A Large Group of Illegal-Alien Men Dressed in Military-Style Camouflage Caught Entering Texas From Mexico: Worldview Report Transcript For May 26, 2022

INTRO: The World Economic Forum is in full swing in Davos this week and they’ve got a plan for the world, but it comes with a heavy cost and it’s not the billionaires in attendance who will foot the bill. We’ll fill you in.

Another tragic story of a vaccine-related death that you’ll never hear about in the corporate media.

A group of nearly three dozen men of military age, all dressed in camouflage, are caught trying to cross illegally into the U.S. from Mexico, and we’ve got the video.

In a blockbuster case, a U.S. Navy panel has voted unanimously this week in favor of an officer who challenged the mandatory Covid vaccines. This is a true David vs. Goliath story.

And State Farm abandons its LGBTQ grooming program targeting kids as young as 5 in Florida schools…. All this and more when the Worldview Report starts now.


Good evening everyone and welcome to the broadcast. I’m Brannon Howse.

As many of you know, the World Economic Forum conference has been in session this week in Davos, Switzerland. And Ukrainian President Zelensky used the platform to make a bold ask of every nation in the formerly free Western world. Zelensky, the quintessential globalist speaking to his fellow globalists, put in his order for $5 billion a month from the global community.

Zelensky requested the cash infusion immediately.

Here he is addressing the globalists seated at the Forum in Davos.



Fortune.com reported:

In the three-day summit’s opening address, Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelensky, dressed in his trademark wartime olive-green T-shirt, and projected on monitors from Kyiv, told about 1,000 CEOs and government officials that Ukraine needs $5 billion a month, beginning immediately, in order to stave off full-blown economic collapse—a collapse that would have deep global ramifications.

“The amount of work is enormous,” he said. “We have more than a half a trillion dollars in losses, and tens of thousands of facilities destroyed. We need to rebuild entire cities and industries.”

Yet rather than describing the dire situation as a crisis, Zelensky cast it as a potentially lucrative opportunity for Western countries and companies.

“Patronage” for investors.

Zelensky said Ukraine would have a “special, historically significant model of rebuilding,” in which companies and countries could choose a specific region to rebuild. This system, which he called a “patronage,” is meant as a way of attracting the world’s top engineers and architects to Europe’s biggest reconstruction since the aftermath of the Second World War, nearly 80 years ago.

Question: When the U.S. economy finally collapses, which it is well on its way to doing, who do we ask for a bailout?


The Gateway Pundit reports that a baby girl tragically drowned in three inches of bathwater at home in Christchurch in Dorset, England, after her mother suffered an adverse reaction following her Covid-19 vaccination, an inquest has heard.

Lawyer Louise Atkinson passed out while bathing her nine-month-old baby girl, Ellie, a day after receiving her first dose of the Covid injection.

According to reports, Atkinson’s husband found the mother unresponsive in the bathroom. To his horror, he saw their baby daughter face down in the bath turning blue. He tried to revive the baby while calling first responders but it was too late.

As reported by the Daily Mail (long 5-graph quote follows)

“Her husband James came home from a trip to the dentist and pushed open the bathroom door to discover it had been blocked by his unresponsive wife on the floor.

“Mr. Atkinson picked her out of the water and woke his wife by grabbing hold of her. He then laid Ellie on the bathroom floor where he began CPR while calling 999 on speakerphone.

“Mr. Atkinson, a business manager, carried on the resuscitation attempts until the emergency services arrived six minutes later at their £500,000 home in Christchurch, Dorset.

“Ellie was flown by helicopter to Southampton General Hospital, Hampshire, but was pronounced dead four hours later on March 23, 2021.”


A large group of illegal-alien men dressed in military-style camouflage were caught entering Texas from Mexico earlier this week, according to Fox News reporter Bill Melugin who posted a wild Texas DPS video of the migrants attempting to flee capture. Thirty-two men of military age were caught by Border Patrol agents and Texas Department of Public Safety officers in a recent joint effort.

Congressman Tony Gonzales (R-TX), whose district includes Big Bend, says the cartels usually make those crossing there pass a five-day desert survival course before sending them over from Mexico. Still, not all make it. The body of a young woman migrant from Honduras who succumbed to the harsh environment was found during the operation.

The migrants are seen on video running through a ranch in the Big Bend sector in West Texas as a Texas DPS helicopter flushes them out from a grove of trees into open terrain.



All 32 of the illegals were eventually apprehended and you can see them here in this photo.




Here’s some good news.

In stunning rebuke to the Pentagon’s top brass, an internal Navy board voted 3-0 in favor of a vaccine resistor amid questions of the vax mandate's lawfulness.

