MTG Will Introduce Articles Of Impeachment Against Christopher Wray


  • We have a report tonight that gives an assessment of how the U.S. Patriot anti-air batteries are performing against Russian missiles.
  • There’s more disturbing video footage from the Texas border areas.
  • Firefighters are dying suddenly in large numbers. 
  • Marjorie Taylor Greene introduces articles of impeachment against the Donald Trump-appointed FBI Director Christopher Wray.
  • Russia fines Google for relentlessly pushing culture-crushing LGBTQ narratives.
  • And a fifth-grade teacher in Florida who showed her students an LGBT-themed movie, says parents who complain are “ignorant” and have no rights within the public-school systems.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

There were multiple reports Tuesday that Russia's military claims to have taken out a U.S.-supplied Patriot anti-air battery in Ukraine. If that’s true, it would be a very significant first since the advanced Raytheon-made defense weapon was deployed in Ukraine.

This came as Ukrainian officials have cited an exceptionally dense overnight attack on Kiev, which included cruise missiles, drones, and even allegedly Kinzhal hypersonic missiles. 

Ukraine was hit by a barrage of at least 18 missiles and nine drones, with media reports saying at least six ballistic missiles (including Kinzhal hypersonics) were launched. But the Ukrainians are claiming that most or all of them were intercepted.

Serhiy Popko, the head of the Kiev city military administration, described the barrage as “exceptional in its density, with the maximum number of missiles in the shortest time possible,” but he added that “the vast majority of enemy targets in Kyiv’s airspace were detected and destroyed.” 

Ukraine is now saying it successfully intercepted multiple hypersonic missiles. A previous claim to have intercepted a hypersonic from days ago was met with widespread skepticism among independent pundits. 

The Russian Defense Ministry (MoD) has previously dismissed the Ukrainian claims of hypersonic intercepts as “wishful thinking.”

But the Russian side is celebrating a big victory of its own on Tuesday, saying it landed a precision strike on a Patriot air defense system in the Ukrainian capital. The U.S.-supplied systems only arrived last month, and just recently entered operation.

Russian Defense officials said in a press briefing that its attacks destroyed “Ukrainian troops positions and places of storage of munitions, weapons and military hardware delivered from Western nations.”

The Russian media outlet RT stated the following

“A precision strike by a Russian hypersonic Kinzhal missile has destroyed a Patriot air defense system in Kiev, the Defense Ministry in Moscow reported on Tuesday. The Ukrainian government previously claimed that Kinzhal missiles had been intercepted by the U.S.-made weapons platform. The Russian military did not provide further details about the strike, which was the first time Moscow claimed to have hit the long-range system supplied to Ukraine by its Western backers.”

WATCH VIDEO (footage of Russian missile strike on Patriot battery is silent)

Zero Hedge noted that there is speculation over whether a widely circulating video confirms the destruction of a Patriot battery amid the conflicting Russian and Ukrainian claims.

Geopolitical analysis blog Moon of Alabama said the reports of a destroyed Patriot system are accurate:


Moon of Alabama also said the Ukrainian claims to have shot down a Kinzhal hypersonic missile are “likely not true. Kinzhals are simply too fast to be hit by any of Ukraine's air defenses.”


Security footage taken along the U.S.-Mexico border in Texas showed a U.S. soldier opening a gate to let migrants in just days after Joe Biden let Title 42 expire.

The video, shared by FOX LA's Bill Melugin, showed a large group crossing from the Mexico side of the border into the U.S. as a big white bus appeared to wait for them on the other side.

The one-minute clip showed a female Army officer standing by as the horde shuffled onto private property on the morning of Monday, April 15th. 

The Army officer was said to have done so at the direction of the federal government.  

The video comes just hours after Biden cheered a supposed drop in border crossings since the end of Title 42 with a swipe at the media. 

When asked by reporters about how he believes things were proceeding after Title 42 expired, Biden responded: “Much better than you all expected.”

But the video footage speaks otherwise.


That was private property, mind you. And any landowner who takes measures to stop that kind of invasion will risk being prosecuted as a criminal. The criminal trespassing of the migrants is allowed to continue unabated but anyone who tries to stop it, on their own property, is now facing the long arm of the law. That is the very definition of lawlessness.


The Daily Caller reports that Republican Georgia Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene will introduce articles of impeachment against FBI Director Christopher Wray.

Greene told the Daily Caller:

“Under Wray’s watch, the FBI has intimidated, harassed, and entrapped American citizens who have been deemed enemies of the Biden regime. As such, Director Wray has turned the FBI into Joe Biden and Merrick Garland’s personal police force. The Soviet-style tactics used by the FBI against normal Americans are unprecedented in this country.”

