Inflation Reaches the Highest Levels in Four Decades: Worldview Report Transcript For March 10, 2022

Good evening everyone and welcome to the Worldview Report. I’m Brannon Howse.

Officials in Texas discovered some 10,000 uncounted ballots in a county near Houston in last week’s primary election, and now the area’s top election official has been forced to resign.

The resignation comes after scathing criticism from both Democrats and Republicans for a slew of mishaps during last week’s primary elections.

The New York Post reports that Harris County Elections Administrator Isabel Longoria publicly accepted the blame for the failures, which included broken voting machines, long lines during the vote and some 10,000 uncounted ballots that were discovered days after polls closed.

“Today I am submitting my resignation effective July 1,” said Longoria, while standing before the Harris County Commission. “Ultimately the buck stops with me. I didn’t meet my standards or those set by the commissioner’s court.”

Longoria, who was in charge of voting in the largest county in Texas, said she would stay on until a replacement can be found to take charge of upcoming elections. Harris County has two upcoming elections in May and the general election in November.


In July 2021, a scripted cyberattack simulation called Cyber Polygon took place in Europe. Sponsored in part by the World Economic Forum, it included the CEO of Sperbank, the deputy governor of the Bank of Russia and the prime minister of the Russian Federation. Now an actual cyberattack seems to be gaining traction.

Although the United States is bracing for retaliatory Russian cyberattacks, experts in the field say the Kremlin is likely still weighing whether destructive action in cyberspace is worth the blowback.

“The question is not ‘can Russia carry out cyberattacks against Europe or the United States,’” said Melissa Griffith, a senior program associate with the science and technology innovation program at The Wilson Center.

“The question is, what would Russia have to gain from and what would they risk by carrying out cyberattacks against the United States and Europe.’”

Griffith added that intentionally crippling U.S. critical infrastructure through a cyberattack is “risky and unwise” as the U.S. prepares to take countermeasures against Russia, such as imposing further economic sanctions.

XXX reported that a top scientist for Joe Biden, Dr. Francis Collins, defended using taxpayer dollars for experiments with aborted babies’ scalps, livers and other organs in a new leaked audio, claiming the barbaric research is “moral and beneficial.”

The Daily Wire first reported about the leaked audio of Francis Collins, a former National Institutes of Health director and current science adviser to President Joe Biden.

During a private Institute of Politics event Oct. 26 at the University of Chicago, a student in the audience asked Collins about the NIH using taxpayers’ money to fund experiments like one at the University of Pittsburgh that involved grafting the scalps of aborted babies onto the backs of rodents, the report states.

Collins, who professes to be a devout Christian, said he feels “troubled” by abortion, but he believes it is ethical to use “fetal tissue” for scientific research.

“After all, pregnancy termination is, at the present time, legal in the United States. Whether you’re in support of it or not, it’s happened …” Collins said, according to the report. “The material from those elective abortions is discarded. There are aspects of fetal tissue that can be extremely valuable in understanding how life works, how development happens, and how to treat certain diseases like Parkinson’s disease, for instance.”

Other scientists say research with aborted babies’ organs has not been effective, and ethical alternatives exist.

But Collins argued in favor of continuing research with aborted baby body parts because they are in easy supply, saying, “Fetal tissue is being discarded in large quantities every day.” Nearly 1 million unborn babies are aborted in the U.S. every year.

He continued: “If there were a circumstance where, with consent of the mother, having been obtained after the abortion, not in any way as an inspiration to carry it forward, the abortion … could ultimately help somebody. Which of those two choices is more ethical — discard all the tissue or use a small part?”

Then, Collins suggested that research with aborted baby body parts actually may redeem the immoral act of abortion.

“Can you in fact, … even with actions that you consider immoral, derive something from it that might actually be moral and beneficial?” he asked, the Wire reports. “That’s the horns of the dilemma upon which I have been resting here for these 12 years as NIH director, trying to oversee human fetal tissue research, which is something that I have to make decisions about.”

Under Collins’ leadership in the Obama administration, the NIH spent tens of millions of tax dollars funding unethical experiments involving aborted babies’ body parts.

In some experiments, organs were harvested from healthy, later-term unborn babies. According to CNS News, one University of California San Francisco experiment created “humanized mice” using organs from healthy aborted babies at 18 to 24 weeks gestation whose mothers had abortions for “elective … non-medical reasons.”


Russia Today, a state-run media operation known as RT, has lost its editor, as FOX 5 in New York has reported. Maria Baranova has confirmed her resignation.

World Net Daily reports that what's creating news is Baranova’s warning to the world as she left her job. “We're on the brink of a nuclear war right now.”

Just a week ago, she condemned Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to attack and invade Ukraine. She admitted she might now be in danger.

