Living in an Imperfect World

in an Imperfect World
David Wheaton  

Evil exists in the
world-serious, life-as-we-know-it-changing evil.  Every generation in
human history has witnessed, confronted and/or endured a fresh face of evil.  Yet, it seems a troubling number in this generation are
unwilling to even admit its existence let alone deal with it.

There are many who think
humanity is progressing toward a higher plane of peace, unity, and
coexistence-perhaps even utopia.  Thousands
of years of recorded history do not show this, but rather the opposite. 

We don't even need to look
very far back.  In the 20th
century, more people were killed in war and murdered by tyrannical dictators
than in all previous centuries combined.  But that was last century; we are more enlightened, intelligent,
educated, and tolerant now.  We are blasting through barriers of race,
gender, religion, and culture.  There
is great hope for the 21st century! 

Hope in what…the United
Nations?  You mean that great
bastion of unelected officialdom garnering ever more sovereignty over a
more-than-willing world?  If anyone
can unify the vastly diverse (and often mutually exclusive) governments,
religions, cultures, races, economies, and motivations of the world, the U.N.
can, right?

You'll feel better when you
look at the U.N.'s brokers of peace: Libya heads the Human Rights Commission,
and Syria is a member of the Security Council. 
Iraq, of all countries, is next in line to lead the Committee on
Disarmament.  Come now, don't be
cynical-I'm sure they all have America's best interest in mind. 
And above all, don't be judgmental; these countries aren't worse than
America, they're just different. 

Yes, America, the U.N. will
pave the way to a brave new world in the 21st century if we would
only offer our decision making power over to them. 
Take the present conflict with Iraq: the U.N. is more than capable of
diffusing this tense situation-they just
need more time to find the nuclear, chemical, and biological materials and
weapons Iraq has admitted to having and has been mandated to destroy. 
Don't hold your breath…or maybe you should.

Apparently, to millions across
the world, the U.N. should actually be disarming the real Evil Empire-America. 
To them, we are the cause of conflict in the world. 
The United States forces its culture, capitalism, and military on
everyone else.  We are the
imperialists.  Is that so? 
Then where are the colonies?  Even
the attacks of September 11, 2001 were our fault. 
Let us do more to understand why they hate us, and then change our core
values and principles to accommodate them. 
Now there's a thought.

It's all about oil anyway,
right?  If that is the case, why not
take Iraq or other oil producing countries over by force so we can have all the
oil we want.  The reality is America
pays them for what we gave them the technology to do in the first place. 
Some imperialists we are.

Could there, just maybe, be
other reasons for dismantling Saddam Hussein's regime? 
Could it be that it is not in the best interest of national security for
America, our ally Israel, and the Middle East for Saddam Hussein to produce a
nuclear bomb and chemical and biological weapons? 
He would never sell them to a terrorist group willing to detonate one in
America or use them to intimidate, blackmail, and eventually take over the
region, would he?  Not Saddam.

You see, this is the
unavoidable fact of civilization:  whoever
has the biggest stick has control.  Problem
is, modern sticks are immensely powerful and can wipe out millions of people in
a moment.  Wishing life wasn't
this way and hoping something bad won't occur doesn't solve the reality of
history repeating itself. 

What an alarming number of
Americans do not understand is people like Saddam Hussein, Osama bin Laden, and
North Korea's Kim Jong Il are not like you and me. 
They are not reasonable.  They
adhere closely to the stick philosophy.  They
aren't content to earn a living, raise a family, and take a summer vacation. 
They want more power, more control of the world, just like their evil
predecessors of history past.  It's just that darn United States keeps getting in the way. 

Europe certainly doesn't get
in the way.  Their memory is about
as short and weak as their spine.  Correct
me if I'm wrong, but wasn't France occupied two separate times last
century…and then rescued by America?  The
ingratitude and short-sightedness of it all is astounding. 
And by the way, France sold Iraq their first nuclear reactor, has a large
Arab population, and currently trades Iraq food for oil. 
Germany has sold Iraq weapons and nuclear technology. 
Who, did you say, has the conflict of interest? 

Perhaps the millions of war
protesters across the world are right if you believe in the mistaken notion that
so many could not be wrong.  Instead
of venting their vitriolic hatred of America, one would think they would protest
the human rights abuses in North Korea, China, Africa, and Iraq. 
Or how about protesting Saddam Hussein and the environmental disaster he
purposely created at the end of the Gulf War? 
Apparently, these examples don't hold a candle to American crimes of
capitalism, democracy, and Judeo-Christian values.

But what about the innocent
civilians certain to be killed in a war with Iraq?  Let me ask you a question? 
Is it better that 5000 (or pick your number) Iraqi civilians should die
now or millions of others later when Saddam Hussein intimidates, blackmails,
sells, and eventually uses his nuclear, chemical, and biological weapons on the
United States, Israel, and anyone else he desires? 

"Life isn't perfect,"
your mother told you.  This would be
a good time to start believing it.  Imperfect
choices must be made to stop the cancer-like spread of evil. 
The choice is simple: it is either some of them now or many more of us

America is not just different,
we are better than any nation that has gone before us because of our founding
principles, a representative form of government and individual freedoms.  
Are we perfect?  Of course not.  The
issue we face is self-preservation.  See
the evil, America-admit it, accept it, and then deal with it!

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