Ken Paxton and G.O.A Are Seeking a Preliminary Injunction


  • The Russians are moving their nuclear-armed submarines into positions off the coast of the United States, according to new reports from military sources.
  • What’s it like working as an Amazon delivery driver. A whistleblower has come forward giving us a firsthand account that you don’t want to miss.
  • State and federal law enforcement agencies are showing a lot of concern about the potential for violent protests in East Palestine while the rest of the government shows little interest in getting people there the help they need.
  • The city of San Francisco objects to proposals to deport illegal aliens who import deadly Fentanyl into their city, making it a sanctuary for foreign drug smugglers.
  • And the president of the E.U. says she wants European nations to send jet fighters to Ukraine, adding yet another escalation to the widening proxy war between NATO and Russia.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Report begins, right now!


Good evening and welcome to the Worldview Report.

Newsweek reports that United States’ commanders and military observers are sounding the alarm about the activity of Russia’s submarine fleet off the U.S. coast.

Since Russia’s war in Ukraine commenced one year ago, there has been a buildup of Russian Navy forces in the Black Sea. There has also been, according to Newsweek’s citing of U.S. military sources, an increasing presence of Russian submarines off of U.S. coasts and in the Mediterranean.

The Russian Navy commands one of the largest and most modern submarine fleets in the world. Some are capable of carrying ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads, which Moscow considers a key strategic deterrent.

Over the past several years, Moscow produced a series of submarines that have the capability to reach the most critical targets in the U.S. and continental Europe. Some of the submarines, as warned by military expert Dr. Peter Pry before his death last year, are unmanned and have the ability to launch Poseidon missiles from underwater, creating a tsunami effect on U.S. cities.

Michael Peterson, director of the Russia Maritime Studies Institute, which conducts research on Russian military and economic issues linked to the world's oceans, told Newsweek there are indications that “nuclear-powered submarines have been deploying off the coast of the United States and into the Mediterranean and elsewhere along Europe’s periphery.”

Last October, U.S. Air Force General Glen VanHerck, the head of U.S. Northern Command and NORAD, warned about the growing presence of the nuclear-powered submarines off of U.S. coasts. 

VanHerck told the Association of the U.S. Army Conference:

“They just moved subs, their first, into the Pacific. Another is out in the Mediterranean right now and another that's out on its way into the Atlantic. That will be a persistent, proximate threat capable of carrying a significant number of land-attack cruise missiles that can threaten our homeland.”

What Newsweek doesn’t tell you is that this “threat” was all brought on by Joe Biden’s reckless funding of Russia’s opponent in a regional border dispute in Eastern Europe. 


The Texas Department of Public Safety accidentally sent thousands of Texas driver’s licenses to a Chinese crime syndicate in a security lapse that is being investigated, the Dallas Morning News reports.

At least 3,000 Texans of Asian descent were targeted in what DPS Chief Steve McCraw described as “a Chinese organized crime group based in New York working in a number of different states.” 

According to Breitbart News, the gang used the fraudulently obtained identities to give to illegal alien look-alikes in New York.

McCraw said, “We’re not happy at all. Controls should have been in place and this should have never happened.”

McCraw said the agency is working with the federal government and an investigation is now being conducted in at least four states, as other states were similarly targeted. 


The organized crime group was not identified by name other than the fact that it’s based in China.


The New York Post reports that Amazon delivery drivers are chafing under the company’s Big Brother-like system that tracks their every move.

The system checks to make sure their seatbelts are fastened, they’re not sipping coffee while in motion, they make a full stop at stop signs, and they don’t go more than 6 miles per hour over the posted speed limit.

Amber Girts, a 21-year-old Amazon van driver, posted a viral video on social media describing the “dystopian” surveillance methods used by the e-commerce giant to force its army of delivery people to comply with road safety regulations.

“We’re tracked, right?” Girts says in the now-viral TikTok video.

“That little guy is how we’re tracked,” the driver says, pointing to the four-lens camera affixed to the front windshield.

“It’s probably recording me recording it, but it can’t hear me, so that’s nice,” Girts says as she films the nearly two-minute-long clip in which she describes the company’s elaborate array of cameras.


Twitter user Wall Street Silver dubbed the use of tracking cameras as “dystopian.”

The fact is, all vehicles are soon going to be outfitted with this type of technology, as well as a remote kill switch that will disable your vehicle if you show too many signs of disobedient behavior while behind the wheel.