“The problem is, I know these people very well. They never send threats, they just kill, so there is kind of a weird silence around me, but I really think we’re on the brink of a nuclear war right now. I’m not exaggerating,” she told Fox News Digital via a social-media call.

Some of Putin's generals in the Russian military already have raised the prospect of using nuclear weapons. As former CIA analyst Dr. Peter Pry told this network in an interview earlier this week, the Russian military strategy has always included the idea that a nuclear war is winnable, whereas the U.S. position is that such a war would be so catastrophic that no nation could survive. The differences in the two outlooks make for a very dangerous situation because the Russians are prepared for a nuclear exchange while the U.S. population is not.


Both Pfizer and Moderna have admitted in their filings with the Security and Exchange Commission that their Covid injections are a form of gene therapy.

Thomas Renz, the attorney pursuing class-action lawsuits against the government and vaccine makers, revealed in a recent hearing that this was the case.

Renz said the CDC “changed the definition of vaccine so they could call them vaccines.” These aren’t vaccines. They are gene therapy and the government knows it.

Take a look.


Since it’s been admitted in public documents, the media should have been all over this story months ago. The fact that they kept the story from being reported at a time when all of the “fact checkers” were saying it’s false to label this treatment as gene therapy speaks volumes about the degree of the media’s complicity in the cover up to mass murder.


Chinese Communist Party media are now embedded with the Russian army in Ukraine and we have the evidence.

Jack Posobiec, who speaks Mandarin and spent a lot of time in China as a young Navy intelligence officer, posted to Twitter a video showing a Russian soldier being interviewed by a Chinese state-run journalist.


Posobiec tweeted further that Russia warned Joe Biden in 1997 that they would turn to China if NATO kept expanding up to its border.

Who would have known then that it would happen on Biden’s watch.


Global businesses are now falling over each other on the way out of Russia.


Hours after McDonald's announced plans to shutter every restaurant in Russia, Coca Cola followed suit, announcing on Tuesday that the company would no longer sell its products in the country, according to Bloomberg.

"We will continue to monitor and assess the situation as circumstances evolve," the company said in a statement.

Pepsi, meanwhile, is suspending capital investments and advertising in Russia.


Zero Hedge is reporting that you can expect to pay an additional $3,000 for the remainder of this year for food and gasoline as prices continue to skyrocket amid escalating war rhetoric and oil embargoes against Russia.

The U.S. was energy independent when Biden took office but that situation has been flipped on its head in a little over a year. We are now energy dependent while at the same time the Biden administration lurches toward World War III over Ukraine.

The average nationwide price for a gallon of regular unleaded gasoline has jumped 63 cents since February 24.

Prices at the pump have now soared to $4.173 per gallon for regular gasoline, according to Price Information Service (OPIS). This firm collects and calculates US pump prices for the American Automobile Association.

As gasoline prices increase and inflation reaches the highest levels in four decades, times are becoming much harder for the average consumer, experiencing a persistent rise in the prices of many goods and services. Steeper gas and food prices have forced millions of people to restructure household budgets.

The latest research note from Yardeni Research estimates the average household will spend an additional $2,000 per year in gasoline on top of an extra $1,000 in food expenses. Adding this all up, the typical household will spend $3,000 less this year on other things. 

Consumer sentiment remains at an eleven-year low as inflation soars. People living paycheck to paycheck are getting hit the worst. Some are being forced to choose between feeding their family or filling up their tank. 

Tom Kloza, the global head of energy analysis for the OPIS, warned on Monday, "we'll hit $4.50 a gallon before it turns around ... Even $5 a gallon nationwide is possible.”

Meanwhile, Biden blamed Russian President Vladimir Putin for 'hurting Americans at gasoline pumps' as if there had been no increase in gasoline prices until just two weeks ago.


More details are leaking out about the terms of Tamara Lich’s release on bail from a Canadian prison.

Lich, one of the leaders behind the Freedom Convoy, has literally been prevented from speaking critically of the Trudeau government and its draconian COVID rules, whether online or in person. If she does so, she will immediately be re-arrested and jailed.

And you thought that only happened in communist countries.

Justice John M. Johnston granted Lich bail earlier this week, and although saying she “ought to be released,” he placed extremely strict conditions on her, which in essence put her under a form of house arrest.

She is to reside at her Alberta house as directed by police, must report to them, and is to have no contact with the co-accused.


Top U.S. officials traveled to Venezuela over the weekend to gauge whether the government of dictator Nicolás Maduro might be willing to distance itself from Russia over the invasion of Ukraine, in exchange for an easing of U.S. sanctions on its oil sector.

A source familiar with the talks confirmed to McClatchy and the Miami Herald that the meeting occurred, but did not provide details.

Reuters reported that the sides made little progress in their first meeting, which included a top White House official and Maduro.

