Mike Lindell And A Team of Patriots Did Their Best to Get The Computer Forensics to President Trump That 100% Prove Cyberwar on The 2020 Election

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January 18, 2021

Communist China is now hours away from installing its "puppet regime" in the U.S. White House with the help of its U.S. domestic allies, presenting a grave national-security threat that must be dealt with, says a team of former high-ranking military officers and journalists who have relayed data to President Trump that they say proves China was involved in the fraudulent election of Nov. 3, 2020.

In an interview Sunday night, Jan. 17, with broadcaster Brannon Howse, businessman Mike Lindell, the founder and CEO of Minnesota-based My Pillow, explained how he was able to get a meeting with President Trump last Friday and deliver crucial data from the team showing how the election was stolen and by whom.

"The data analysis that we have published and that Mike Lindell bravely brought to the president shows both the sources of the election hack on Nov. 3 and Nov. 4 as well as the target destinations," said Alan Jones, who along with Mary Fanning operates a website, The American Report.

Jones and Fanning saw their website, TheAmericanReport.com, attacked by outside hackers after they published a report detailing information from former government sources that recorded in real time how the election was stolen.

The details included in their report include the IP addresses and the owner of the IP addresses which hacked into the Nov. 3 election.

"It started on Nov. 1 and Mary and Alan even wrote an article before the election warning how it would be stolen and by who, and this continued on into the election steal in Georgia," Howse said. 

By this time everyone who could get the information to the president had been shut out of the White House.

"They were locked out by the deep-staters from having access to the president," Howse said.

Fanning called Howse on Saturday, Jan. 9, and asked if he knew of any other possible sources of communicating the information to Trump.

Howse could only think of one man. Mike Lindell, who had been on his radio show in the past and Howse had kept his phone number on file. 

"I said 'let's call him.' So we called and spent the next 20 minutes or so briefing him until he understood it fully," Howse said on Monday, Jan. 18. "There are many external hard drives full of this documentation."

At the end of the day, it was average Americans, not the Washington insiders, who got evidence of election tampering by China and other foreign adversaries to the president of the United States. Many on the president's own team tried to stop this knowledge from reaching their boss.

Trump was reportedly also cut off from patriots like Gen. Michael Flynn and attorney Sidney Powell.

Howse said he would not have aired the story Sunday were it not for the fact that the corporate media ran many reports over the weekend bashing Lindell after snapping pictures of the notes he carried into his White House meeting with Trump. "If his notes had not come out we would not even be talking about this," Howse said.

Lindell recounted how he was able to get the ear of the president.

"When you [Howse] and Mary called a week ago and started telling about this, these were the answers I was looking for," Lindell said. "I knew it, and then they sent me the piece of the evidence that's there that shows this footprint, like a footprint from inside the machine, where it was, who sent it, what time it happened, how many votes were flipped... I'm going 'wow, this is it.' These machines had to be proven that they were bad or we're never going to have fair elections, ever."

Lindell said he believes the truth will eventually get out to the American people, even if after the Jan. 20 inauguration. The tight lid on all reporting about the validity of the November election and the massing of federal troops in Washington, D.C., is just further evidence that the globalist deep-state insiders are worried that their dirty little secret will get out. 

In fact, the FBI, which along with the CIA has been exposed as the epicenter of the Washington swamp, has been frantically vetting the 30,000 National Guard troops "amid fears of an insider attack," the Associated Press reported.

Jones and Fanning's sources showed how ISP addresses tracing back to Huawei, the Chinese telecom company, and others were hacking into election offices in the battleground states.

"... primarily county election offices," Jones said. "So Huawei, the China telecom company were hacking into election offices in Pennsylvania and in Michigan," Jones said. "These were IP addresses owned by county election offices. Also, China Unicom hacked into the Pennsylvania secretary of state's office, according to this data analysis."

Huawei is important because the Trump administration determined in June 2020 that it is controlled by the People's Liberation Army, which is the Chinese military.

Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe concluded in his post-election report that China interfered in the 2020 presidential election. But career U.S. intelligence operatives refused to back Ratcliffe up in his assessment. 

"They do not see this China threat, like we do tonight, and that's our problem," said Lt. General Thomas McInerney, a retired U.S. Air Force general who spoke during the broadcast.

If the votes had been tabulated accurately, Lindell said he believes Trump received approximately 79 million votes and Biden no more than 68 million.

"Here we are at zero hour. Everything is true. I did my due diligence," he said. "So that's where I'm at right now...There's a lot of fear out there with this inauguration day, but God's got His hand in all of this. it's going to be glorious."

