Massive Security & Law Enforcement Failure Revealed as Muslim Man that Brandished Weapons & Threatened Our Christian Conference is Arrested 12 Days Latter with Weapons & Meth 



Twelve days after a Muslim man sat in his car in the parking lot of our Sioux Falls Christian Worldview Weekend brandishing 5 weapons, hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and told us to be scared and terrified, he has finally been arrested and charged. But it is even worse than we thought. You can read the initial article on this incident here. 

News reports state that police found his weapons in his house along with meth. My blood ran cold when I found this out. METH? You mean we could have had a guy jacked up on drugs, combined with his ideology, putting 500 men, women, and children at risk at our Christian conference? Why was he not arrested that night or even questioned? How did he stay on the streets for 12 days with guns and meth? He even posted on his Facebook page he had 1,200 rounds of ammunition in his car. 

On April 19th the Muslim man went on another Facebook rant and posted the following:

"But if you still have animosity, we can shoot it out. I hope you’ve been practicing your quick draw …and your aim became I am 25,000 rounds deep."

Remember the Lincoln County prosecutor told WND:

“I’m not aware of any record. He’s a host and a server in a very high-end steak house here in Sioux Falls and everyone who works with him enjoys working with him. We can’t run roughshod over people’s First Amendment rights, or their Second Amendment rights,”

Brandishing weapons and making terroristic threats is not a First or Second Amendment right. The same prosector and police that seem to defend the Muslim in the news media have now arrested and charged him? Why could they have not done this on April 9th and avoided the political correctness, double-standard, putting Worldview Weekend and the community at risk and making themselves now look completely inept and negligent? If they charged him on April 21st with terroristic threat they could have done so on the evening of April 9th. 

I believe the citizens of Sioux Falls should be demanding the resignation of the Sioux Falls Police Chief and the recall of the Lincoln County State Attorney for letting this man be on the street for 12 days when there was an abundance of evidence that this man was a threat to the public. 

The political and law enforcement failure on this is HUGE. The police could have and should have arrested him Sunday night, April 9, 2017 when they saw his Facebook videos while our conference was STILL going on. I know they saw them because the off duty police officer we hired told me about them while our conference was still in session. 

Instead of him being arrested that night, this man was free to roam armed and possessing METH for 12 days! 

The Muslim man was doing television interviews as the media apparently sought to help him explain how his feelings were hurt that we were holding a conference exposing the truth about Islam. Do you think if a “Christian” guy had made such videos in the parking lot of a Muslim conference the liberal media would be interviewing him and giving him the chance to explain how he was misunderstood? Of course not! 

Shahram Hadian is a former Iranian Muslim, now Christian pastor, who was speaking with me in five cities in five nights. Sioux Falls was our first rally. We did not want to reveal details on my national radio program about what happened in Sioux Falls until we got home. We wanted to avoid any more problems while we were out on the road that would further endanger us, my wife and son traveling with me, or those who were attending our conferences. We also wanted to respect the authorities and give them time to conduct their investigation without pressure or phone calls from my national broadcast audience and large email newsletter subscribers. 

I was shocked this Muslim man was not arrested the very night he made, what we believe, fit the legal definition of a terroristic threat. After no arrest came on the third day, I told Shahram that I was convinced the authorities simply wanted this to go away. I told Shahram I believed the authorities were waiting to see if I was going to bring national attention to the story through my broadcast and that if I did not, it would all just be forgotten. 

I was told by the police two days after we were threatened that no charges were going to be brought by the state attorney.

Over one week after the Sioux Falls tragedy, I was back in my Tennessee studio and I broke the story on my national radio broadcast. I called several national columnists that are friends of mine and alerted them to what I believe was a miscarriage of justice and special treatment being given to this man because of his religious affiliation. 

I alerted several of my friends and colleagues that also have national radio programs and they invited me on their broadcasts. I alerted my friend of almost 25 years, Michael Reagan, about what had occurred and he alerted his huge twitter audience and the host of a large national broadcast.  The story then took on a life of its own and it literally went international. We  could not keep up with all of the well-respected and large websites that were picking up the story. We also continued to ask people to call the office of the South Dakota Attorney General and ask him to enforce the law.  Finally, after 12 days, this Muslim man was arrested. Why did it take 12 days? Why did it take a massive groundswell of freedom-loving Americans spreading the numerous articles on social media combined with our media interviews to finally see the authorities literally reverse themselves? 

