Harvard Still Hates U.S.?

Harvard Still Hates The U.S.?
By David A. Noebel
          If Harvard University doesn't hate the U.S. at least one of its off spring surely does.  Chris Hedges, a graduate of the Harvard Divinity School, is in the process of writing a new book entitled American Fascists:  The Christian Right and the War on America.  He has also written a highly inflammatory article entitled "Letter From Canada:  The New Christian Right."
            Hedges is concerned that Canada's new conservative prime minister, Stephen Harper, is a member of a conservative church (East Gate Alliance Church), which "believes in the literal word of the Bible, faith healing and the imminent return of Jesus Christ."  Worse yet, the church believes that homosexuality is a sin and abortion is murder! 
            If that isn't enough, Hedges believes that Harper is "slowly mobilizing Canada's 3.5 million evangelicals-along with the 44 percent of Canadians who say they have committed themselves to Christ-as a [political] power base."
            To prove that Canada is moving toward the abyss Hedges also notes,  "James Dobson has set up a Canadian branch of his Focus on the Family three blocks from the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa."
            Hedges argument is that Canada is paradise  compared to the United States because Canada has a high standard of living, a small military, a national healthcare plan, and is mentally saner! 
            Could it be that Canada can afford "a small military" because its southern neighbor has "a large military" to protect it!  A number of years ago I sat next to a member of Canada's defense department who told me "your country has nothing to fear from the north, neither of our two helicopters right now are flying."  He also told me if there were a boating accident in the Vancouver harbor Canada would have call its southern neighbor for help to rescue the victims.
            Hedges, along with Canada's media, are seeking to turn the youth  against the United States.  According to a 2004 poll 40 percent of Canadian teens think American is an evil country and among French-Canadian teens, the numbers jump to 64 percent.  According to Bill O'Reilly, these Canadian teenagers haven't been completely educated and hence wants these students to add to their knowledge to wit: "The foreign and defense policies of Ronald Reagan resulted in the dissolution of the Soviet Union and the freeing of approximately 122 million people in Eastern Europe.  The state of Israel would cease to exist if not for American protection, and about 5.5 million Jews would be in grave danger.  Nearly 23 million Taiwanese would be denied freedom if not for American protection.  More than 48 million South Koreans would be living under a dictatorship if not for American protection."  And that's just a few items that O'Reilly mentions to prove that America isn't the bully that Canada's leftist seek to paint her.  And besides, "thousands of American service people have lost their lives protecting people overseas.  The truth is that the U.S.A. has freed more human beings in 230 years than the rest of the world combined."
            The anti-American mentality of the intellectual elite also concerns the British historian, Paul Johnson.  He can't understand why these elite hates the U.S. especially since they are continually harping about diversity, tolerance, sexism, multiracial, etc.  Says Johnson, the United States is "the world's only unqualified success in building on the largest possible scale a multiracial society.  Every culture in the world is represented in the U.S. usually in considerable numbers… Some of the most successful U.S. communities-the Koreans, the Lebanese, the Vietnamese and the Cubans-are quite recent creations…America comes much closer to the realization of world brotherhood and sisterhood than that corrupt and soulless abstraction, the United Nations…To hate America is thus not to hate a particular nation as such, but to hate humanity.  And, of course, it is a melancholy fact that many intellectuals do hate the human race."
            Yet the world's secular humanists, secular progressives, secular theocrats (those seeking to establish heaven on earth), including Harvard's Hedges, love the U.N. and can't find enough words in the thesaurus to denigrate the U.S.  Go figure!
            But to give Chris an Excedrin headache he needs to know that James Dobson's Focus on the Family isn't the only Christian conservative organization helping Canada's Christians understand the times in which both countries live.  Summit Ministries is not only conducting seminars in Canada, but Summit's worldview-based curriculum is also making its way through Canada's Christian schools and home schools.  To make the headache even worse, Canadian young people journey down to Colorado to attend one of Summit's two-week worldview courses throughout the summer months. 
And finally, to make the headache a real bummer the founders of Harvard (1636) would agree with just about everything we teach at Summit Ministries viz., a Biblical Christian Worldview, and an expose of the five major worldviews seeking to undermine Christianity and its eternal truths (God, Creation, Fall, Redemption, Restoration for starters).  
Summit Ministries brochures for the 2007 two-week programs for teens are now ready for distribution along with its one-week Adult-Educators Conference held at the Navigator's Glen Eyrie Conference Center in early April.  In fact, Summit will also be conducting an Adult-Educators Conference during the summer of 2007 at Bryan College in Dayton, TN. 
Those readers looking for an ideal Christmas present for someone who reads can not go wrong with David Noebel's new and revised Understanding The Times: The Collision of Today's Competing Worldviews.  This work describes the six most important worldviews vying for the hearts and minds of the whole world-Christianity, Islam, Secular Humanism, Marxist Humanism, Cosmic Humanism (New Age), and Postmodernism.  Also, check out the Summit's webstore for materials on worldview curriculum starting at 1st grade through high school-formatted for  Christian schools and home schools. 
You can find these products at http://www.summit.org

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