After getting a scheduled appointment with Trump, he arrived at the White House Friday, Jan. 15, and waited several hours.

"I told the president this was something new. I also told him, the whole country is counting on you. We're all being attacked. Elections like this cannot happen. The whole world is watching."

As a result of his brave action, Lindell has been vilified in the mainstream media. All journalism that attempts to investigate what happened the week of Nov. 3, and present evidence of who was involved in the election tampering, has been blackballed by the U.S. corporate media.

"The next four days are going to be providential," said retired Maj. General Paul Vallely, a participant in the Sunday-night broadcast. "There's no doubt about that. America stands on what happens the next four days. We need Donald Trump to be strong, to stay in there, protect himself, his family, but more to protect the people of America. This is a crucial time in history."

Fanning and Jones, who have investigated the voting machines and the software programs that run them, obtained the names of foreign actors and their countries of origin who were involved on election night. They maintain that they have uncovered indisputable evidence that computers with IP addresses in China and several other countries hacked into the Dominion Voting Systems machines and changed votes from Donald Trump to Joe Biden. They used a prismatic scoring algorithm called HAMMER and Scorecard, said Fanning.

"We know exactly how many votes were stolen; we know from where and we know by whom," Fanning said. "We saw what was taking place and tried to get this information to Donald Trump. It was China, it was Russia, it was also Hong Kong.... Italy and Germany also had a part in this, and the U.K."

How the source code for HAMMER/Scorecard ended up in the hands of foreign adversaries remains a mystery. But this much is known, the website owned by Fanning and Jones has been attacked and shut down.

"They are not just stealing the vote, they are stealing the country," Fanning said.

After obtaining this data from the cyber experts, Fanning, Jones and Howse sought to get the information to Trump.

"We decided Mike Lindell was the best, most trustworthy patriot to do this," Fanning said.

Lindell said in the interview Sunday that he remains undaunted in the search for the truth behind the 2020 election and will not be intimidated by persecution coming from media bullies.

In fact, Lindell, a committed Christian, sees everything playing out in America this week as an opportunity to "bring glory to God."

He said he was advised not to get involved in the controversy over the election because it could have a devastating effect on his business, which manufactures pillows, bed linens and other products for the home.

"I only have one fear and that's of the Lord," said Lindell, who built the My Pillow juggernaut after finding God and beating a cocaine addiction. He met Trump in 2015 and backed him in both of his 2016 and 2020 campaigns.

After the Nov. 3 election, he started digging into the numbers at the county level in his home state of Minnesota. "I started doing my own intelligence and digging into this stuff ...None of it made sense," he said.

He moved on to Arizona and Michigan and found more data that did not add up.

Then he was introduced in a phone conference to Fanning and Jones, who presented him with hard data that came from "white hats" within the government and was asked to take it to the president.

Lt. General Thomas McInerney, U.S. Air Force retired, also appeared on the broadcast and weighed in with his recommendations to the president.

"If President Trump doesn't do the right things and take the right actions, he cannot turn the keys over to Biden and company because we will be a communist country, and a Chinese communist country at that. The American people must understand that," said McInerney, an 82-year-old former high level Air Force officer who was responsible for the U.S. nuclear arsenal and spent 16 years as a Fox News military analyst. "He [Trump] is going to be the best president in history or he's going to be the worst president in history. It's just that simple."

He said liberals in Washington love to talk about "McCarthyism" and the witch hunts that they believe occurred under Sen. Joseph McCarthy, but they now engage in their own witch hunts and smear campaigns that make those of the 1950s look like child's play.

"These are the same people now blacklisting people, destroying them, destroying their businesses," McInerney said.

Vallely agreed that Trump must act.

"We need Donald Trump to stand and protect the country," he said. "This is the Constitution at work, to protect America from domestic and foreign interference. And we have both right now. This is a military operation at this time to protect America. It takes a strong leader to overcome that. It takes a General Patton type of stance, a General McArthur, a General Eisenhower...This is a crucial time in American history. The next four days are going to be providential, there's no doubt about that."

Jones echoed those concerns.

"So when General McInerney talks about hybrid warfare, that's what we're talking about here," Jones said. "This is an act of war, hacking into the U.S. election in order to install a puppet regime that's working with the Chinese communist government."

The sense of urgency in the two generals' voices could not be missed.

"We have a president who is going to protect us and we must stand by him," Vallely said. "We must turn this around and stand up. Stand up, America."

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