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The 3rd annual Contend 2016 Student Worldview Weekend for high school and college students is Thursday night, December 31, 2015, all day Friday, January 1, 2016, and half day Saturday, January 2, 2016.

Last year we had over 500 students registered from 26 states. However, some families and youth leaders have told us they simply cannot afford the cost of traveling to Memphis, Tennessee for the free conference.

While there is nothing like being at the conference live and in person with all the speakers and other attendees, we are going to live stream the speakers for those that otherwise cannot attend.

We are going to live stream each speaker from our television studio and then after each 45 minute talk, the students will be able to e-mail in their questions and Brannon will ask the speaker to answer them. This gives students and families that cannot attend the chance to not only hear each speaker, but to personally be involved in the conference by asking their questions. 


Organize a living room of high school and/or college students and any adults that want to take part and host the Contend 2016 conference in your home.

Again, we prefer that you join us in person at the free Contend 2016 Student Worldview Weekend, but if finances or the distance makes it impossible, then we hope this offer is an encouragement to you. 


To register to attend in person, please go to 


To join the Situation Room and watch the live stream of keynote presentations from our Memphis, television studio, please register for the Situation Room now at 


We wish we could offer the stream for free, but the live streaming costs are very expensive. Thank you for joining the Situation Room now at 


As a member of the Situation Room, you not only have access to additional live streaming events and nearly $100,000 in timeless, archived radio programs, television programs, conferences, EBooks, audio books, and transcripts, you will also receive a bonus membership to our online Biblical worldview software known as

Don’t delay; join today and receive a membership to the Situation Room and Worldviewpedia by going to 


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