A Navy administrative separation board voted unanimously to retain an officer who refused to comply with the military's COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 

Just the News reports that Navy Lt. Billy Moseley, who has been an officer for 22 years, could have chosen to retire from the military when he was ordered to receive the COVID gene-therapy injection. He also could have submitted a Religious Accommodation Request, since he objected to the vaccine for religious reasons. 

Instead, he risked his retirement, and challenged the mandate, bringing his case before the administrative separation board after learning "that the Navy and the other services intended to implement a blanket denial policy," according to a press release from his attorney, R. Davis Younts. 

The press release states that Moseley consulted with legal and medical experts and "became convinced that as an officer, he had an obligation to take a stand against the unlawful order and be a voice for thousands of enlisted Sailors.”

His attorney, Younts, told Just the News that Moseley is one of the first Navy service members — maybe even the first officer — to go to the board over the COVID vaccine mandate. 

What he has accomplished is a tremendous win for the nation and his fellow Naval officers and enlisted men.

Any service member who has been in the military for more than six years is entitled to go before the board for due process. In the Navy, the board's recommendation on whether to retain or terminate a member of the service is considered binding. 

Younts argued at the board hearing that the mandate for the experimental COVID jabs was not a lawful order since the military has not made fully FDA-approved versions of the vaccines available to military members. The only FDA approved Covid injection is one that is not even available and won’t be until 2024 at the earliest and the FDA pulled a bait and switch on the American public when it announced last year it had granted full approval to a version of the Pfizer vaccine that doesn’t exist. 

The military defense attorney told Just the News that the attorneys for the Navy agreed with him that there are no FDA-approved vaccines available, only interchangeable vaccines. Younts added that if there are no FDA-approved vaccines available, then the president would have to authorize the experimental shots that are currently available, which hasn’t happened. 


As we’ve reported previously, everything that is going on in the most restrictive Covid lockdown nations like China and the most punitive measures in nations like Canada and Australia are things that the CDC, NIH and the rest of the U.S. federal cartel would love to be able to implement here, because it’s all part of the same plan ladies and gentlemen. It’s all part of the World Economic Forum Great Reset for the world where you will end up owning nothing, having zero privacy or control over your own actions, and supposedly you will learn to love it.

In that context, we bring you this next report from South Australia.



That measure, according to the Daily Mail Australia, did end up passing. It provides for a $20 fine against individuals and $75,000 fine for businesses caught disobeying Covid edicts on mask wearing, forced quarantining, and mandatory vaccines.

And the laws are even more strict in Victoria, Australia, where fines for various violations are as much $22,000 for an individual worker and up to $90,000 per day on businesses, and a company who allows an unvaccinated worker to work can be fined $109,000.

Furthermore, according to the Daily Mail, individuals in Victoria who commit so-called “serious breaches” of public health orders face up to 2 years in prison or a $90,000 fine, while business can be fined $455,000.

Put together, a business in Victoria could conceivably be fined half a million dollars just for allowing somebody who is unvaccinated to do a morning’s work.

This is the new normal of life in the Great Reset, also known as tyranny. And it’s coming to America on a fast track if we allow it.


Dr. Paul Alexander has a new Substack article up that warns that the COVID vaccine flattens the immune response for two weeks post shot and you are susceptible to COVID and many other viruses and pathogens. The shot damages your innate and acquired-adaptive immunity, making you more susceptible to a wide range of illnesses and diseases, including Monkeypox.

Dr. Alexander cites a scientific paper by Follmann, et al, which concludes that the impact of the Moderna vaccine on the nucleocapsid protein antibodies was that they were  heavily depressed in the vaccinated relative to the unvaccinated.

Dr. Alexander’s interpretation of the study is as follows:

“I would place my money on the link between COVID vax and monkeypox and the damage to the immune system of vaccinees. Until I see otherwise, this is where I will let my money ride. Too coincidental, we are seeing that the vaccinated are at massive risk for infection since the sub-optimal vaccinal antibodies bind to the spike protein but do not neutralize the virus (or eliminate it) and research is showing that the vaccinal antibodies actually facilitate/enhance infection in the vaccinated. These non-sterilizing COVID vaccines are driving infectious variants and may drive a lethal variant to emerge.”


A severe pilot shortage in the US has led to slashed flights just as the travel season ramps up. And this will cause ticket prices to skyrocket this summer, according to CNBC.  

The origins of the shortage began in the early days of the virus pandemic when pilot hiring, training, and licensing stalled. Then airlines forced thousands of pilots into early retirement to slash labor costs as travel demand cratered, according to Zero Hedge.

Some retired rather than submit to mandatory gene-therapy injections.