Greene further stated that:

“FBI whistleblower Garret O’Boyle told congressional investigators that the FBI created a terrorist threat tag following the Dobbs Supreme Court decision in 2022. O’Boyle confirmed that the purpose of the tag was to target pro-life individuals. On September 23, 2022, armed FBI agents in tactical gear raided the family home of Mark Houck, a pro-life Catholic and father of 7 young children, because he obstructed access to an abortion clinic.”

And it doesn’t end there.

According to a document leaked out of the FBI’s Richmond Field Office and dated January 23, 2023, the bureau planned to go after conservative Catholics. The document was titled “Racially or Ethnically Motivated Violent Extremists (RMVE) and their interests in ‘Radical-Traditionalist Catholics’ or RTCs.”

FBI whistleblower Kyle Seraphin obtained the leaked FBI document that targets Traditional Latin Mass Catholics.

This leaked document outlined a plan for the FBI to spy on Catholics, particularly those who attend Latin mass, who, according to the document, have harbored “white supremacy.” The FBI document indicated intentions to have informants within the Catholic Church, “on advice from the Southern Poverty Law Center,” the statement from Greene noted.


The Epoch Times reports that some Oregon lawmakers are outraged about a measure requiring insurance coverage for sex-change surgeries for so-called transgenders—without requiring coverage to “detransition” those who change their minds.

But what makes them even more irate is that it would allow children to “transition” without requiring parental knowledge and consent.

Oregon state Rep. Ed Diehl, a Republican, told the Epoch Times:

“I’ve got transgender people who think it’s crazy what we’re doing to kids. Lesbians, gay men, just hardcore leftists—these are all Oregonians. And they’re saying this is crazy. This makes no sense to be doing this to our children.”

Oregon’s House Bill 2002 passed the state House and is now in the state Senate, where Republican senators staged a walk-out to try to prevent its passage, Diehl said.

If passed into law, the measure also would allow abortion for children of any age without parental knowledge and would make Oregon a sex-change surgery sanctuary state for minors.

Diehl told the Epoch Times: “They could have written this so many different ways to acknowledge what parents believe they have a constitutional right for, which is to direct the care and upbringing of their child. But they wrote it without any consideration of that at all.”

The proposed bill states that “gender-affirming treatment” means a “procedure, service, drug, device, or product that a physical or behavioral healthcare provider prescribes to treat” when a person’s “gender identity” and “sex assignment at birth” are different.


Also from the Epoch Times, federal officials gave more than $23 billion in COVID-19 aid to the nation’s top 20 nonprofit hospitals, even as a 62 percent increase in their collective net assets led to parallel surges in the institutions’ total profits and revenues during 2018–2021, according to a new report.

Only two of the 20 institutions have repaid the government for the COVID-19 aid they received.

The 20 largest nonprofit hospitals in the country continued making massive profits while their cumulative net assets soared to $324.3 billion in 2021, up from $200.6 billion in 2018.

According to the report, compiled by the Illinois-based research nonprofit Open The Books: “Those hospital systems received congressional COVID bailouts of $23 billion and only two providers partially paid their COVID bailout back.”


The website Fire Engineering reports that a longtime member of the Tolland Fire Department in Tolland, Connecticut, died suddenly over the weekend.

Capt. Dennis Carlson, who was with the department 34 years, was healthy before he died unexpectedly, fire officials said Sunday.


Carlson rose through the ranks, becoming a fire lieutenant in 1993 and a captain in 1996. In addition to fighting fires, he was an EMT, a member of the rescue dive team and an ATV trainer for department members. He also taught schoolchildren fire prevention and first aid.

In 2018, Carlson was promoted to public safety captain, a full-time position, the department historian said.

“His loss leaves a tremendous hole in our organization’s heart,” fire officials wrote on Facebook Sunday afternoon.

When he taught Basic Aid Training to fourth-graders, he had a reputation for being tough with the students, threatening to cut their shoelaces off if they were untied. But that was just a façade, those who knew him say.

“He was a big Teddy bear,” said Tyler Millix, executive director of Tolland County 911. Millix first met Carson when he was chief of the Willington Fire Department and described him as “the kind of guy who came across as a strict disciplinarian, but as soon as he turned the other way, he was smiling.”

Town Manager Brian J. Foley said public safety services will continue as the department mourns with a combination of local staff and firefighters from out of town.

While we don’t know what killed Dennis Carlson, we do know that virtually all fire departments in America mandated the toxic death jab known as the Covid vaccine. Most firefighters go about their jobs quietly and when they die or get disabled for unknown reasons, it’s not likely to make the news. But if you go to and click under the tab “firefighter fatalities” you will see many have died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest or other sudden illness over the last two years.


