The Real Story of the Oklahoma City Bombing

The Real Story of the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Oklahoma City Bombing <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

By Roger Aronoff
While liberal news outlets such as MSNBC were cynically exploiting the April 19 anniversary of the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing by attempting to tie the terrorist attack to the anti-government sentiments of the modern-day Tea Party movement, investigative reporter Jayna Davis was setting the record straight in an exclusive interview on the AIM radio show, Take AIM. The Oklahoma City bombing was an Arab/Muslim terrorist attack on the United States, she says.
Davis, author of a blockbuster book on the attack, The Third Terrorist, has examined and presented the evidence showing that Oklahoma City bomber Timothy McVeigh was in fact a front man for Middle Eastern terrorists. The third terrorist, in addition to the two, McVeigh and Terry Nichols, who were convicted, was an Arab. This was the mysterious "John Doe" who was never found. But other members of an Arab terrorist network were involved, she says.
She says the evidence was ignored and dismissed because the Clinton Administration didn't want to go to war with Iraq, the likely culprit, and wanted to blame the attack on domestic right-wingers for political reasons.  
The implications of what Davis has to say are that the case is still unsolved, that the FBI blew it, and that we may still be vulnerable to Arab terrorists infiltrating the U.S. and killing hundreds or thousands of innocent Americans.
Indeed, Davis suggested in her AIM interview that another attack on American soil may be coming, perhaps from the same networks which sponsored McVeigh.
Liberal media like MSNBC have peddled the false notion that McVeigh was motivated by domestic hatred of the government, and that the Tea Party movement is motivated by the same. Hence, by extension, the Tea Party movement will probably spawn anti-government fanatics who will kill people. This claim justifies government repression of anti-Obama political dissidents who may in fact be entirely peaceful and simply exercising their constitutional rights.  
One of the problems with the MSNBC narrative is that Davis makes a convincing case that in fact McVeigh "was a handpicked dupe, set up to take the fall in order to save his Islamic collaborators from prosecution." She documents that he had expressed a desire to be a mercenary for Middle Eastern terrorists, and that the trail of evidence that both he and his accomplice Terry Nichols left behind points in the direction of an Arab/Muslim connection to the attack.
Indeed, Davis portrays Oklahoma City as one in a series of attacks engineered by foreign enemies of the United States that includes the 1993 World Trade Center bombing as well as the 9/11 attacks themselves.
Over the years, Accuracy in Media has run numerous stories about Davis, her evidence, and other reports indicating a Middle Eastern connection to the Oklahoma City bombing. Wes Vernon wrote a 2007 AIM Report on the obstacles confronted by Davis as she tried to tell the story in the media, including on television.
As Davis noted in her interview with me on Take AIM, her book, The Third Terrorist, outlines details of sworn affidavits from very credible witnesses who link the convicted bombers, McVeigh and Nichols, to former Iraqi soldiers who had managed to settle in the U.S. These individuals turned out to be anti-American infiltrators who wanted revenge on the U.S. for our Middle East policy.
Davis provided similar detail in an article she wrote for on April 23. Her interview with me the day before can be heard here. The transcript of the interview is here.
This is not what the liberals in the media want to hear. They want to believe, as then-President Clinton claimed at the time, that McVeigh had no foreign connection and was motivated to kill innocent Americans because he hated federal authorities for staging a bloody raid on a religious compound in Waco, Texas. Clinton actually went further, blaming conservative talk radio for motivating McVeigh to kill.
Playing her part in this continuing version of events, MSNBC host Rachel Maddow narrated a show on the anniversary of the bombing that focused on 45 hours of taped audio interviews with McVeigh made by Lou Michel, a reporter from the Buffalo News who co-authored the book, American Terrorist, with Dan Herbeck.
In Maddow's introduction to the show, she made her dubious point loud and clear: "Nine years after his execution, we are left worrying that Timothy McVeigh's voice from the grave echoes in a new rising tide of American anti-government extremism."
This has been a dominant MSNBC theme¯that McVeigh was a right-wing anti-government zealot, similar to those in today's Tea Party movement¯on the network's line-up of left-wing advocacy shows that air and re-air from 5 p.m. to 5 a.m. ET on weekdays.  
It is a theme that former President Bill Clinton revisited in a New York Times op-ed and in TV interviews leading up to the April 19th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing. Like Maddow, Clinton hinted that the Tea Party movement could motivate people to kill, in the same way that McVeigh did
