An Overview of the Israeli Election March 28
Israel is on high alert fearing multiple terror attacks before or during their March 28 election. I will present a brief analysis of the election and fall-out after the election Tuesday.
Frankly, a terror attack before or during the election seems foolish as it would drive voters to the right and cause them to vote for the Likud Party's Benjamin Netanyahu who will be a bit more tough on giving away land. Though he was conciliatory on land-give-aways at the Wye Plantation meetings years ago, he believes all of the land belongs to the Jewish people. He is not deluded by beliefs for a new Middle East and a glorious tomorrow. He is even stronger with that sentiment since the Hamas victory of January 25. Netanyahu is likely the only candidate prepared to try and gain command of the land situation that has clearly gone out of control.
The far left party is Labor and is headed by Amir Peretz. He is committed to seeing Jews ripped off of the West Bank (Judea and Samaria in the Bible).
The new center left party is Kadima founded by Ariel Sharon. His torch of leadership since his stroke was handed to Ehud Olmert who also plans for a one-sided withdrawal of Jews from strategic areas that rightfully belong to Israel. Tens of thousands of Jews would be uprooted and the land handed over to Hamas and the new borders and boundaries would not allow Israel to even protect herself from any invasion. Further, Ehud Olmert would be willing to split Jerusalem and give a part of it to the Palestinians.
Thanks to the victory by Hamas, many Israelis have come to the view that the peace process didn't work. Compromise is not on the Palestinian agenda. By all accounts, the pull-out from Gaza was a disaster attested to by many in high places including a very outspoken Sen. Joe Lieberman. Gaza is now "Gazastan" infested with al-Qaida and other undesirables.
Yet the Israelis are overwhelmed with what to do with 3.5 million Palestinians in their midst so while self-preservation used to mean holding on to all the land between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean, it now has come to mean that they cannot hold on to all the land. Thus, it may be time for a "two state solution."
The Jerusalem Newswire publication says that Iran is rooting for Kadima to win which says a lot. Likud Party member Yuval Steinitz voiced grave concerns about the negative impact a Kadmina win would have on Israel's security. He says that if Olmert wins, there will be a celebration in the streets of Ramallah and Tehran." Olmert could uproot as many as 90,000 Israeli settlers and "converge" them in areas closer to the 1949 armistice line. The result would be indefensible borders.
The Bush administration has its hands full in the Middle East. Much is weighing on the president and State Department from a confrontation with Iran, problems in Iraq, Hamas in charge of the Palestinians, oil worries over Middle East instability, and more. They need wisdom from on high as the issues are not for mere mortal men. The president recently stated that America would stand by Israel should any of her neighbors make moves signaling an attack on her. At the same time, the administration is hoping for a Kadima victory which is just another attack of a different nature.
The Jerusalem Post reports that some Israelis are going to sit out this election which is their way of expressing anger and others are mired in apathy and seem to care less who wins.
Regardless of which party comes out on top, God will fulfill His purposes for Israel, for "He that keepeth Israel neither slumbers nor sleeps" (Psalm 121). The Hamas victory has likely stalled a Palestinian state and since the land belongs to God (Lev. 25), it is hard to comprehend that He would allow it to fall officially into the hands of Hamas or Mahmoud Abbas since both only have the annihilation of Israel in mind.
Many believers in Israel and elsewhere are calling on Christians to pray in the coming days and for the outcome. To most, it would take the election of Netanyahu to call the election a victory. The other candidates will continue to drag out the "peace process" forever in a delusional state that tigers really do change their stripes. But the Bible says God sets up kings and tears them down so whoever wins on March 28 has won for reasons that may be beyond our understanding.
I have two very moving film clips here that will help you understand this topic. This is the "Israel" category at my Web site,
Awaiting His return, Jan Markell
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