RELEASE THE KRAKEN: HAMMER / SCORECARD Whistleblower Montgomery Gave Sworn Testimony To FBI And DOJ

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By WVW Broadcast Network Columnists Mary Fanning and Alan Jones | November 19, 2020

Dennis Montgomery, the CIA / DoD contractor-turned-whistleblower who designed and built THE HAMMER foreign surveillance system and its exploit known as SCORECARD, provided sworn testimony to the FBI and the DOJ in 2015 about THE HAMMER, SCORECARD, and SCORECARD’s capability to hack into election systems from Dominion, Smartmatic, and other voting system vendors.

In a 2015 classified debriefing, Montgomery told FBI and DOJ officials that individuals with access to THE HAMMER supercomputer system can utilize THE HAMMER’s SCORECARD application to hack into election systems in order to change election outcomes in foreign countries and in the United States, according to Montgomery.

Montgomery testified that U.S. intelligence community operatives were utilizing SCORECARD to hack, via back doors, into election systems from Clear Ballot, Dominion Voting Systems Corp., Election Systems & Software, Inc. (ES&S), MicroVote General Corp., Smartmatic USA Corporation, and Voting Works in order to monitor and change election outcomes in real time.

In December 2015, under the protection of immunity agreements provided to Montgomery and his attorney by the FBI and the DOJ, Montgomery provided sworn testimony about THE HAMMER and SCORECARD to FBI and DOJ officials inside a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility (SCIF) at the FBI Washington DC Field Office. The FBI, led at that time by Director James Comey, made a video recording inside the SCIF of Montgomery’s classified debriefing regarding THE HAMMER and SCORECARD.

Montgomery states that he also provided detailed technical information to FBI and DOJ officials about the manner by which THE HAMMER and SCORECARD change votes. Montgomery specifically testified that THE HAMMER’s SCORECARD application changes votes by hacking into the transfer points within the electronic chain of command that connects secretary of states’ computer systems and outside third-party election data vaults.



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