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Topics Include: 


Nazi Political Biology as Eco-Fascism—by Mark Musser

The green movement did not begin with Rachel Carson and hippy movement of the 1960’s, but is largely rooted in the Romanticism, Social Darwinism, and Existentialist movements of the 1800s in Germany. Mark Musser’s book, Nazi Oaks, describes the nature-based ethos of the German green movement together with its anti-Semitism that was later absorbed by National Socialism under the biological umbrella of ‘scientific’ Social Darwinism.


The Holocaust as a Green Nazi Sacrifice—by Mark Musser

The green movement was the last segment of German Society to admit its complicity with National Socialism and the horrors of the Holocaust. While countless historical books have decried the industrial nature of the Holocaust, such works fail to explain the motive behind the greatest crime of the 20th century. Mark Musser’s book, Nazi Oaks, provides a concrete history of a greatly underappreciated aspect of National Socialism – its strong ties to the early German green movement that exacerbated the wild brutality of the Holocaust precisely because of its nature-based ethos that valued the natural world above people.  


The European Union: The Rising of the Final World Empire—by Rob Congdon


Over 2500 years ago, God revealed through the prophet Daniel that the Roman Empire will again rise to world power just prior to the return of Jesus Christ to establish His earthly, Millennial Kingdom. Inspired by Satan, this Roman Empire will be unique in history as it seeks to destroy Israel and stop the plan of God for history. Today’s European Union may well be the embryo of this Roman Empire as it set the stage for the final act of history.


The Rising of the Russian and Iranian Alliance: Ezekiel 38 & 39—by Rob Congdon 

“NATO planning to send 4,000 troops to the border of Russia;” “Russia forms an alliance with Iran over Syria”... today’s headlines present a scenario remarkably similar to the lead-up of the Battle of Gog-Magog of Ezekiel 38 and 39. While current events are subjects of interest to all well-informed people, even more important is a biblical understanding of these events that may be setting the stage to prophetic fulfillment in our times. 


Ten Foundational Hallmarks of the Coming Religious Reich, Part 1 and 2—by Brannon Howse

This is a new presentation that Brannon has not delivered before. Filled with cutting edge information and lots of Scripture, this keynote presentation will allow you to understand the times and how to respond.

Looking back at the horrors of World War II, many people think, “We’re glad that’s over with.” They naively believe the days of people like Hitler are gone for good. Yet we live amid threats creating a worldwide nightmare Hitler only managed in a few countries. 

Behind the scenes, as Brannon will point out in this eye-opening new presentation, Satan oversees a worldwide assembly of unthinkable forces trying to capture the hearts of any men and women unaware of his sinister tactics. Politics alone will not seduce the world to follow his leaders. Neither will economics by itself. This time, the enemy of God and man is bringing together what history shows to be the most powerful of all influences: the religions of everyone on the planet.

Over the past century, postmodernism has beguiled the world and conditioned people across the globe to embrace pagan spirituality and reject reason, logic, and absolute truth. Manipulating populations through education, environmentalism, economics, and ecumenicalism will culminate in a global empire that brings oppression on a scale never before seen. The world religious Reich is the final chapter of sinful man’s history before God intervenes and crushes this Satan-inspired system. 

Although we may not all live to see the end game, we’re already living in the transformation to what will be. That’s why Brannon wants you to know how to hold fast the true gospel, stand firm in the face of whatever persecution may come, and perhaps even stem the tide in your part of the world. From humanists and New Agers to Roman Catholics, Mormons, and opportunistic evangelicals, Brannon will detail the people, events, and trends that few recognize are eliminating personal freedom and eradicating Western culture. He will share a wealth of biblical and historical research, so you can discern the spread of a world Reich the Bible predicted ages ago. 

After his presentation, you will “understand the times” and know how to share a truly Christian worldview with those being swept toward the next Reich.

Religion is becoming the driving force behind political and economic structures of the most demonic world empire in history. Brannon will show in this presentation that a one-world, ecumenical, religious system is in the works which will foster a global consensus around a worldwide socialistic economy and tyrannical government. 

In the two previous books in his trilogy of warnings about the developing one-world system, Brannon first explained the grave influence of radical change agents who infiltrated the global education system to corrupt the worldview of the past several generations. Then he revealed a religious “Trojan horse” that crept into modern-day evangelicalism to set the stage for the Antichrist. Now, Brannon will show where we are on the path to worldwide totalitarianism and who the key players are. 

This is no conspiracy theory. Scripture details the facts, worldviews, key participants, nations, and the events that are at work. 


God’s Prophetic Calendar: Where We Are and Where We Are Not, Part 1—by Dr. Tommy Ice 

God prepared the world for the first coming of Christ and 2 Thessalonians 2 indicates that He is currently preparing the world for the Second Coming of Christ. There is great excitement in many circles today about the possibility that we are near the end times and the soon coming of Christ. There are legitimate signs of the times, but there are far too many who are pushing the ideas of man as biblical indicators of things to come. How are believers to know and discern the true from the false? Is Bible prophecy being fulfilled today? Can a believer properly speculate about prophetic events or is all speculation unbiblical? Dr. Ice will provide a biblical framework for understanding the Bible concerning these important issues which enables a believer to discern the times in which we live. Such an understanding of the whole counsel of God is an essential part of a proper Christian worldview.


God’s Prophetic Calendar: Where We Are and Where We Are Not, Part 2—by Dr. Tommy Ice 

Dr. Ice will deal with a number of biblical passages that he believes are misunderstood by many, resulting in a false popular notion of some elements of Bible prophecy. For instance: Does Daniel 12 teach that the book of Daniel will not be able to be understood until the end times, and does 12:4 teach that knowledge in general and travel will increase great during the end times? What about the Blood Moons, Shemitah prophecies, and similar speculations? Why is date setting always unbiblical? Does the Bible predict a great apostasy during the current church age? Is the European Union a fulfillment of Bible prophecy today? Was part of Joel 2 fulfilled in Acts 2 on the day of Pentecost at the birth of the church? Is the fig tree illustration in Matthew 24 a prophecy about the modern state of Israel? To what period does the prophecy in Matthew 24:4–31 refer? These and other issues will be examined in order to provide a biblical indication of where we are on God’s prophetic calendar.


The Great Climate Debate & The Junk Science Pushing Global Governance—by Charles Clough (Part 1 & 2)

Charles Clough is an MIT graduate and served as a staff meteorologist with the Department of the Army in charge of atmospheric measurements, modeling, and environmental applications to support weapons testing at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. Clough is an expert at exposing the radical environmental movement that Darwinian evolution and globalists are using to push global governance. 



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