We have Joe Biden to thank for that. He buried the kill switch requirement in his 2021 infrastructure bill, requiring all new cars to have remote kill switches by the year 2026.


Ohio law enforcement issued a report late last month warning that events planned in East Palestine by environmental activist Erin Brockovich could prompt a terrorist threat from violent extremists, according to an intelligence bulletin obtained by Yahoo News.

Dated February 24 and distributed to law enforcement agencies by the Department of Homeland Security, the Ohio Statewide Terrorism Analysis & Crime Center Terrorism Analysis Unit Situational Awareness report obtained by Yahoo News “assesses that special interest extremist groups will continue to call for changes in governmental policy, which may lead to protests in/around East Palestine and/or at the Statehouse in Columbus.”

How interesting that the Ohio and federal governments equate upset Americans protesting over their community being harmed with being a terrorist.

Since when did exercising one’s First Amendment rights of freedom to assemble, freedom of speech and to redress grievances become a terroristic act?

The report goes on to single out the reaction by Brockovich, a whistleblower who helped build a successful lawsuit against a California utility company in a case involving contaminated groundwater, to the February 3 train derailment and release of toxic chemicals in East Palestine.

“On 24 February, environmental activist Erin Brockovich [United States person] is scheduled to be in East Palestine to explain residents’ legal rights. Brockovich has urged the community to use common sense and ask questions. Brockovich is also placing blame solely on Norfolk Southern. The STACC TAU assess this event could potentially increase tensions within the community.”

The report assesses the risk posed by Brockovich and other activist groups that have planned events in East Palestine following the outrageous decision to conduct a controlled burn of highly toxic vinyl chloride, a carcinogenic ingredient used in the production of plastic products after the derailment.

The report states that:

“According to the FBI, special interest terrorism differs from traditional right-wing and left-wing terrorism in that extremist special interest groups seek to resolve specific issues, rather than effect widespread political change. Such extremists conduct acts of politically motivated violence to force segments of society, including the general public, to change attitudes about issues considered important to the extremists’ cause.”

Of course, this is all a false narrative. The good people of East Palestine just want justice, and they have been totally peaceful is making their case.


The Epoch Times reports that San Francisco County Supervisor Shamann Walton told residents of the city this week that the U.S. should not deport illegal immigrant drug dealers for selling Fentanyl, the deadly synthetic opioid that has been responsible for nearly 2,000 drug overdose deaths in the city since 2020.

Walton, speaking at a rally on the steps of City Hall on February 28, stated:

“There’s been a drug issue in this country for a very long time. But there’s no way we’re going to stand by and allow people to say that one race or immigrants are responsible for these Fentanyl deaths.”

Walton defended the city’s sanctuary policies that prohibit city authorities from cooperating in any way with federal immigration officials in response to a proposal by one City Supervisor to add Fentanyl crimes to a list of violent crimes the city uses for cooperating with ICE. 


Breitbart reports that European Parliament President Roberta Metsola called for E.U. governments to send fighter jets to Ukraine as she made a surprise visit to the country on Saturday to meet with President Zelensky.

Adding her voice to those calling for an escalation in the war with Russia, Metsola said Ukraine should be supplied with warplanes from European Union member-states, just days after the first Western tanks rolled into the country.


“Member States should seriously consider sending warplanes to Ukraine,” Metsola said at a briefing in western Ukraine, adding that she will continue to advocate for more military equipment to be sent to the war zone, German newspaper Die Welt reported.

But the main point of her trip was to advance the prospect of Ukraine joining the European Union, with Metsola saying that she hoped negotiations could begin as early as this year. Zelensky, meanwhile, said his government would do everything to try to meet the standards of admission into the E.U. bloc so negotiations could begin as soon as possible.

The European Parliament president’s itinerary also saw her participating in the so-called United for Justice conference, which seeks to hold Russian figures to account after the war is concluded by bringing them before international tribunals on charges of crimes against humanity.


Now a report on the latest drive to get us to eat bugs and how to be on your guard against Big Food companies trying to slip them into pre-packaged goodies that you buy at the grocery store.

For starters, if you read the list of ingredients, it’s not going to say “crickets” or “cricket larvae.”

It’s most likely going to be called Acheta protein, which is another word for cricket protein. Acheta domesticus is the scientific name for the common house cricket – the same kind of cricket you feed to your pet lizard or the kind your backyard chickens snap up as a delicacy.

