Missional: When Evangelicals Support The Social Gospel/Social Justice by Another Name

For a few years I have tried to warn some pastor friends to not use the term “missional” as it has largely been made popular by proponents of social justice that are turning church staff and missionaries into community organizers to slay Rick Warren’s five global giants. Sadly, most pastors would not listen and some of them have even preached sermons calling their church to be committed to a “missional” mind set. Many pastors continue to use the term because they are not teachable, theologically shallow, non-discerning or perhaps it is that they are orthodox but are trying to be hip and relevant. The other possibility is they simply are not leaders but followers and are thus following the lastest trends and language used by the “company headquarters” of their church denomination that has hired theologically liberal neo-evangelicals to teach the local franchise [often called a church] how to remain culturally relevant [which also includes planting churches that are for the unbeliever which means it is not a Biblical church].I was really pleased today when I read this new article by a man that clearly understands the liberal agenda hiding behind the word “missional.” I remember telling a pastor friend about Ed Stetzer, of the Southern Baptist Convention, who is into this “missional” compromise. This pastor’s response was  “Stetzer and his friends are just into planting churches.” Really? Look at what Ed and the SBC are up to. They are largely planting Rick Warren, Perry Noble, community organizations for the unsaved in hopes of seeing cultural transformation. The Biblical model is to plant New Testament churches that equip the saints for the work of ministry (Ephesians 4:11) and thus tranform individuals with the gospel and not the culture.  We are in a world of hurt when “shepherds” think the “missional” church planting of neo-evangelicals is a positive thing. Sadly many pastors are encouraging this unbiblical model and are aggressively raising money from their church members to fund it as well as sending out church staff and members to build it. While many liberal pastors and churches are into the “missional” agenda, I am finding churches that are involved in these activities that actually have a pastor that is an acceptable Bible teacher but when it comes to the “missional” agenda he is just extremely misled. May I suggest you stop giving to the mission budget of such a church until they get back on the theological reservation? You can always go to this website and do your own research and pick a Biblically grounded missionary to support that you know is being faithful to the gospel, the Great Commission, and the planting of Biblical churches in all parts of the world. Whatever you do, don’t financially support those that are committed to the unbiblical, “missional” agenda. For an exhaustive look at the Biblical model of a New Testament Church in contrast to Rick Warren’s “missional” agenda, you can purchase Brannon’s latest book, Religious Trojan Horse. Hard CoverEbookYou can also join the Worldview Weekend Situation Roomand have instant access to the eBook and the Religious Trojan Horse DVDs.

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