Pope Francis Calls on Humanity to Unite Around One World Religion


  • The United Nations World Health Organization would become the all-powerful authority to police medical misinformation on the internet if a new pandemic treaty gets passed later this year.
  • Pope Francis calls for a one-world religious movement to fight climate change and other global problems.
  • The 65th Annual Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles Sunday night and broadcast by CBS featured the Grammy’s usual tribute to the Prince of Darkness, this time sponsored by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.
  • And the Hallmark Channel rolls out its latest LGBTQ-infused movie script while Americans are tuning out the channel in droves.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report.

We lead off tonight with more evidence of vaccines causing death in young, healthy athletes.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Damon Jackson is still searching for answers for his brother’s sudden death.

Damon lost his brother, Bradly, 37, last September, a few days before competing at UFC Fight Night. Bradly was also a professional fighter.

Damon, during an interview with Tudor Leonte of Sherdog.com, talked about changing his nickname to honor his brother, then answered questions about his brother’s death in which he dropped a bombshell.

He said that for a healthy 37-year-old man in tip-top shape, “it just doesn’t make a lot of sense” and that “nothing adds up. We’re trying to figure it out but we don’t have any answers so far.”

Then he revealed that his brother had been vaccinated two weeks before his sudden passing. 



So his brother was vaccinated just two weeks before collapsing unexpectedly …but he doesn’t want to get into “conspiracies.”

You can see how the families of these victims are scared to really confront the elephant in the room. If they could be informed that they’re not alone, that many others have had their loved ones taken in similar fashion, perhaps that would change their outlook and give them confidence in going after the vaccine industry. 


The popular modern-day western, Yellowstone, brought back its prequel spinoff series ‘1923’ for the second half of its season.  At the end of the program, they paid tribute to a fallen colleague, Derek Chavez, who passed away suddenly on January 12.  He was 32 and left behind a wife and two children.

While there is no official release on the cause of death, TheCinemaholic has reported that it is “apparently due to a heart attack.”

“Derek Chavez died on January 12, 2023, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Although sources revealed that Derek apparently died due to a heart attack, neither the Chavez family nor the ‘1923’ production team publicized the cause of his death.”

Chavez was vaccinated on April 6, 2021, and then against sometime around April 29, 2021, according to his social media posts.



As you can see from this tweet, Chavez got his first and second shot of the Pfizer vaccine in April 2021.

We at the Worldview Report are constantly reporting these Died Suddenly stories. Hopefully more families of these victims will demand answers to what caused an otherwise young and healthy loved one to suddenly die.  


The United Nations World Health Organization recently released a draft of its proposed international pandemic treaty which will give the unelected global health agency new powers, if passed, to tackle anything that it deems to be “false, misleading, misinformation or disinformation.”



The WHO has been pushing the treaty since December 2021 and those drafting the treaty intend to present a final report to the World Health Assembly (WHA), the WHO’s decision-making body, in May 2024.

If adopted, the treaty will be legally binding under international law and the WHO’s 194 member states, which represent 98% of all the countries in the world, would be required to comply with the treaty’s demands to target misinformation.

The draft is similar to previous versions of the treaty and the provisions related to misinformation are described in Article 17 (“Strengthening pandemic and public health literacy”).

This section of the treaty calls for member states to “tackle false, misleading, misinformation or disinformation, including through promotion of international cooperation.”

It also urges member states to manage so-called “infodemics” — a term coined by the WHO that refers to “too much information including false or misleading information in digital and physical environments during a disease outbreak.” 

Member states are told to manage these infodemics “through effective channels, including social media.”

The scope of this treaty also extends beyond the WHO’s member base. Article 16 urges member states to collaborate with non-state actors and the private sector as part of a “whole-of-society response in decision making, implementation, monitoring and evaluation, as well as effective feedback mechanisms.”


The 65th Annual Grammy Awards held in Los Angeles Sunday night and broadcast by CBS featured the Grammy’s usual tribute to the Prince of Darkness, this time sponsored by pharmaceutical giant Pfizer.

The Satanic performance of the 2022 hit song Unholy by Sam Smith and transgender singer Kim Petras was followed by a promo that said the Grammy Awards show was sponsored by Pfizer.

Take a look, but please remove any young children from the room whom you don’t want to see this demonic re-enactment. 



Jill Biden even made a surprise appearance at the end of the show. How fitting.

It’s also worth noting that several “Christian” bands were on hand to perform on the same stage as the satanic performers.