Acheta protein is becoming more common as a food ingredient. You will see Acheta show up on food labels soon if you haven’t already. In fact, some folks may have already eaten crickets without knowing it.

Why not just call Acheta what it is? Cricket protein. It’s called Acheta protein because it’s used in food and because cricket would be a turn-off to too many potential customers. They know that nobody would eat crickets voluntarily so they need to trick us into eating them.

But if you had to choose, would you rather eat crickets or eat Acheta?

It’s all in the use of words. One sounds disgusting while the other sounds at least interesting and possibly exotic.

We reported weeks ago that insects were just approved in the European Union for human consumption. Plus, insect protein like crickets and mealworm are “good for the environment,” if you believe the globalists at the World Economic Forum. 

Acheta protein is touted as essential to living a “sustainable” lifestyle; by eating a protein source that creeps and crawls instead of grazing on God’s green earth, you are somehow helping to save the planet.


One businessman who is not trying to fool anyone about the ingredients in his ice cream products is Thomas Micolino, owner of an ice cream parlor in Rottenburg, Germany. He recently debuted a new ice cream flavor with dried-out crickets garnishing the top of the desert.


Doesn’t that look lovely?

The ice cream is made with cricket flour, heavy cream, vanilla extract and honey, topped with whole crickets on top.

Micolino told the German paper DPA:

“I am a very curious person and want to try everything. I’ve eaten a lot of things, including a lot of strange things, and crickets were something I still wanted to try, also in the form of ice cream.

“Those who try it are very enthusiastic. I have customers who come here every day and buy a scoop.”

He said that while there are plenty of those who like the flavor and are curious to try it, there are just as many that are repulsed at the idea and hate that the creamery chose to make such a flavor.

He at least gets credit for commercial honesty.


Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and Gun Owners of America are seeking a preliminary injunction against the pistol brace rule recently issued by the out-of-control federal agency known as the ATF.

On February 9, Paxton and GOA filed their initial suit, at which time Paxon told Breitbart News, “[The pistol brace rule] is yet another attempt by the Biden Administration to create a workaround to the U.S. Constitution and expand gun registration in America. There is absolutely no legal basis for ATF’s haphazard decision to try to change the long-standing classification for stabilizing braces, force registration on Americans, and then throw them in jail for 10 years if they don’t quickly comply. This rule is dangerous and unconstitutional, and I’m hopeful that this lawsuit will ensure that it is never allowed to take effect.”

Breitbart News reported that the ATF pistol brace rule places pistol stabilizer braces under the auspices of the National Firearms Act.

The rule was published in the Federal Register on January 31, giving owners of said braces 120 days to take one of the five following actions:

• Turn in the entire firearm with the attached “stabilizing brace” to ATF;
• Destroy the whole firearm;
• Convert the short-barreled rifle into a long-barreled rifle;
• Apply to register the weapon under the National Firearms Act; or
• Permanently remove and dispose of, or alter, the “stabilizing brace” from the firearm so that it cannot be reattached.

Paxton and Gun Owners of America are now seeking a preliminary injunction against the rule. They claim the ATF has done a 180-degree pivot on stabilizer braces, going from viewing them as “lawful” to viewing them as converting pistols into short-barrel rifles that need to be registered.


Time now for our Worldview Report commentary.

Tonight we unpack one of the globalists’ recent pandemic simulations led by Bill Gates that specifically targets children.

The simulation, called Catastrophic Contagion, is something I covered late last year on my show, Brannon Howse Live.

This was a tabletop exercise in October 2022, organized by the World Health Organization and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Its purpose was to simulate the release of a deadly “Enterovirus” that specifically targets children.

Check out this report from the People’s Voice podcast.

WATCH VIDEO (clip first 4:49)

Gates is part of a group of powerful people working behind the scenes to influence our government to cede its national sovereignty under the U.S. Constitution to the World Health Organization, which operates under its own set of bylaws, called the International Health Regulations. A draft treaty has already been negotiated by the Biden regime to do exactly that—give away our sovereignty, and will be voted on in the final week of May at the World Health Assembly in Geneva.

Contact your member of Congress and U.S. senators to tell them to stop Biden’s transfer of sovereignty to a global body known for corruption and grift.

That does it for this edition of the Worldview Report. Thank you for watching and supporting this viewer-supported broadcast.

Until next time, I’m Brannon Howse. May God save America!


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