How will the Sioux Falls Police Department administration spin this now that they went on the television news in Sioux Falls and declared that the Muslim man broke no laws and did not make a threat? We want to support the police, but it is hard when they fail so monumentally. The police should not be judge and jury as they appeared to be acting on television news. I believe this is what happens when a police department is politicalized and has inept leadership.

What if we had not turned this into a national story. Do you think we would have seen this outcome? What if we did not have an attorney and State Representative like Steve Haugaard helping us?

What if this had happened to a small conservative or Christian group that did not have a national radio program and lots of friends in conservative media?

The political and legal failure I believe we have witnessed in Sioux Falls is happening in many cities throughout America. We have a huge failure of political and legal leadership that must be discussed and fixed at the local level where we live and raise our families. I believe the Sioux Falls Police Chief and state prosector for that county needs to resign immediately for so poorly handling this situation. 

The Attorney General of the state is apparently running for Governor of South Dakota. Regardless, he should have shown up in Sioux Falls on Monday morning, April 10, 2017 and held a press conference in which he stated that he had traveled to Sioux Falls to receive a briefing on the horrific events that occurred the night before at a gathering of Christians. He should have stated that as Attorney General he would not tolerate terroristic threats toward any religious group in South Dakota, regardless of their religious affiliation. I believe Mr. Marty Jackley has proven he does not have the courage, conviction, and leadership that it takes to lead the state of South Dakota as Governor at such a crucial time as this. Leadership is not waiting 12 days only to finally act after a groundswell of national and international news stories and national radio broadcasts. Perhaps the good folks of South Dakota should take a look at the qualifications of Kristi Noem who is also running for Governor. 

Then we have the liberal media that I believe started this whole mess by writing distorted and false reports about Shahram, me, and our conference. Watch now as the liberal media continues to be the useful idiots of Islam as they give air time to Islamic leaders to tell us how this self-identified Muslim that made the terroristic threats against us is not really a Muslim or following Islam.

I believe the Sioux Falls tragedy reveals a lot about the interfaith groups and Islamic Center of Sioux Falls as they were silent after this Muslim man brandished weapons and threatened us at our Christian conference. Why were they not joining us in calling for charges against this Muslim man that made these terroristic threats to a Christian conference if they were all about love, unity, tolerance, and justice as their posters and placards declared when protesting in front of the conference center we rented? I think the answer is this. I think it was all a show, a circus for the complicit, fake, liberal, news media.

One Islamic leader was on the news the night we were in town declaring they would be protesting if the hate was against Christians, Jews, Muslims or any religion. I guess we now know that was just a political speech for the media. I believe this proves that Islamic leaders are not interested in religious liberty for anyone but Islam, for that is the entire point of Sharia.

My friend and speaker with me in Sioux Falls, Shahram Hadian of, wrote:

“I am deeply troubled by the fact that this man was allowed to walk free for 12 days, while driving around with an arsenal of weapons and 1200 rounds of ammunition (by his own admission on Facebook) in his vehicle. If that was not bad enough, now we find out that he was arrested with meth in his apartment. These facts raise even more serious questions. Not only was he seemingly motivated by Islamic doctrine to carry out an act of Jihad against a group of 500 Christians, but he likely could have been high on meth at the same time. This is a deadly combination! 

As a former police office and based on my training and experience, meth is a horrific and destructive drug. It is highly addictive, creates violent tendencies, can lead to psychosis, paranoia, hallucinations and delusions. Those on meth who feel wronged can be extremely violent and dangerous. This shows a monumental failure on the part of the Sioux Falls Police Chief, the mayor, the Lincoln County prosecutor and the Attorney General of the State of South Dakota. All of these officials should have acted immediately and arrested this man with what was a clear violation of SD statute for a threat of terrorism. Yet they did nothing and more than likely would have done nothing if not for the pressure that Brannon and I brought to this story and the pressure that so many other great Americans brought to this story. Now we have to maintain pressure to see this man prosecuted and sentenced. We also need to bring pressure to change the failed culture of leadership in Sioux Falls and other cities around America who exhibit these same double standards that we have witnessed over the last 12 days.” [end of quote]

Shahram and I believe our civil liberties and safety were trampled in the name of political correctness, or due to old-fashioned cowardice.