World Net Daily reports that a new family drama about time travel on the Hallmark Channel is continuing the company's thrust of the LGBT agenda on viewers as its latest episode has just introduced two women as a teen boy's "parents."

"The Way Home" series stars Andie MacDowell, best known for her role in "Groundhog Day," whose daughter and granddaughter from Minneapolis have the ability to travel back to 1999 by jumping into a mysterious pond on the family property in Canada.

On Sunday night in the episode titled "What's My Age Again?," the boyfriend of the show's main character Alice, played by Sadie Laflamme-Snow, introduced her to his "parents," a couple of middle-aged women who own the local movie theater.

The Way Home waited until the fourth episode since its January debut to introduce the same-sex parental couple.

It's Hallmark's latest display of the LGBT lifestyle, and viewers have been taking notice even before the premiere of "The Way Home."

Some recent comments on the channel's reviews and complaint page include:

  • "We are deeply offended by your insistence on including a gay or lesbian couple in most of your current movies. The actual percentage of those couples is very low in our country, so why are you pushing it so strongly? We will be switching to the Great American Family network as soon as possible; and wish we would have done so much sooner. Goodbye."
  • "Unbelievable how you no longer cater to your core Christian demographic. Done with your wokeness absurdity. Your channel is no longer family friendly when both parents and children can enjoy the same content. Go woke, go broke. Moving on to GAF (Great American Family) and thank God for this alternative. Hallmark chose ruin and I predict it will only be a matter of time now. Stop ruining our free country with your Marxist ideology."
  • "It's touting a lifestyle that is abnormal. Notice I say 'lifestyle' not person. Science, religion, common sense tells us it is incorrect so why does Hallmark display it as something necessary in their programming? You are offending more of your viewers than are in the gay movement. Their choices are not everyone's else's.”


Pope Francis has once again called for all of humanity to unite around a one-world religion.

Both in his ecumenical “pilgrimage of peace” and in his message for the International Day of Human Fraternity, the pope recently called for religions to “increasingly intertwine” in the “service of brotherhood.”

LifeSite News reports that over the past few days, Francis has once more renewed his oft-spoken calls for increased interreligious dialogue and activity, reawakening concerns that leading prelates have made in the wake of such statements over the years.

The first came during his recorded February 4 video-message for the third International Day of Human Fraternity, which is born out of his 2019 Abu Dhabi document on human fraternity – a document which stated that a “pluralism and diversity” of religions is “willed by God.” 

His statement mentioned God, but did not mention Christ or Catholicism. Instead, Francis spoke in a much more abstract manner, describing the purpose of religion as “reminding us that man’s destiny goes beyond earthly goods and lies in a universal horizon.”

Francis is a member of the Society of Jesus, also called the Jesuits, and is also the first Jesuit pope in history. Jesuits have for decades been steeped in revolutionary Marxist teaching, and a focus on social justice and liberation theology here on earth, rather than winning souls for Christ or preparing people for life in the hereafter.


Pastor Artur Pawlowski’s trial is underway in Alberta, Canada. Remember, this is the Polish-born Christian pastor who was arrested multiple times by Canadian authorities for refusing to close his church during the Covid lockdowns and then for violating the terms of his release by marching with the Freedom Convoy of Canadian truckers.

Ezra Levant of Rebel News is covering the trial, which he says is more like a persecution than a prosecution.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 3:14)


Thank you, Ezra, for that report. 


An illegal alien accused of raping a 12-year-old girl several times within the past year has been arrested, Osceola County, Florida, Sheriff Marcos Lopez said at a news briefing Friday.

Eliezer Josue Ordonez-Valladores, 20, faces four counts of capital sexual battery.

Sheriff Lopez said deputies were made aware of the sexual battery after responding to Santos Road in Kissimmee on Thursday in reference to a call about a missing child.

When deputies made contact with the girl, who had run away from home, Lopez said she told them about how she was raped several times by a man that lived near her. According to Sheriff Lopez, the suspect had initially approached the victim at a neighborhood block party, befriended her and began taking advantage of her when she was 11 years old.

Lopez added the sexual battery had happened within the past year before she ran away.

“This is a brave little girl. I applaud her for her courage and for her telling the truth about what she has been going through,” Lopez said.

In an interview with deputies, Ordonez-Valladores admitted to raping the girl and was arrested Friday.

The sheriff also said the suspect, the victim and her family were dealing with immigration issues and praised the girl for coming forward.

Ordonez-Valladores, who was set to appear in court for a deportation hearing in June, will remain in the U.S. to serve his time in prison, Lopez said.

He also faces charges for sexual battery and lewd and lascivious exhibition.


