Obey or Resist: Which Will You Choose?

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Have you heard the latest news?

That deadly coronavirus got one look at our new “president” and started high-tailing it right out of the country.

Dr. Fauci told us this, so it must be true. He said on Thursday, just one day after Biden took office, that if you look at the latest seven-day averages, the virus “might actually be plateauing.”

CNN also got word and quickly removed its daily coronavirus death count from its television broadcasts.

All Biden had to do was speak the virus into non-existence with one “Come on, man!” And Poof. End of crisis. If only Trump had possessed such powers.

Seriously, anyone who believes anything that comes from the mouthpieces of this administration must be high on the Kool-Aid or whatever it was that got passed around at that militarized inauguration.

The attack-dog media that hounded President Trump and provided 95 percent negative coverage of his administration, has now gone docile. They look like little puppy dogs ready to jump on Creepy Uncle Joe’s lap, licking his face, sniffing his hair, and practicing their “shake hands” routine.

Trump’s wall at the southern border will come down, at the same time walls and razor-wire fences have been erected all around the White House and Capitol.

We know what this regime’s strategy will be. They gave it to us ahead of time and now they’re punctuating it with walls, fences and heavily armed troops.


All we have to do is listen to their spokespersons. John Brennan, the former CIA director under Obama, is one of them.

Brennan went on MSNBC and spewed out the party talking points, like vomit from a demon. He said Biden will move with “laser light fashion” to identify and “root out” all political opposition to the new regime.

Brennan compared Trump supporters, religious people, even libertarians with foreign terrorist insurgents. He delivered his chilling message ever so matter of factly, as though it was the most normal thing in the world for an American president to take office and sic the federal law-enforcement apparatus, even the military, on his political opponents. Watch Brennan in the interview captured on video by Gateway Pundit.

Brennan declared war on the American people. Not an information war, not an economic war, on which fronts the war has already been raging for years. No, he was declaring a hot war, a kinetic war. He’s putting it in our grill and daring us to respond in kind. He would love for us to respond in one of two ways – either take up arms against the government in which case we would get crushed, or feel so frightened that we bow to the new regime and jump to its commands.

Don’t take the bait. Don’t react in either of the two ways these globalist elites are hoping you will react.

This regime will try to entrap and entice us into crimes. We should also expect to see a barrage of false-flag attacks like the one that took place on Jan. 6, where leftists commit crimes that are then blamed on “Trump loyalists.”

This regime is going to implement the green new deal [aka UN Agenda 2030/Great Reset] which will basically collapse the economy and impoverish a large swath of middle class America. They will need a scapegoat on which to blame all of this economic hardship, a whipping boy, and that’s you, the conservative Christian who voted for a pro-life, pro-family, pro-American worker, pro-Second Amendment, America-first president.

Hillary Clinton weighed in with her advice for Biden in a Washington Post op-ed last week. She said Trump supporters were domestic terrorists and white supremacists who need to be “tracked and surveilled.”


So it doesn’t take too much imagination to see where they are going with this, if we let them.

  • The brownshirts [antifa] will be unleashed. If you attempt to defend yourself against these brownshirts, especially if you should be so audacious as to use your Second Amendment rights, you will be prosecuted to the limit of the law. The thugs who attacked you will walk free.
  • If you complain about your rights being stripped, you will be deplatformed from social media.
  • If you hire an attorney, he or she might be threatened with disbarment.
  • If you claim to have rights, the pre-communist American standard of equal protection under the law, you will be signed up for re-education classes and forced to learn the new reality. We now have a two-tiered justice system. Only those who agree with the regime in power will qualify for any constitutional rights. To disagree results in the automatic suspension of your rights as a U.S. citizen. If you insist that you still have rights as a constitutional, patriotic American citizen, you will be declared mentally unstable. This will trigger the “red flag laws” in which the FBI or some other law enforcement agency simply nullifies your Second Amendment rights and you will never be allowed to purchase or own a firearm. If you doubt this, it’s already happening. Just ask Laura Loomer. She was banned from owning a firearm under red flag laws last week and writes about it in a post on her website, Loomered.com.
  • If after graduation from re-education camp you still don’t understand that the constitution no longer applies to dissidents, deplorables, true Christians and Jews, you will be flagged and branded as mentally unstable and permanently denied your First and Second Amendment rights as well as your rights under the 4th, 5th and 14th amendments.

Basically, under the regime of “President” Biden, you must either agree with his policies or sit down, shut up and obey. Or die. That is their strategy. This is a strategy that can only succeed if we let it. Our numbers, 75 to 80 million, are simply too big. They can only implement their strategy, based on brute intimidation and scary talk, if we lie down and obey.

