Pro-Abortion Terrorists At Work and Biden Regime Does Nothing: Worldview Report Transcript For June 17, 2022

INTRO: A group of militant pro-abortion activists makes a brazen claim right out in the open involving its plan to wage war against pro-life pregnancy centers while Joe Biden’s Justice Department stands by and does nothing.

Israel and Syria on the brink of war?

Remember when Bitcoin was all the rage? We’ll update you on just how far it’s tumbled in the current inflationary economy.

The regime of Justin Trudeau came out with a new announcement for all Canadians: Get your shots! And two are not enough to be considered “fully vaccinated.”

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report starts, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.

The far left, militant pro-abortion group "Jane's Revenge" has claimed responsibility for a Molotov Cocktail attack against a pro-life organization in Madison, Wisconsin, and it has also vowed to continue more acts of violence, stating “we are literally fighting for our lives.”

But as of yet, none of its leaders or those funding the group have been arrested by Joe Biden’s Department of Justice.

A "first communique" was sent to far-left activist journalist Robert Evans last month, reports the Post Millennial.

The statement reads:

"This was only a warning. We demand the disbanding of all anti-choice establishments, fake clinics and violent anti-choice groups within the next 30 days."


The statement accuses pro-lifers of “bombing clinics and assassinating doctors,” which is, of course, a complete lie.


Also tonight, the state of Israel has threatened to bomb Syrian President Basher Assad’s palaces if he does not cease or reduce military cooperation with Iran within his territory, the Arabic news site Elaph has reported.

The Jerusalem Post was unable to independently confirm the dramatic developing story, and the IDF declined to comment. The report could either dovetail with ongoing Israeli efforts to rid itself of an Iranian threat embedded in Syria, or could be an exaggeration of such efforts by various interested parties.

Based in London and owned by Saudis who have a mixed relationship with the Saudi leadership, Elaph has been used in the past by Israeli officials to reach out to the Arab world, including a famous first interview for a Saudi publication by then IDF chief Gadi Eisenkot in 2017.

Eisenkot told Elaph that the IDF and the Saudis had been sharing intelligence on an ongoing basis.

According to an English translation of an Elaph Arabic article, it “learned from a senior source that Israel sent a message to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, warning him against continuing to cover up Iran’s operations in his country and the transfer of quality weapons to Syria, and informed him that one of his palaces would be a target in the next raid carried out by Israeli fighters in Syria.”


Michael Snyder has a new article out on the collapsing value of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general.

Over the last seven months, Snyder notes that we have witnessed a cryptocurrency collapse that is “so epic that it is truly difficult to put it into words.”

Last November, the total market capitalization for all cryptocurrencies crossed the three trillion dollar mark. This week, the total market capitalization for all cryptocurrencies actually dipped below one trillion dollars.  In other words, approximately two-thirds of the value of all cryptocurrencies has already been wiped out. 

Snyder observes that some are calling this a crash, but the truth is that this is the sort of full-blown collapse that many have been warning about for a long time.  A lot of crypto investors are now deeply in the red, and the outlook for the months ahead is very bleak.

Back on November 8th, Bitcoin was selling for more than $67,000.  If you sold all of your Bitcoin at that time, Snyder offers his congratulations. You saw what was coming and you made a lot of money in the process. But most didn’t.

On Wednesday, the price of Bitcoin briefly fell below $21,000, continuing its plunge as investors sold off risk assets.

Bottom line: Bitcoin is trading at its lowest level since late 2020. Other digital coins were also sharply lower.


The Daily Wire has an interesting story out describing how the propaganda sausage is manufactured in America. It starts with collusion between the U.S. intelligence agencies and the corporate media.

Former FBI official Michael Steinbach repeatedly violated federal law and bureau policy in inappropriate interactions with members of the media while overseeing the discredited investigation into former President Donald Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia, the article reports.

Steinbach was named the FBI’s executive assistant director of its National Security Bureau in February 2016, five months before the FBI launched the Crossfire Hurricane investigation into the Trump presidential campaign. Steinbach played a leading role in overseeing the investigation. He abruptly resigned from the bureau in February 2017.

Steinbach “had numerous unauthorized contacts with the media” beginning before his ascension to executive assistant director and continuing after, according to a Department of Justice Inspector General report obtained by the New York Post.

According to this report, Steinbach leveraged his relationship with a reporter to score a $300 ticket to the White House Correspondents’ Association gala in 2016. Steinbach also received an invitation from a reporter to the 2015 Radio and Television Correspondents’ Association dinner.

