Nine Likely Tactics of Insurgents as they Push for their Marxist Revolution to watch 1 hour for free to watch 1 hour free

  • The insurgents within the Red-Green Axis had 8 years under President Obama to prepare the battlefield.
  • Insurgents have had an additional four years under President Trump to prepare their teams and tactics for the 2020 election.
  • The evidence is documented at multiple levels that Communist China has funded some of the front groups like Black Lives Matter that have created the narrative and spark for violence. 
  • The media and democratic party have carried out a political warfare agenda that has set up the free market system, Christians and conservatives, as enemies of the people deserving of retribution and elimination. 
  • The deep state and democrats have set up a color revolution to try and steal the 2020 election, or at least use the chaos to negotiate away America’s electoral college.
  • Anarchist and Marxist groups have for years circulated how-to manuals for guerrilla warfare online and in print, as well as encouraged their followers to assist in “burning down America.” (Marxist Manual Calls For Riots, Burning Down U.S., Ending Police, Prisons & Capitalism: )

       * The pandemic and riots of 2020 have overwhelmed most local, state and federal agencies and likely damaged their readiness for 2020 election violence and unrest.

  • The insurgents desire to create a situation in which the government, controlled by the so-called “fascists,” “imperialists,” and “racist capitalists,” is filmed responding in such a manner as to give credibility to the long-standing narrative of the insurgents about the government. 


With this above as our backdrop, let me now share with you nine likely tactics of the insurgents working to divide America, bring chaos, fear, anxiety, surrender and a Marxist revolution. 

1. Insurgents are ultimately about revolution not elections.


2. Insurgents could use pre and post election protests to hide within.


3. Insurgents could use the media's explanation of protests and violence as their cover. 


4. Insurgents could use the distraction of protests and violence as the cover to their violence. 


5. Insurgents could use the protests and violence as an opportunity to stage attacks while police and governments are distracted. 


6. Insurgents could stage terrorist attacks to look like Islamic terrorism, or Islamic terrorists could stage attacks to look like Marxist or Anarchist terrorism.


7. Insurgents could dress as Trump supporters and carry out violence in order to incite the left to attack the right. 


8. Insurgents could carry out staged attacks on police, politicians, judges, conservatives, or conservative personalities.


9. Insurgents could attack critical infrastructure to create more chaos, riots, looting, and to overwhelm police departments, sheriff departments and state and federal DHS fusion centers. 




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