Hobby Lobby Joins the Open Borders Movement


  • The Biden regime pulls the rug out from under six Chinese companies, but it’s business as usual for the thousands of other CCP-backed companies operating inside the United States.
  • A group of Republican senators is questioning the involvement of U.S. companies in the manufacturing of the Chinese spy balloon.
  • Ford Motor Company is “partnering” with a Chinese company to build a massive EV battery plant in Michigan.
  • Hobby Lobby joins the open borders movement.
  • And there’s a Chinese connection to the Biden regime’s plan to ban gas stoves.

All these stories and more when the Worldview Financial Report starts, right now.


Welcome to the Worldview Financial Report.

Joe Biden’s Commerce Department has blacklisted six Chinese entities it said were linked to Beijing's aerospace programs as part of its retaliation over an alleged Chinese spy balloon that traversed U.S. airspace for five days before being shot down over the Atlantic.

The economic restrictions followed the Biden regime’s pledge to consider broader efforts to address Chinese surveillance activities and will make it more difficult for the five companies and one research institute to obtain American technology exports.

The U.S. Bureau of Industry and Security said the six entities were being targeted for “their support to China's military modernization efforts, specifically the People’s Liberation Army’s aerospace programs including airships and balloons,” adding that “The PLA is utilizing High Altitude Balloons (HAB) for intelligence and reconnaissance activities.”

Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves said on Twitter his department “will not hesitate to continue to use” such restrictions and other regulatory and enforcement tools “to protect U.S. national security and sovereignty.”

On Friday, a U.S. military fighter jet shot down an unknown object flying off the remote northern coast of Alaska on orders from Biden. The object was downed because it reportedly posed a threat to the safety of civilian flights, instead of any knowledge that it was engaged in surveillance.


Republican senators raised concerns that U.S. manufacturing might have assisted in the construction of the Chinese spy balloon that flew over the continental United States for days before being shot down.

Republican Senators Josh Hawley of Missouri and Dan Sullivan of Alaska took part in an all-senators classified briefing on February 9th, held by officials from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, the Pentagon, and the State Department. The agencies held a separate classified briefing for House lawmakers on the same day.

After the briefing, Sullivan told reporters that the question of whether American companies helped build the Chinese balloon was raised, but officials didn’t provide a conclusive response.

Sullivan told Fox News:

“American companies shouldn’t be helping build spy satellites that are used against their own citizens. Maybe there’s nothing to be said about that … but somebody asked about it, and nobody, nobody in that briefing said, ‘Oh, it’s not a problem.’”

Hawley confirmed to Fox that the question was asked by a senator during the briefing. The Missouri senator added that he was “concerned” about the possibility of the balloon being built with some form of U.S. help.

“I don’t think there was any definitive answer on that,” Hawley said, before adding it was a “very disturbing possibility.”


Ford Motor Co. announced on February 13 a multibillion-dollar investment with a Chinese company to build an electric-vehicle battery plant on a nearly 2,000-acre site in mid-Michigan, The Detroit News has confirmed.

Ford is poised to unveil a project worth at least $2.5 billion that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is touting will create roughly 2,500 jobs in partnership with China’s Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Ltd., the world's largest producer of lithium iron phosphate batteries, according to four sources with knowledge of the project who spoke to the Detroit News.

The project will land on the Marshall Megasite, a 1,900-acre property in southwest Michigan's Calhoun County that local and state officials have long been preparing for such a mega-development. Under the plan, The Detroit News reports that Ford would own the land and plant and manage the workforce, while the Chinese company, CATL, would be the technology partner to develop and build LFP batteries for Ford's electric vehicles; and Ford would be the recipient of any state incentives, the scope of which are still taking shape.

A spokesman for Governor Gretchen Whitmer, Bobby Leddy, said he couldn't “speculate on specific projects” and touted policies designed to “quicken Michigan's economic momentum.” Ford has scheduled a news conference in Romulus for Monday afternoon “to share news on how Ford, America's No. 2 EV company in 2022, is working to scale EVs quickly and, ultimately, make them more accessible to customers.”

Momentum for the Ford-CATL deal coalesced around Michigan as a finalist after Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin, a Republican and possible 2024 presidential candidate, in December said he pulled Virginia out of consideration for the project due to his objections over the involvement of a Chinese partner and its alleged ties to China's ruling communist party.