Steinbach’s texts with reporters were relayed in the Inspector General report with some redactions. “Lots of [redacted] reporters here. May have to branch out!” Steinbach wrote to one journalist.

“Absolutely not!!! But curious to know who you’ve met so far?” the reporter responded. “[W]ell they will never be as good as me! and don’t you get the big head!”

“But they are promising the WH Correspondents dinner,” Steinbach said back, according to the Post.

Steinbach’s correspondence with reporters outside of the bounds of FBI policy continued for several years.

According to the report, “Steinbach had hundreds of contacts with the media for several years. This media contact included social engagements outside of FBI headquarters without any coordination from Office of Public Affairs, involving drinks, lunches and dinners.”

And The Daily Wire’s excellent article focusing on one FBI official is just the tip of the iceberg. As we’ve seen over the last five or six years, it goes much deeper. From the squashing of the Hunter Biden laptop story, the portrayal of the 2020 BLM/Antifa riots as mostly peaceful (followed by no indictments of those funding the rioters), to the media’s softball coverage of the recent attempted assassination of a conservative Supreme Court justice and the absurd Russia-gate conspiracy theories, the relationship between government intel agencies and the corporate media is totally incestuous, out of control and corrupt.


The Gateway Pundit reports that the former mayor of Atlanta, and one of Biden’s shortlisted candidates for vice president in 2020, Keisha Lance Bottoms, will join the White House as one of Biden’s senior aids with direct access to the president. 

The White House was expected to announce this week Bottoms’ appointment as director of the White House Office of Public Engagement

She told Axios:

“I know what it’s like to lead through difficult times and how important it is to have strong leaders around you to navigate.” 

Keisha Bottoms was mayor of Atlanta when riots and looting broke out across the city in July 2020 causing tens of millions in damage across the city.

Violent protesters torched the Wendy’s and set up armed checkpoints in the area. An 8-year-old girl was killed when the car she was in with her mother came upon a group of armed rioters blocking the road at the Wendy’s where Rayshard Johnson was killed while resisting arrest and attacking police.

The mother lashed out at the armed mob after she lost her daughter, 8-year-old Secoriea Turner.


It wasn’t until after the death that Mayor Bottoms called off the dogs and told protesters to go home.

And even then, she was slow to act. Appointing Bottoms to advise the White House on anything is truly scraping the bottom of the barrel.


On Wednesday, Canada moved the needle for the concept of being “fully vaccinated” for its citizens, saying “two doses don’t work anymore,” and now requires three doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to qualify. 

Canadian health authorities took to Canada’s CTV to make the announcement. They noted there is now a transition to a new definition of up-to-date on vaccinations. 


The news report stated that this update will determine what is “expected of all Canadians.”

Canada’s leadership also announced that the vaccine mandates for the nation for federal employees and travel would be suspended for an undeclared period of time.


On Thursday, LyondellBasell Industries announced its plans to permanently shut down its Houston Oil refinery by 2023. LyondellBassell called this a "strategic and financial decision." The Houston Oil refinery can transform 268,000 barrels per day of crude oil into transportation fuels like gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, and other products. The transformed products also include lubricants, chemical intermediates, and petroleum oil.

In the past two years, five US refineries have been closed. This latest decision was made after two failed tries at selling the plant. Just a few months ago, since the Covid-19 pandemic hit the sectors, LyondellBasell laid off 10% of its refinery workforce.

The company has tried unsuccessfully to sell the 263,776 barrel-per-day refinery in the last 10 years. Earlier, the company even took a $267 million charge over its decision to exit the refining business.

According to interim CEO Ken Lane, after discussing all the options, exiting the refinery business by the end of two years was deemed the best strategy going forward.


John Whitehead, the legendary constitutional attorney and defender of liberty, has penned a fantastic new column on red flag laws.

What we do not need is yet another pretext by which government officials can violate the Fourth Amendment at will under the guise of public health and safety.

Indeed, at a time when red flag gun laws (which authorize government officials to seize guns from individuals viewed as a danger to themselves or others) are gaining traction as a legislative means by which to allow police to remove guns from people suspected of being threats, it wouldn’t take much for police to be given the green light to enter a home without a warrant in order to seize lawfully-possessed firearms based on concerns that the guns might pose a danger.

Frankly, a person wouldn’t even need to own a gun to be subjected to such a home invasion.

SWAT teams have crashed through doors on lesser pretexts based on false information, mistaken identities and wrong addresses.

