It'd Be A Shame To Waste Such An <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />OpportunityBy Tamara and Lowell Scott <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
The American public put Republicans in control of the House, the Senate and the Whitehouse.   Against the tide of Hollywood, against the messages of the morning news shows and the media – against all odds – values were deemed valuable.  
Whose values?  Traditional values and Judeo Christian values won out.   Who was chosen to best protect and procure those values?  Republicans.   The Democrats can't quite yet understand they were not given control by the voters, but they were not.  They didn't earn it.    They're still stomping their feet, ridiculing potential solutions, creating distractions, and maligning the character or anyone making a positive impact.   They continue to prove they have no intention of working together for the greater good.
Seeing this, Republicans need to quit acting like a gracious host who gives up a seat for a guest and start acting like tenacious guards of a Fort under siege.  Whether it be guarding the borders from would-be criminals, protecting our national treasury from foolish spending, or stopping a band of black robed thieves from stealing private property, Americans and their freedoms are under attack.  
After battling judicial nominations for too many years already, we're hearing more threats as Supreme Court Justices are discussed.  Democrats say they'll demand a litmus test.   Schumer's proudly "preparing for war" on nominations.  Apparently, they have not learned the lesson of their former leader of obstruction, Tom - no longer Senator – Daschle.   The American people are tired of the games, finger pointing, and hardball harassment.   They want action on illegal immigration, social security, the national debt, and Supreme Court Justices.
The public has come to expect Democrats to whine, hurl accusations, and spread fear.  We've also come to realize the media will do whatever they can to help implement such diversions and keep this President from moving forward.   Even so, we should still expect, and demand, that Republicans don't become distracted, but remain diligent in the work we sent them to do.
Democrats will likely never acknowledge a success or a good strategy from this Administration.   Which is exactly why this Administration had best not work to appease the left on a Supreme Court Judicial Nomination.  They're going to bark no matter what. Choose the best nominee and let them bark loud.    There can be no compromise on issues of integrity.   There will be no benefit from backing down.  
This is a monumental opportunity to select a judge, possibly two, who will rule our land for the better part of half a century.   America needs judges who understand the binding intent of our Constitution and that it cannot be a living document.   Consider this, why would our forefathers stake such blood, sweat, and sacrifice on something that meant nothing, held no value, and could be changed at the drop of a new interpretation?   
 Action must happen now in this precious window of opportunity if we are to save any semblance of the Christian nation our Forefathers bled over.   "For such a time as this," is a familiar, if not overused, phrase from the story of Esther.   But the powerful message and warning in Esther 4:14 is often overlooked.    Those in places of leadership and ALL Christians should heed the words carefully.  
It wasn't enough that Esther was simply there or held a certain post in the Kingdom.   In fact, verse 13, Mordecai warned her that she would not escape simply because of her position.   Likewise, it's not enough to elect Christians for the sake holding posts if they refuse to stand for righteousness.   They become irrelevant and even dangerous to the cause of Christ.
At her own risk, knowing others were hoping for her destruction, Esther "took action in that time'.  Listen more to Mordecai's warning if she refused, "Should you hold your peace, deliverance will come from another place, but as for you and your father's house – you shall be destroyed."    This is the message most Christians fail to understand.  Too often, we refuse to step out of our comfort zone and speak.
God doesn't need America, Republicans, or Democrats to fulfill His plan.  He doesn't have to work through any of us to complete His work.   Our Republic is one of the finest forms of government in this world, and God has blessed it, but his design for this universe in no way hinges upon us.  He grants us the privilege to be involved and make a difference simply for our own blessing of being part of his work.   If America ceases to exist, God's work will still continue.      
If Republican leadership and this President don't press forward in full earnest and elect Supreme Court Justices like John Jay, they'll lose a powerful opportunity to secure this nation's future spiritually and otherwise.  They'll risk protecting its history of personal responsibility, limited government, and the freedoms we prize.  They will also lose the respect and trust of the American people and the energy base of their own grassroots.    They may even lose the next election.  
God may send help from another source.  But as in Esther, it will likely be too late for Republicans, and perhaps even us as a people, should we fail to speak for such a time as this.   Seems a shame to waste such an opportunity.

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