CATL is already one of Ford's battery suppliers. The automaker previously said that the Chinese company would supply full LFP battery packs for the Mustang Mach-E in North America starting this year, and for the F-150 Lightning starting next year.


Between buying up valuable American farmland and flying surveillance balloons over the country without consequence, China’s footprint in the United States has become far too large for many Americans, and some have decided to take a stand, according to a report by the Western Journal.

After a long, drawn-out process that lasted over a year, Mayor Brandon Bochenski of Grand Forks, North Dakota, was finally able to obtain answers from the U.S. government regarding whether or not a Chinese-backed corn mill project, set to be built within a few miles of the Grand Forks Air Force Base, was a national security risk and overall bad idea.

The government finally agreed that it did pose a national security risk, which gave the mayor the ammo he needed to shut it down.

This week, as the Grand Forks City Council voted to crush the Fufeng Group corn mill project, residents in attendance cheered and chanted, “USA! USA!”



Fox Business reported that the city council shut the project down in a unanimous 5-0 decision. The Chinese-owned group still legally owns the roughly 300 acres it purchased for the project but will not be able to proceed with its original plans for a corn mill.

Bochenski said his initial inquiries regarding the proposed corn mill and its proximity to the Air Force base were practically brushed off.

Bochenski told Fox News:

“We initially reached out to the FBI, then the [Committee on Foreign Investment in the United States] committee. They really came forth with a lackluster answer that left a lot of questions that needed to be answered.” 

It was only after Air Force Assistant Secretary Andrew Hunter got involved that things changed.

Hunter sent a letter to North Dakota’s senators expressing his concerns that the project would pose a national security risk given its 12-mile proximity to the Air Force base.

Hunter wrote:

“The Department’s view is unambiguous: The proposed project presents a significant threat to national security with both near- and long-term risks of significant impacts to our operations in the area.”

In July, CNBC reported that Grand Forks Air Force Base is home to “some of the nation’s most sensitive military drone technology.” The outlet added that the base houses a brand-new “space networking center,” which was described by a North Dakota senator as the “backbone” of all global U.S. military communications.

The fact that the Chinese were even allowed to purchase land this close to such a sensitive military installation is astonishing and should be a wakeup call to all Americans.


The Gateway Pundit reports that the Biden Regime last month created a national uproar when they tried to ban gas stoves across America before later backtracking. 

But now we know the regime had put its nefarious plan in motion several months prior and there is, how’d you guess, a strong China connection.

According to Fox News, Biden’s Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm secretly met with the leader of the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), which was responsible for the junk-science study claiming gas stoves are a public health hazard, in June 2021. This meeting came just six months before the Biden regime’s campaign against the gas stove.

RMI is a radical-left environmentalist group with strong ties to the Chinese Communist Party. Despite this, they have received millions of dollars to help carry out Biden’s so-called “green energy” transition.

Fox News reported that Granholm met with Jules Kortenhorst — the CEO of RMI at the time. Kortenhorst is a widely known global climate activist who chairs the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on Net Zero Transition.

RMI — which is a Colorado-based nonprofit that works to accelerate the global green energy transition, particularly through economy-wide electrification — recently made headlines after it funded a study that highlighted public health dangers posed by gas stove usage. The study was cited in a Bloomberg article in early January that included comments from a Consumer Product Safety Commission member who told the outlet a gas stove ban was “on the table.”

Granholm also boosted the study, authored by RMI researchers, in a tweet in which she implored Americans to switch to electric stovetops.

“We can and must FIX this,” Granholm tweeted on January 4 in response to a post with the study’s findings. “Through [President Biden’s] Inflation Reduction Act, Americans will have greater access to Electric and Induction Cooktops: keeps pollution out of the home. Cooks food faster. Helps families save money.”

In addition, RMI has collaborated with the Chinese government to study transitioning away from traditional fossil fuels and the group’s only office outside the U.S. is located in Beijing, China’s capital city. RMI is a member of the China Clean Transportation Partnership, a green group with significant ties to the Chinese government.

And RMI has been the recipient of millions of dollars in DOE funding and its staff members have participated in agency events on green transportation and sustainability.