Nineteen states and the District of Columbia have adopted laws allowing the police to remove guns from people suspected of being threats. If Congress succeeds in passing the Federal Extreme Risk Protection Order, which would nationalize red flag laws, that number will grow.

As The Washington Post reports, these red flag gun laws “allow a family member, roommate, beau, law enforcement officer or any type of medical professional to file a petition [with a court] asking that a person’s home be temporarily cleared of firearms. It doesn’t require a mental-health diagnosis or an arrest.


Two American fighters have been taken as prisoners of war in Ukraine, the first Americans captured since the conflict began. 

According to the Daily Mail, the captured were identified as Robert Drueke and Andy Huynh, both taken prisoner by Russian forces last week on the outskirts of Kharkiv. The Daily Mail cited its source as The Daily Telegraph on Tuesday. 

Drueke, 39, and Huynh, 27, are both from Alabama. One of their comrades described losing sight of the pair in a battle last week. 

Drueke served in the US Army in Iraq whereas Huynh, a former Marine, has never been in active combat before. 

Huynh rushed to Ukraine in April after watching the invasion from afar, saying before he left that he was at peace with the knowledge he may die in the conflict. 

The pair were part of a ten-man squad defending Kharkiv last week when they were ambushed by Russian soldiers, according to one of their fellow fighters who spoke to the Telegraph. The sourced stated:

“We were out on a mission and the whole thing went absolutely crazy, with bad intel. We were told the town was clear when it turned out the Russians were already assaulting it. They came down the road with two T72 tanks and multiple BMP3s (armored fighting vehicles) and about 100 infantry. The only thing that was there was our ten-man squad.”


Now, continuing our series of reports from around the nation showing how the LGTBQ mafia has hijacked the American and Western culture, we turn to Hoboken, New Jersey.

Take a look at how this twisting of God’s truth is presented as not only acceptable but beneficial to the community.


We showed you a similar event and the media’s coverage of it from Los Angeles last night. It’s the same theme. Drag queens are your friends. It’s all just about love, being accepting and open minded. The parents seem to actually believe this is a good thing to bring their kids to. Positive role models, they say. With so many options for actual positive role models, you would have to have a seared conscience, totally unable to discern right from wrong, in order to choose one of these individuals as your child’s role model.


Hunter Biden recorded himself in an incriminating telephone conversation in which he boasted that his father will adopt any political positions at his command.

The audio was obtained from his now famous abandoned laptop. The conversation reportedly took place on December 3, 2018.

On the recording, Hunter Biden can be heard saying, about his father:

“He’ll talk about anything that I want him to, that he believes in. If I say it’s important to me then he will work a way in which to make it a part of his platform. My dad respects me more than he respects anyone in the world, and I know that to be certain, so it’s not going to be about whether it affects his politics.”

Take a listen to this clip from the recorded conversation:

WATCH VIDEO (It’s over 6 minutes long but we can clip the first 2:22)

And don’t forget, Joe Biden has referred to his son Hunter as “the smartest man I know.” The full recording is posted to YouTube by the Examiner, at least for now.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Maxine Waters announced on Tuesday she has tested positive for COVID a second time after attending the Summit of the Americas in her home state.

Waters issued the standard “I’m isolating because I’m sick but I’m really not sick” statement that has come from countless progressive Marxists over the past year as they catch Covid for the second, third and fourth time. Oh, and those of you who never got injected and only caught Covid once, you should get your shot and join us in this on-again-off-again disease that requires you to self-isolate every other month.

Waters stated:

“Yesterday, after learning of a potential exposure at the Summit of the Americas in Los Angeles, I was notified that I tested positive for COVID. I am currently isolating and have no symptoms. I am following all protocols as recommended by the Office of the Attending Physician and CDC guidance. I am grateful to be fully vaccinated and to have received two booster shots. If you haven’t received the vaccine and/or booster, I encourage you to do so. I am feeling fine and resting at home.”

SHOW VIDEO of Waters in a near-catatonic state (clip first 14 seconds)

You can see from that video that something doesn’t look right about the 83-year-old California Democrat, who also tested positive for the virus in April and noted then that she had already received her initial vaccine regimen in addition to two booster shots, according to CBS News.

By the way, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also attended the summit, which included Biden and he announced on Monday he had tested positive for COVID for I believe what was the third time for him. And Dr. Tony Fauci also announced this week he has Covid. And they still want everyone to make the mistake they made? How is that injection working out for them?

That’s our newscast for tonight. Please come back and join us for the next edition of the Worldview Report, the only half-hour sweep of the news broadcast nightly from a conservative perspective. God bless and take care.

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