvedev assures us “all
available” indeed means “all available.”
One day after Putin’s speech, Medvedev stressed that regarding Russian-seized
territory and the move to vote in several areas - including the LPR, DPR, Kherson
and Zaporozhye regions - "there is no going back" and that even a “nuclear
option” could be on the table, reports Zero Hedge.
The former president and top national security official doubled down on Putin's
nuclear warning, stating: 

“Russia has announced that not only mobilization capabilities, but also any
Russian weapons, including strategic nuclear weapons and weapons based on new
principles, could be used for such protection.”

Jared Kushner is blasting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis for sending illegal
migrants to swanky Martha’s Vineyard.
Appearing on Fox News, Kushner stated that “we have to remember that these are
human beings, they’re people, so seeing them being used as political pawns is very
troubling to me.”
People forget that Kushner was a lifelong Democrat before serving in the Trump
administration. He donated to Hillary Clinton’s campaign in 2008 and was a
supporter of Barack Obama.
The former senior advisor to President Trump and husband of Ivanka Trump is
described in Peter Navarro’s new book as the “clown Prince himself,” and
“Rasputin in training.” Navarro also referred to Kushner as a “rich, run-of-the-mill
liberal New York Democrat come slumlord with a worldview totally orthogonal”
to Trump’s.


This next story comes from a surprising source, NBC News, which is at the very
heart of the CIA-led mockingbird media, totally under the thumb of the global
deep state.
NBC reports nothing that the CIA-FBI-NSA national security apparatus doesn’t
want the American people to know.
So it was a bit surprising that NBC would be the one to report that at least 154
Chinese scientists who worked on government-sponsored research at
America’s foremost national security laboratory over the last two decades have
been recruited to do scientific work in China — some of which helped advance
military technology that threatens American national security.

NBC sourced the story to a new private intelligence report authored by Strider
And this is the subject of tonight’s Worldview Report commentary.
The report describes what it calls “a systemic effort by the government of China to
place Chinese scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where nuclear
weapons were first developed.”
Imagine that. A communist government having a system in place to infiltrate and
steal U.S. technology. Who would have ever thought such an indignity as this
could come from the reprobates who gave us the Chinese Cultural Revolution, the
mass murder of millions of their own citizens, and the brutal one-child policy
augmented by forced abortions and forced organ harvesting?
No. Impossible!
But NBC News seems shocked.
So let’s pick up with the story as reported by NBC.
“Many of the scientists were later lured back to China to help make advances in
such technologies as deep-earth-penetrating warheads, hypersonic missiles, quiet
submarines and drones, according to the report.”
It’s further reported that each of the scientists “were paid as much as $1 million
through participation in Chinese government talent programs.”
What? You mean Chinese communists paid scientists to perform research that
would be transferred back to China, giving China a military advantage over the
U.S.? The shock value of this story just keeps getting more unbelievable by the
But I digress. Let’s continue because there’s more to come from the good folks at
“Such talent programs have long been identified as a source of concern, but U.S.
officials said they had not previously seen an unclassified report that described
the phenomenon in such detail, naming specific scientists and the projects they
have worked on.”
The talent transfer “poses a direct threat to U.S. national security,” said Greg
Levesque, a co-founder of Strider and the lead author of the report. “China is

playing a game that we are not prepared for, and we need to really begin to
Really? Mobilize? Now? After 50 years of cooperating with, coddling, favoring,
and enriching the Chinese communists, now we suddenly want to “mobilize”
against what was known all along?
And who are these “U.S. officials” who feign ignorance? They should be arrested,
along with the retired government officials they replaced, and charged with
treason. But instead, they live lives of luxury and probably have fortified bunkers
in which to retreat when the corrupt system they built all comes crumbling down.
NBC reports that “although a former Los Alamos scientist pleaded guilty in
2020 to lying about his involvement in a China recruitment program, most of the
conduct described in the report appears to have been legal.”
Of course it was, because the rules were drawn up by China-compromised
lawmakers like Nancy Pelosi and Mitch McConnell.
Moreover, NBC adds, “U.S. officials and experts say most Chinese scientists who
immigrate to the U.S. remain here — and many have made significant
contributions to U.S. defense technology.”
There are those “U.S. officials” again, joined by nameless “experts,” telling us that
the Chinese aren’t all bad. They helped our military out a bit while they were
transferring all that weapons technology back to Beijing.
These corporate media hacks really do think we’re stupid.
Robert Daly, a China expert at the Wilson Center, a congressionally chartered
nonpartisan research institute, told NBC, “We have benefited enormously from the
inflow of Chinese talent.”
Ah yes, a China expert extoling the virtues of Chinese talent. America would be
lost without them, I have no doubt. And who can question Mr. Daly; after all he’s
Always gotta get that word non-partisan in there when you’re delivering fake
Daly then offers this sage advice:

“I hope that we can continue to do this — it’s essential to the United States. But
China is now developing weapons systems, capabilities, doctrines and, frankly,
attitudes toward its own power that means we have to go back to the drawing board
in some of these areas.”
Now for the facts. Daly isn’t non-partisan anymore than he’s an expert. He’s a
globalist. As is usually the case with globalists, Mr. Daly speaks out of both sides
of his mouth. China has been good for America but now China is also a danger to
America. Both of those statements can’t be true at the same time. Which is it, Mr.
The truth is that China used the post-WWII globalist order to enrich and empower
itself with Western technology. Now that it has matched the U.S. in power and
wealth, and is in many ways surpassing its senior partner, like all communist
regimes it will turn on that partner and try to take it over.
And this report by NBC News? Well, where was it 25 years ago, when it could
have actually made a difference?
That’s our report for tonight. Thanks for tuning in to the Worldview Report. Until
next time, we wish you a good night, and may God save America!

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