Remember, we were hosting Worldview Weekend rallies in 5 cities in 5 nights. Worldview Weekend had to spend a great deal of money on security in the next cities in which we were hosting our ministry conferences because this man was still free to travel. If the city and state authorities had done their job, we would not have had such expenditures. We would also not have had 12 days of being worried about the safety of ourselves and that of our families and the people that were attending our Worldview Weekend conferences. 

I called the Sioux Falls Police Department two days after the Muslim threatened us to file a formal complaint. I was initially told they would not take my formal complaint because the prosecutors had made the decision not to charge the Muslim man, and this officer said he was not going over their heads. I was denied my civil right because of internal politics or because someone’s career or promotion might be at risk? Only after I complained to a Sergeant was I finally allowed to file a formal complaint more than 24 hours later. 

I speculated on the radio that Saudi or Muslim money surely has something to do with the politicians of Sioux Falls apparently rolling over and giving Muslims special rights that average Americans do not have. Well I did the research and the headline I found from April 2014 is “Saudi Prince Visits Sioux Falls Businesses.” The prince has the duty in Saudi Arabia of investment affairs. The report talks of how the Saudi government ordered $208 million in firefighting equipment from a Sioux Falls company. Then the prince of Saudi visited with Chamber of Commerce and NUMEROUS other businesses in Sioux Falls. Interesting, since the Muslim man that made a terroristic threat against us at the Sioux Falls Worldview Weekend Ral

ly admits on his own Facebook page he lived in Saudi Arabia. Could this help us understand why the Sioux Falls government apparently gives special treatment to Muslims and Muslims from Saudi Arabia? Perhaps the new name for Sioux Falls should be Saudi Falls.

One report reveals that since 2001 Sioux Falls has had an estimated 6,000 Muslims from overseas move into Sioux Falls. Reports indicated that Muslims are now 4% of the Sioux Falls Population and that they really only need about 5% before they can make great change in a community. 

Here is a link to a video of a speech given at an Islamic center in Sioux Falls in 2016 by a nationally known Islamic leader Jihad Qaddour. Watch this video as he explains how to take over Sioux Falls by converting the non-muslim. Numerous reports state that Jihad Qaddour is major player in the Syrian Muslim invasion of the U.S. It is also reported that not too long ago the mosque he founded invited a Hamas-linked imam for a fundraiser. 

The Muslim Brotherhood Explanatory document written in 1991 and discovered hidden in the basement of a Muslim Brotherhood operative by the  FBI in a 2004 raid reads:

“The process of settlement is a “Civilization-Jihadist

Process” with all the word means. The Ikhwan [Arabic

for Muslim Brotherhood] must understand that their

work in America is a kind of grand jihad in eliminating

and destroying the Western civilization from within and

“sabotaging” its miserable house by their hands and the

hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God's

religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

I believe the failures in Sioux Falls are occurring in countless cities, towns, and states. I believe many of government leaders are knowingly or unknowingly assisting in the destruction of our own country because of their ignorance, complicity, or because they are cowards.

Let the Sioux Falls tragedy be a lesson to us all. It is past time to elect local leaders that will not fold under the pressure of political correctness. We need leaders that will not tie the hands of our police departments for political expediency or turn them into political organizations for politicians to hide behind when they are too compromised or too yellow to do their job. 

The Islamic revolutionaries are seeking to overthrow our Constitutional Republic and implement Sharia as declared in their own documents and speeches. Sadly they are being aided by politicians and law enforcement that choose to be ignorant as to the tactics and deceit that Muslim Brotherhood and their affiliates are using to grow their political power and influence. 

Many of the facts that Shahram and I were warning about in our presentations in Sioux Falls have been overwhelmingly confirmed through this tragedy. 

Shahram and I pray for the salvation of this Muslim man that made these threats against us and the Worldview Weekend conference. We also pray the Lord will continue to use this unfortunate event to reveal the truth of the gospel that we preach to many. We also pray that this will give us a platform to warn more Americans of the compromise of our national security by local, state, and federal leaders. 

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