The United States has supported the opposition to Maduro’s government, and formally severed diplomatic ties in 2019. But the meeting suggests that the White House is willing to engage after years of stalemate.

The Biden administration has grown increasingly concerned that rising tensions with Moscow could spill over into Latin America, where Russian President Vladimir Putin has cultivated cozy relationships in recent years with several governments – including that of Venezuela and Cuba.


President Biden is expected to sign an executive order on cryptocurrency this week that will mark the first step toward regulating how digital currency is traded.

Resist the Mainstream reports the move comes as administration officials have raised concerns in recent weeks about Russia’s use of cryptocurrency to evade the impact of crushing sanctions in response to its invasion of Ukraine. The sanctions have sent the ruble to historic lows and have closed the country’s stock market.

Two people familiar with the process said the executive order on cryptocurrency was expected to be issued this week and it had been in the works long before the war.

The order is expected to describe what government agencies, including the Treasury Department, need to do to develop policies and regulations on independent digital currencies. It is expected to include a request for the State Department to ensure that American cryptocurrency laws are aligned with those of US allies and will ask the Financial Stability Oversight Council — which monitors the stability of the US financial system — to study illicit finance concerns.

Biden’s executive order will also explore the creation of a new central bank digital currency. The Federal Reserve issued a paper on the topic in January that explores the risks and benefits of US-backed digital currency to replace cash.


Speaking of digital currencies, Australia has announced it is phasing out physical currency and will become a completely cashless society by 2031 at the latest.

Since 2019, banks have removed 3,800 ATMs across the country, representing over one-third of Australia’s cash machines, reported. The top four Australian banks, meanwhile, have permanently shuttered 459 branches.

CBA, Australia’s largest bank, now has just 875 branches, compared with 1,200 before COVID-19. At the same time, the bank has cut ATMs by more than half, down to 2,000.

In New South Wales, over 200 suburbs have no way to obtain cash in their area, according to, and 300 lack a bank store.

Digital transactions already predominate in Australia, where fewer than 25 percent of transactions involve physical money and 80 percent of residents prefer virtual banking.

The shift to digital, experts said, will leave the country effectively cashless by 2031 or earlier.

Professor Robert Breunig of Australia National University told last fall that COVID-19 sped up the move to online banking, which will help authorities monitor and tax payments more easily. “People often avoid tax by doing cash type jobs and if there is no cash under the table, then it’ll be easier to actually follow transactions,” Breunig said.

In a survey of experts conducted by Finder last year, 89 percent said they believed that COVID has hastened the demise of cash. Fifty-six percent said that physical currency would likely disappear in Australia within 10 years, though that could happen as early as 2024, according to some estimates.


In our commentary tonight, Ukrainian President Zelensky appears to be willing to gamble with the lives of his people in order to save face.

Retired Army Col. Douglas MacGregor, recently told Fox Business:

"I don't see anything heroic about the man. And I think the most heroic thing he can do right now is to come to terms with reality.”

MacGregor said Zelensky was a “puppet” who was putting his people at “unnecessary risk” by dragging out the conflict with Russia. MacGregor also said he saw nothing “heroic” about the Ukrainian leader.

According to retired Army Colonel Douglas MacGregor, Zelensky has been pursuing the same strategy as ISIS in Syria by using civilians as human shields. “They are now mingling with the population, much as we’ve seen in the Middle East […] they ran into cities, used people as shields – the civilian population – and trying to avoid being annihilated.”

MacGregor also underscored that Putin was not trying to “flatten” Ukraine into rubble. “Absolutely not. In fact, he’s [Putin] worked hard to capture most of it intact, surprisingly little damage frankly… Much less damage than we inflicted on Iraq when we went in in ’91 and again in 2003.”

“And quite frankly, most of what comes out of Ukraine is debunked as lies within 24 to 48 hours,” according to MacGregor. “The notions of taking and retaking airfields, all of this is nonsense. It hasn’t happened.”

Zelensky has been trying to avoid “inevitable” defeat, hoping that America would come to his “rescue”.

“We are not coming. President Biden has made that very clear,” the Fox guest said, adding that Zelensky was merely a “puppet”. The Ukrainian leader has been spotted in the company of several other WEF puppets.

You can see here that Zelensky posted to Twitter in July last year that one of his great inspirations is Canadian WEF puppet Justin Trudeau.


While Putin is also a very bad guy, let’s not fall into the globalists’ trap of thinking that because Putin is bad, his adversary in the war must be good.

The globalist elites have become expert at manipulating humankind by offering them two sides in a conflict, both of which represent the worst the world has to offer. They know that it’s human nature to believe that if one side is bad, the other side must be good. We, as Americans and freedom-loving patriots everywhere, should not feel compelled to take a side in this conflict simply because the state-run media wants us to.

That wraps up another edition of the Worldview Report. Good night from our entire team.


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