Now lawmakers on Capitol Hill are proposing legislation to increase the retirement age for airline pilots from 65 to 67 to extend pilots' flight time as the industry scrambles for solutions. 

United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby told investors during an earnings call in April that the shortage could last for years. 

"The pilot shortage for the industry is real, and most airlines are simply not going to be able to realize their capacity plans because there simply aren't enough pilots, at least not for the next five-plus years," Kirby said. 

The shortage has hit regional carriers the hardest. Phoenix-based Mesa Air Group, which flies for American and United, lost tens of millions of dollars last quarter because of flight reductions due to the lack of pilots. 


The Naples United Church of Christ in Naples, Florida, is hosting a LGBTQ+ conference for youth ages 12 to 18. The proceedings will include a drag show.

The Post Millennial filed a report quoting from the advertisement for the event, which read:

“GLSEN Collier is hosting the inaugural Youth Pride Conference in Naples, FL for all local LGBTQ youth ages 12-18.”

Oh, and the church also felt the need to tell us that the event is sold out.

The event's description reads: "This one-day conference, created by and for LGBTQ youth, will provide students with the opportunity to engage in LGBTQ-related issues facing them today while empowering them to be confident in all their identities. Breakfast and lunch will be provided for all attendees as well as a drag show from some of our local drag queens."

The event's description also says there will be a keynote speaker, and a panel discussion "with former high school students talking about life in the LGBTQ community after high school." Attendees will have the opportunity to attend some breakout sessions covering subjects of their own particular interest.

According to Florida's Voice, there is some community concern about the event, especially since it appears many children attending will be bused in directly from school without parents' knowledge.

In fact, a spokesperson from the local school district said such activity is not permitted within Collier County.

The spokesperson stated: "The District was never informed nor contacted about this event. CCPS [Collier County Public Schools] is not a sponsor of the event, which is being held at a private facility."

So, this is a case where a local church is actually more woke and more radical than the public school system.

Bottom line for parents: Don’t assume that just because some event is held at a “church” that it’s going to be wholesome family-oriented entertainment for your kids. You have to investigate. This isn’t 1980, or even 1990. Things are changing, faster than many parents are able to keep up.


Stephen Moore is out with a new article at the Epoch Times that investigates the true cost of alternative energy and all of the lies that proponents of the green economy are espousing by spinning the narrative and twisting the numbers.

For example, John Kerry, the Biden administration’s climate czar, recently claimed that “solar and wind are less expensive than coal or oil or gas.” Pete Buttigieg, who is Biden’s Transportation secretary, makes the same claims about the thousands of dollars that motorists can save if they buy electric cars.

This couldn’t be more wrong, writes Moore, adding:

“Proponents of green energy boondoggles are often masters at playing with the numbers, because that is the only way that wind and solar electricity generation make any sense. Advocates such as Kerry love to focus on the low operating costs of solar and wind since they don’t require constant purchases of fuel. Ignoring the relatively short lifespan of solar and wind components, as well as the high initial investment, can make it appear as though solar and wind operate at lower costs than fossil fuels or nuclear power.”

Then Moore delivers the knockout punch to the proponents of green energy, when he writes:

“Let’s get the facts straight. The cost isn’t just what you pay at the retail level for gas or power. It also includes the taxes you pay to subsidize the power. A 2017 study by the Department of Energy found that for every dollar of government subsidy per BTU unit of energy produced from fossil fuels, wind and solar get at least $10.”

Of course, all of these lies and distortions are drummed into students’ heads in high schools and colleges across this country every day. We have a lot of work to do in educating people.


Time now for our nightly Worldview Report commentary.

We reported last night that State Farm Insurance has been encouraging its employees to donate money to buy LGBTQ books for young school children in Florida. The information came from a whistleblower inside the company, but only after it was widely publicized by conservative media did State Farm retreat and change its policy.

The auto and home insurance company had partnered with the “GenderCool Project” to supply transgender books for students as young as kindergarten.

The three books, A Kids Book About Being Transgender, A Kids Book About Being Non-Binary, and A Kids Book About Being Inclusive, contain various descriptions about gender and sexual identity meant to disprove the notion that gender is the same as biological sex and establish that it is therefore changeable. The GenderCool Project markets the three-book bundle to children ages 5 and over, a fact noted in the whistleblower email.

Let’s be honest. This was your classic grooming project, seeking to get little kids thinking in terms of sex and sexual identity at ages no child should have to think about such things and is frankly unable to even process.

State Farm may have canceled the project, but we won’t forget what they tried to do.

That wraps up this edition of the Worldview Report. We wish you all a good evening and invite you to join us again tomorrow night at this same time. Until then, may God bless you and God bless America.


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