America is highly dependent on China for solar panels, a key to Biden’s climate plans. One can safely assume reducing fossil fuel energy usage will make America even more dependent on the Chinese.


Big Pharma is already fat and happy on vaccine revenues fueled by free advertising in the corporate media, and the removal of legal liability from governments around the world. But they want more.

The Gateway Pundit reports that medical professionals are now warning the public about a dangerous fungal infection that is rapidly spreading across the country, particularly in the states of California and Arizona.

There has been an increase in reported cases of rare Valley fever, and climate change may be to blame, according to doctors.

Valley fever (also called coccidioidomycosis or “cocci”) is a disease caused by a fungus that grows in the soil and dirt in some areas of California and the southwestern United States, according to the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).

The agency stated:

“People and animals can get sick when they breathe in dust that contains the Valley fever fungus. This fungus usually infects the lungs and can cause respiratory symptoms including cough, fever, chest pain, and tiredness.”

A former Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  (CDC) official said:

“Most causes of pneumonia are caused by bacteria. This is a fungus that lives in the soil and is breathed in dusty situations, whether it’s a dust storm or around construction or excavation.”

Just over 20,000 cases of Valley fever were reported in 2019, according to the CDC. People from Arizona and California accounted for the vast majority of these cases. 

According to doctors, the symptoms of Valley fever are often similar to those of COVID-19 – fever, chills or fatigue, or just feel generally unwell.

Here is a report from the corporate mainstream news media outlet NBC.



Listening to that report, this disease bears all the hallmarks of a globalist propaganda campaign designed to stoke fear:

  • Caused by climate change. 
  • No cure. 
  • Spreading from West to East. 
  • A vaccine is on the way. 

Where have we heard that before?


Norway is the latest country to announce plans to release a central bank digital currency, with some speculating that the CBDC will be ready and introduced to the public by late-2023.

Norway, just like its fellow Scandinavian nation of Sweden, is nearly cashless already and relies on digital transactions and biometrics.

In June of 2022 the Norwegian government announced it will be collecting the receipts of all food and grocery purchases, as the government converted to a new digital ID system that can better track and store citizens’ financial data.

As reported in a recent article by Cointelegraph, some Norwegian banks have already removed cash options. In 2016, Trond Bentestuen, a former executive at the Norwegian bank DNB, proposed to stop using cash as a means of payment in the country:

He said at the time:

“Today, there is approximately 50 billion kroner in circulation and [the country’s central bank] Norges Bank can only account for 40 percent of its use. That means that 60 percent of money usage is outside of any control.” 

And in 2015 another large bank, Nordea, also did not want to accept cash, leaving only one location in Oslo Central Station to continue holding physical tender.

An executive director for financial stability at Norway’s central bank, Norges Bank, outlined the country’s plan to fully transition away from cash in 2022, Euro News reported.

The pilot for the Norwegian CBDC will continue until June of this year and will end with suggestions from the central bank if the nation should implement a prototype if necessary.


Meanwhile, an article by Daniel LaCalle, a Ph.D Economist and Fund Manager, reports that central bank digital currencies will cause massive inflation.

Inflation is not an increase in prices, he explains; that’s just a symptom. He defines inflation as the destruction of the purchasing power of a currency.

He writes:

“Cost-push inflation is more units of currency going to relatively scarce real assets. The same can be said about all other, from commodities to demand and my favorite, ‘supply chain disruption.’ More units of currency going to the same goods and services.”

LaCalle says the massive increase in money supply went to finance bloated government spending and created the mess we live in today.

He writes:

“Central banks know inflation is a monetary phenomenon and that is why they are hiking rates and tightening as fast as governments allow them. However, central banks have lost a significant amount of an already low credibility by first ignoring the inflation risk and later using the base effect and transitory excuse, only to react late and slowly.”

This has happened in a world where the excess in money supply growth has a number of back-stops and limits that prevent a massive increase in consumer prices through the destruction of the artificially printed currency. 

The only thing that saves citizens from much higher prices is the fact that the transmission mechanism of monetary policy is independent and diversified with many commercial banks and credit unions.

LaCalle asks: “Now imagine for a second if that transmission mechanism was direct and had only one channel, the central bank itself.”

