A Revival of Gnosticism:

A Revival of Gnosticism: "Christians for Biblical Equality"<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Would you like to join a "Christian" group to learn and experience Gnosticism first hand? You may become a full-fledged Gnostic without even knowing it by they time they are done with you! Apparently, this "new" gospel, this "new" definition of "god" ("he"/"she" or "it", whatever you choose!) and "new" Bible interpretation for certain verses is really taking off and on the move! You can find booths at places like seminaries, Christian university campuses, and mission fairs! As Peter Jones says, "The Gnostic Empire strikes again!"Now, they may leave out much of their beliefs initially. Like, for instance, they may leave out the part about how they are teaching that the pagan "Spirit of Sophia" is the wisdom of God in Proverbs; you may not hear at first about how they endorse such cults as the Unification Church and Christian Science, quoting from these cults on their web site, to support teachings of calling God "mother"; it may take some time for them to let you know about their books, tapes, and articles offered via their web site teaching "Christians" to call Jesus "mother" (!!!!!!) and how it would have made no difference if He had come as a woman! They may leave out details about one book they sell written by a man who claims to have a statue of Jesus hanging on the cross as a woman! (The man, by the way, is an openly homosexual pastor, whose books are offered through this "CBE" organization, not that they would ever endorse homosexuality, because, after all, this is "Christianity", right? THIS ORGANIZATION IS NOT CHRISTIAN)!You may have to do your homework to find the Gnosticism they preach, but once you find it, you will find a fiery inferno of more darkness than any Christian could ever face in this world outside of hell, with no hope of surviving such a spiritual onslaught of wicked forces apart from the protection of the full armor of God.You'll know you have found the true Gnostic spirit alive and well, when they proceed to teach you that a demonic spirit inspired the patriarchal verses in the Bible and those old traditionalists are of that same, out of date, antiquated, detestable spirit of "the enemy" and "demons". And this is not to mention all of the poor women, who have for centuries had to sing those hymns!They write books to banish the patriarchy, and they write songs to banish the patriarchy, and they give sermons to banish the patriarchy, and they (re)write bibles to banish the patriarchy. They absolutely LOATHE the patriarchy.They will teach you how we can't pity the pagan feminists, because, after all, they are just poor women who have turned to worshipping the animals, making fetish altars to "Jesus/Sophia" and leaving offerings for dolphins, turtles, and white buffalo in order to receive the spirits and powers of animals, swimming naked together in the ocean in celebration of "NO MORE PATRIARCHY!"............NOT BECAUSE OF SIN, BUT BECAUSE OF THE---dreaded and misled TRADITIONALISTS and that same old Bible.And, all of life's problems are due to those horrible traditionalist, patriarchal teachings of the Bible and those who are "weak" enough to want to do atrocious unenlightened things like "submit" or "boast in weaknesses," believing that in our weakness, a Savior exists who is strong.Gnosticism won't focus on that Savior. You will know you have found the heart of the Gnostic spirit about the time you start to feel that it is "all about you!"and, of course, all about women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Satanic teachings are fearlessly and shamelessly preached in churches and seminaries, twisting Scripture to support it all! The president, Mimi Haddad, teaches that Christians can call God "mother" just as easily and rightfully as we can call Him "Father"! Her god is the "father-mother" god!Funny, but I always thought that was Satan. But, then again, I have never been a Gnostic!

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