I, for one, do not intend to go along to get along. I never did put on a mask, because I knew it was obedience training for the coming one-party state. The globalists — those who frequent Davos and make up the World Economic Forum, the U.N. and the Vatican — knew Trump was not going to be allowed a second term and they were already training the population to be servile. Fauci explicitly stated last summer that the unique American value placed on individual freedom was a hindrance to fighting the virus and this was a time to “do as you’re told.” If you did, if you followed the sinister doctor’s orders, you allowed fear to lure you into a trap. We must be smarter and find our inner courage. Your country requires this of you, now.

The more of us who ignore the unconstitutional edicts, the better our chances of reclaiming our free country. Courage is contagious. Civil disobedience, when done peacefully, is more powerful than weapons of war. Don’t be a follower. Be a leader for liberty. If that means being the only person to walk into the grocery store without a mask, do it. Trust me, very few will throw you out.

The stakes could not be higher. Today it’s masks. Tomorrow it’s show your digital papers, proving you’ve been vaccinated.

I don’t know how else to describe, in any clearer terms, the urgency of the situation.

The power elites have installed their fake president and have seized control of all three branches of the federal government. If you live in a red state with solid conservative leadership — notably Texas, South Dakota and Florida — you might be shielded from some of the above strong-arm tactics, but only until the same elites figure out how to remove the sane leaders from your state and replace them with either insane Democrats or the weak, corrupt, pushover Republicans like what we have in Georgia.

So we know their strategy. We know how to defeat it. Let’s go. There’s no time to waste.

Besides civil disobedience, I rolled out some action items in my previous article, all designed to stop feeding the beast system set up to oppress and enslave humanity. I suggested things like boycotting Disney, Netflix, Amazon and Walmart, canceling subscriptions to fake-news outlets and spending your money with small and medium-sized businesses that respect your freedom and your humanity.

Here are a few more suggestions:

  • Pull your kids out of public schools and do not encourage them to go to a public university or liberal private college. These are indoctrination centers. Encourage them to enroll in a private conservative Christian college or to learn a trade at the local community college. If you leave your children in these completely infiltrated communist schools, you should not be surprised when they lose faith in God and accept as normal all manner of perversion. Many with leadership skills will be singled out and cultivated as activists for the communist state’s social-justice cause de jour, whether it be multi-genderism, radical feminism [man hatred] or critical race theory.
  • Do not encourage your children or grandchildren to join the U.S. Armed Forces. The U.S. military is now 100 percent under the control of the New World Order and a fake China-compromised president, who is already signing orders to place our troops back in harm’s way in needless and endless foreign wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, and other hell holes. The day when joining the military was a patriotic act of service to one’s country is over. Under Biden-Harris, the “America-first” foreign policy of Trump has been turned overnight into “America last.”
  • Do what you can with the talents you possess. My role, for example, is the power of the pen but many of you have other talents that I don’t have, such as computers, organizing groups or fundraising for groups.

Rest assured, my readers will continue to hear the unvarnished truth at LeoHohmann.com. If/when this site gets pulled down, the techno dictators will not only have taken away my free-speech rights, they will have taken away my provision, my ability to put food on my family’s table. So I have skin in the game, as much or more than anyone. But I refuse to self-censor, something many others have already started doing.

Even Rush Limbaugh, a man for whom I have great admiration and respect, announced today [Jan. 22] on his radio show that he now is forced to self-censor in order to stay on the air. Think about that. Let it sink in. To stay on the air in America, Limbaugh, the man with the nation’s largest radio audience, admits he is now softening his criticism of the U.S. government. Watching every word. Astonishing!

We can’t fight this battle with guns. It’s too late for that. Our enemy has the full force of government power at its command and controls every major institution from the media to the education system to the military and law enforcement. And, unlike the previous administration, they will not hesitate to use that power. They will weaponize the DOJ, FBI and entire Homeland Security apparatus against conservative Americans. This battle can only be fought by first going to prayer, and asking for Godly wisdom and discernment.

We must stop walking into the enemy’s traps. They want us to become violent, to walk out into the open field where we can easily be picked off. Implement the action items you read on this site. Cultivate trusted groups. Figure out how to communicate both on and off the grid. Learn to be self-sufficient as much as possible. Above all, do not fall into despair. This beast system will not prevail, even if it looks for a short time like it has all the momentum. At the appropriate time, God’s time, their entire house of cards is going to come down on their own heads.

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