Dell Technologies will eliminate about 6,650 jobs because of a drop in demand for the company's personal computers.

The 6,650 jobs cut is about 5% of Dell's global workforce.

Dell's co-Chief Operating Officer Jeff Clarke wrote in a memo to employees that the company is experiencing market conditions that “continue to erode with an uncertain future,” according to Bloomberg News.

Clarke explained that previous cost-cutting initiatives, which included a pause on hiring and limits on travel, are no longer sufficient.

A spokesperson for Dell told Bloomberg News that department reorganizations and job cuts are an opportunity to drive efficiency.

Other companies — including Microsoft Corp., Amazon.com Inc. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. — have recently slashed thousands of jobs to make up for a decline in demand, as consumer and corporate spending dips due to soaring inflation and heightened interest rates.


The Commonwealth Fund has published the latest edition of their annual report, U.S. Health Care from a Global Perspective, and it confirms what many of those in the alternative media have been reporting for decades: The U.S. medical system is broken.

Vaccine Impact editor and researcher Brian Shilhavy writes:

“We spend more money on ‘healthcare’ than any other developed country, and yet we have the worst health outcomes among developed countries, including the lowest life expectancy, and the highest rates of mothers and babies dying at childbirth, compared to other wealthy countries.”

In spite of the U.S. government spending trillions on their response to COVID-19 since 2020, the health outcomes only got worse.

Babies born in the U.S. now have the greatest chance of dying at birth, and the lowest life expectancy, when compared to babies born in Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, South Korea, Sweden, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

And that’s saying something because most of those countries have pretty crummy healthcare as well.

According to Shilhavy, “What we have in the U.S. is most certainly not a ‘healthcare’ system but a ‘medical sick-care system’ designed to earn maximum profits while keeping people sick as repeat customers.”

The Wall Street billionaires and bankers know this, which is why in 2018 Goldman Sachs analysts addressed the question: “Is curing patients a sustainable business model?”

This trend only became worse with the COVID scamdemic, as cheap, effective cures were banned, while new, untested expensive drugs were given emergency use authorizations that contributed to even poorer than normal health outcomes.

Up to 70 percent of Covid deaths were caused by people being placed on ventilators.

Which leads Gilhavy to the following conclusion: “Healthy people are NOT the goal of the U.S. medical system. So why are you still using it?”


In our commentary tonight we examine a simple question and then consult a top China expert for the answer.

Our question is this: What should be the main takeaway from the China spy balloon incident that we all watched play out over this past weekend?

Gordon Chang, a columnist and author who has written several books on China, spoke with Fox News Digital to offer his analysis, stating:

“We know what the Chinese are doing. They’re engaged in the fastest military buildup since the Second World War. They’re trying to sanctions-proof their regime and most ominously they’re preparing China’s civilians for war.”

Chang pointed to a recent move from Chinese President Xi Jinping shortly after he was appointed to his precedent-breaking third term as General Secretary at the National Congress in October, when he appointed what is being referred to as his “war cabinet.”

Chang, author of The Coming Collapse of China, said:

“China is preparing to go to war. It’s engaged in extremely provocative and dangerous activities around its periphery and war could come at any time and at any place.”

Chang told Fox News Digital that decades of inaction to combat Chinese aggression in Taiwan, the South China Sea and across the globe have created an atmosphere where China does not fear repercussions for acts of aggression, such as the spy balloon that floated over the continental United States for days.

Chang explained:

“The United States is so much more powerful than China from almost every perspective and yet the Chinese don't view it this way. The Chinese view that they can do whatever they want because we have told them that they can do that.”

Chang continued, “The Chinese have engaged in a number of activities that violate our sovereignty, and some of those activities constitute acts of war and we did not respond. And it's not just not responding in February 2023, it's not responding over the course of decades. So, of course, the Chinese have this mentality right now. We have created the conditions for history's next great war.”

So there you have it, the opinion of a man who knows the Chinese and the CCP thugs who run it probably better than anyone. A nation that should be inferior economically and militarily has been placed on a long leash, helped along the way, emboldened, enabled. And this hostile foreign power is now it is being told, through inaction if not directly, that America really doesn’t care enough to defend itself against Chinese aggression.

That means Americans cannot trust their government to protect the nation we love from outside aggression by a foreign power with a growing military looking to flex its new-found global muscles.

All we can say, as we head into these unchartered waters, is prepare accordingly. Physically, mentally and spiritually. 

That wraps up this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in, and for supporting this broadcast.

Until next time, may God save America. I’m Brannon Howse. Take care.


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