LaCalle explains that a central bank digital currency would be issued directly to your account within the central bank. As such, “it is surveillance disguised as money.” The Fed would know exactly what you use the currency for, how much you save, borrow, and spend and where. It can make the currency expire to avoid the ludicrous but often repeated “problem” of “excess savings.”

And, with increasingly political central banks, would be empowered to penalize those who spend in a way that they deem inappropriate or benefit those who do what they recommend. 

“The entire privacy system and monetary limit mechanism would be eliminated. Even worse, when the central bank makes the mistake of printing way too much money as they did in 2020, the impact on consumer prices would be direct. With an increase in money supply that exceeded 20% in a year, we would be suffering close to 20% levels of inflation as the limits to the transmission mechanism are destroyed.”

LaCalle foresees massive hyperinflation, full government control and financial repression.

He concludes:

“Central bank digital currencies are an unnecessary and terrible idea. You cannot start an experiment of such caliber when the independence of central banks has been questioned for many years and there is ample evidence of policy actions that fail to recognize the risk of elevated inflation in asset prices and consumer goods. Central banks have never prevented a bubble, elevated levels of risk-taking and excess debt nor recognized inflationary pressures. With such a track record, no one should defend a measure that would allow them to take full control of the entire financial and monetary system.”


More than 30 million Americans face a “hunger cliff,” as 32 states are set to slash food-stamp benefits beginning in March. By number, California and Texas have the most people on food stamps, at 5.1 million and 3.6 million respectively.

The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) program notably exploded from $60.3 billion in 2019 to $119.5 billion in 2022 thanks to the Agriculture Department expanding food-stamp benefits by evading the normal process for determining eligibility and end-running Congressional review.

So at the end of this month, more than 30 million Americans will notice they are receiving about $250 less per month in government food stamps.

According to a report by CBS News:

“The reductions are due to the end of so-called emergency allotments, which bolstered food-stamp benefits at the start of the pandemic as Americans grappled with the massive disruption to the economy. While the U.S. is certainly on more stable footing than in 2020, households are now struggling with high food costs — groceries were about 10% higher in December than a year earlier — making the timing of the SNAP cuts particularly challenging, experts say.” 

In other words, we have millions of Americans who are addicted to government programs for their food supplies. When they find out they are missing $250 to supplement their food bills each month, what happens next? Will many of them turn to theft and crime? We are already seeing unprecedented levels of shoplifting and burglaries in major U.S. cities. Throw this into the mix and it could cause grocery stores, which are mostly unguarded in most areas, to become targets of violent crime. Watch your back when you’re loading your car in the parking lots because things are about to change in many neighborhoods once considered safe.


Hobby Lobby and other so-called conservative evangelical groups are behind the new “He Gets Us” and “Jesus Was a Refugee” ads that are being rolled out nationwide.

These ads use the Bible and Jesus to validate and even promote the chaos at the U.S. southern border and also to appeal to the LGBTQ/trans communities.

And, according to a report in Revolver News, these evangelical groups say they’re just getting started.

The plan is to build this into a full-on public relations campaign.

According to NPR:

  • The ads all stem from the central idea that “He Gets Us.” They discuss how “He” (Jesus Christ) was a refugee, had disdain for hypocrisy, and was also unfairly judged like other marginalized members of modern society.
  • In one of the commercials, a black and white slideshow of photos tells the story of Central American migrants who must flee their homes to avoid persecution. At the end, it is revealed the story being told is that of Jesus and his parents, Mary and Joseph.
  • The ads are reportedly funded in part by the family that owns the notably religious craft store chain Hobby Lobby, according to Christianity Today, as well as other evangelical groups, including a foundation called The Signatry. 

Revolver asks the obvious question: At a time when our country is at its breaking point, our resources are spent, we’re deeply in debt, our border is flooded, our citizens are sick and dying from illegal drugs and deadly Covid jabs, and children are being indoctrinated by the perverted LGBTQ mafia, “why would so-called conservatives push this type of messaging?”

That’s a good question.

And that wraps up this edition of the Worldview Financial Report. Thanks for tuning in and for supporting this broadcast…

Until next time, I’m Brannon Howse. May God save America. Take care.


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