Jenna Barbee, a 5th grade teacher at Winding Waters K-8 school in Spring Hill, Florida, who showed her students an LGBT-themed Disney movie, said parents are “ignorant” and have no rights within the public school systems.

Finally, someone said the quiet part out loud.

Barbee is under investigation for showing her 10-year-old students “Strange World,” a 2022 Disney movie featuring a gay character.

The school district said in a statement: “Yesterday, the Disney movie ‘Strange World’ was shown in your child’s classroom. While not the main plot of the movie, parts of the story involve a male character having and expressing feelings for another male character. In the future, this movie will not be shown. The school administration and the district’s Professional Standards Dept. is currently reviewing the matter to see if further corrective action is required.”

Ms. Barbee promptly ran over to CNN to whine and complain that she couldn’t groom children anymore while posing as a teacher.

But that’s not all she did. Barbee also lashed out at parents and attempted to set them straight about who calls the shots in public schools.

Listen carefully to what she said Tuesday during an interview with CNN.


So parents who engage with what their children are being taught in public schools are “ignorant” and your rights to control what they are taught are “gone.” This woman’s comments should be played for every parent who considers themselves conservative but still sends their kids to public schools.


The Russian government has once again fined Google’s parent company Alphabet for not removing pro-LGTBQIA+ content on Russian platforms, to the tune of 3 million rubles or just over $39,000.

The judge said in a statement that the court decided to find Google guilty under part 2 article 13.41 of the Administrative Code of the Russian Federation and impose a fine in the amount of 3 million rubles.

The Russian news agency Tass explained why they are fining Google, stating:

“The reason was the company’s refusal to remove two videos from YouTube. The first video is by blogger Karen Shahinyan about raising children in same-sex families and the other by (recognized as a foreign agent in Russia) about the lives of people from the LGBT community in St. Petersburg. These videos were discovered by Russia’s media watchdog, which demanded that Google remove them immediately.”

Tass reports that Google has repeatedly been flagged for proliferating sodomite “propaganda,” fining Google 7.2 billion rubles ($9,382,000) in 2021 for not removing content deemed obscene or otherwise objectionable by the Russian Federation.

Last year Russia passed a new piece of legislation that heavily fines and potentially criminalizes those pushing LGTBQIA+ ideology in the media and advertising, along with outlawing same-sex marriages.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Congressman Matt Gaetz of Florida suggested FBI agents should be fired and prosecuted over the Durham report, which concluded that the Bureau should never have launched its probe into whether Donald Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election.

Gaetz said the agency should be defunded and “defanged,” describing the agents' actions as “ugly.” John Durham ruled there was never enough evidence for the FBI to even open an investigation on Trump-Russia in the first place. 

Gaetz said Durham's recommendation that only one person - a lawyer who lied to the FBI - be charged with wrongdoing was “insufficient,” adding:

“This report is an insufficient consequence for the malfeasance and corruption that we have seen here. It was an operation from beginning to end to fuse political opposition research from the DNC and the Clinton campaign with this intelligence process and criminal process. And it's a sad day in America.

And if the tables had been turned and that had been a Republican operation against a duly elected Democrat president? Well, I think you know what the outcome would have been.

Take a look at Gaetz’s comments.


The FBI, DOJ and CIA have been weaponized by the Democrat Party, some say. But it could just as easily be the other way around, that the Democrat Party has been weaponized by the intelligence agencies. 

The two-tiered justice system is so out of control that we have to ask ourselves who actually runs this country, the elected members of Congress and the occupant of the White House, or a hidden hand bent on solidifying and entrenching the powers of a one-party state.

In typical totalitarian fashion, the White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre refused to answer any questions from the press when asked about the Durham report, which found the FBI used “uncorroborated evidence” to investigate the Trump campaign over allegations of colluding with Russia.


How else do you explain that Hillary’s emails don’t count but Rudy Giuliani’s do? Obama’s statements don’t count but Trump’s do?

Gaetz is one of the few on Capitol Hill willing to call a spade a spade and not pull his punches. And that’s the only serious way to even start to get a grip on this tyranny and rein it back in. Defund these agencies completely and open real criminal investigations to hold the perpetrators of this weaponization and double standard accountable. Make an example of them so it will never happen again. Until we see that happening, it’s nothing but empty platitudes and more of the same. A few voices crying in the wilderness for a justice that never arrives. A do-nothing Congress that backs up a horribly corrupt administrative state gone awry. 

And the big losers in that equation are not the politicians or the bureaucrats but the American people. We are dealing here not with Americans, but treasonous globalist predators. And as a friend of mind, the great author and psychologist Dr. Peter Breggin put it in his recent book, We are the prey.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thanks for tuning in, and thanks for supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time, I’m Brannon Howse. Take care.


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