No More Greensboros

No More Greensboros

Why is it important that a former Maoist militant, Roz Pelles, was a leading organizer of last Saturday's communist infiltrated anti Tea Party One Nation Rally in Washington DC?
In late 1979, hard core Maoists from the Communist Workers Party in North Carolina physically attacked local members of the Ku Klux Klan at a Klan film showing. I wrote about this in detail in my last post on this subject, but below is a summary.The communists followed up by organizing a November 3 "Death to the Klan" rally, and publicly challenged the Klansmen to show up.When a convoy of cars full of Klansmen and American Nazis did turn up, the Communists attacked their cars and according to the testimony of one witness, shot at the Klansmen.The Communists unfortunately didn't realize just how crazy the Klansmen could be. The resulting gun battle left 5 dead and 10 wounded C.W.P. supporters.Incredibly, despite the whole battle being filmed by local news media, not one assailant on either side was ever convicted.Roz Pelles and her husband Don Pelles, both C.W.P.  members, were actively involved in the Death to the Klan rally that led to what became known as the "Greeensboro Massacre".
It is no secret that elements of the US left would love to provoke violence by the "Tea Party"  in order to discredit the movement.Leftist publications regularly compare the Tea Party movement to the Klan and continually accuse the movement of racism.Tim Wheeler writing in the Communist Party USA's newspaper, People's Weekly World quotes Roz Pelles' AFL-CIO boss Richard Trumka speaking at the One Nation Rally, "debunking the image of a 'nation full of hate' projected by Fox News, the Tea Partiers and Glenn Beck" -  who, asserts Wheeler, "staged a virtually all-white hate rally here August 28."Why was a woman, once part of a violent communist group that deliberately provoked violence on the streets of Greensboro, appointed to organize a major anti-Tea Party rally?The Tea Party is a patriotic, non-racist movement which supports the U.S. Constitution, small government and the free enterprise system.The Klan and the Nazis were and are racist, socialists thugs, with nothing to offer American society.If any of them have succeeded in infiltrating the Tea Party movement they should be expelled immediately.If the US "progressive" movement thinks its acceptable to let Roz Pelles assume a leading role in the anti-Tea Party movement, what else do they think is OK?The Tea Party movement needs to exercise the utmost restraint and be vigilant against possible infiltration by extremists or provocateurs.The Tea Party must do everything possible to deny extremist elements of the U.S. left their dearest wish - violence on the streets of America.No more Greensboros.

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