Davis told me that Clinton actually got a political boost by claiming no foreign connection to the attack and blaming talk radio.
Davis said the government didn't pursue the evidence linking McVeigh to Middle Eastern terrorists because Clinton knew that the arrest of a foreign suspect on American soil "would cry out for a military response to take out Saddam Hussein." He didn't want to do to war with the Arabs. Instead, he decided to go to war with talk radio, a more convenient target. 
For investigating a foreign connection, Davis said she was called a racist. "I'm an NBC affiliated reporter, I was from the mainstream media, but I was branded a racist, and politically incorrect, because I was pursuing legitimate leads and evidence that led to foreign involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing," she said. "So by virtue of securing his [1996] White House bid by blaming right-wing rhetoric for inciting Timothy McVeigh, Bill Clinton was able to seal the case. That was it. It was domestic, home-grown terrorism. And now, fifteen years later, he comes out with the temerity and absolute audacity to try to compare these Tea Party conservatives with a bloodthirsty terrorist. I mean, nothing could be further from the truth. "
The parts of the story that Maddow and the rest of the liberal media choose to leave out point overwhelmingly to Middle Eastern terrorists being in control of the plot. And because they want to discredit the Tea Party movement, which poses a threat to the Obama Administration and Democratic Party control of Congress, these elements of the story will continue to be ignored as long as the official authorities fail to prosecute the real culprits. 
Jayna Davis's book, her investigation, and reporting methods have been endorsed by several authorities, including former CIA director Jim Woolsey and former congressional investigator David Schippers, who wrote the foreword for the book.
I asked Davis what it will take for the version of history that she has largely written to become the accepted narrative of what really happened. She said the people have to continue to press the authorities and the major media, even at this late date, for the truthful answers.
"Here's where I think it, it lies: It's going to have to be the peasants with the pitchforks," she said, referring to popular disgust with the official version of the story. "These people are going to have to rise up, just like the Tea Party movement is angry about Washington policies that affect their pocketbooks and the future of their children and the national deficit. They're going to have to rise up and demand that this record is corrected." 
Otherwise, she said, the liberal left will continue to use their version of Oklahoma City to smear anybody critical of their control of the federal government.
She explained, "They're going to continue to label anybody who carries a placard or raises a voice of dissent in a peaceful protest as a 'Tim McVeigh wannabe.' And until The Third Terrorist, and this evidence embodied in my book, is actually proven, prosecuted, and validated in a courtroom setting, the label of 'Tim McVeigh wannabe' is going to continue to be attached to God-fearing Americans who dare to step forward and question and hold to account their elected officials."
She added, "My belief is, the best way to get this into a courtroom, and to finally seek justice for the slain of April 19th, 1995, is to pressure the District Attorney of Oklahoma County, who single-handedly holds the legal power to go out and arrest these Arab suspects and put them on trial.  He does not need the permission of the federal government. He can act single-handedly, either put it before a grand jury and issue an indictment, or he can just issue arrest warrants based on the evidence and talk to the witnesses."
Davis disclosed that she recently wrote a letter to David Prater, the District Attorney, knowing this anniversary was coming up. "I offered the assistance of David Schippers, the seasoned litigator, who was responsible for prosecuting the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton, who is intimately familiar with my evidence," she said. "He agreed to work side-by-side with him to put together a prosecution's case."
"It is time this is heard in a court of law," she concludes. "These men that have committed wholesale mass murder are walking free. One of those men had specific prior knowledge of 9/11. What does that Iraqi soldier now know about the next attack within our borders? Nobody's even questioned him."
·        Oklahoma County District Attorney David Prater's telephone number is 405-713-1600 and he can also be contacted here. Please ask respectfully that he act on the evidence presented by Jayna Davis.
            Roger Aronoff is a media analyst with Accuracy in Media, and is the writer/director of "Confronting Iraq: Conflict and Hope." He can be contacted at

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