Harris and Warren: The Call Girl and Indians

Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren are both Democrats and they’re both examples of the lowest forms of amoral humanity. Ergo, it should come as no surprise, that realizing they haven’t a snowball’s chance at the equator of coming close to winning their respective Democrat presidential bids, they’ve resorted to what their kind commonly ascent. They find a subject they can exploit and fan the flames of same. They know they will never get the party nomination but they hope to position themselves favorably for a cabinet post.

So Harris and Warren have had their strategy teams do studies regarding what points of contention will prosper their political ambitions. Their strategy teams have extrapolated the percentage of benefit based upon the data of the past.

Apparently, and it should came as no surprise, the numbers crunchers for both of these morally opprobrious women, found the percentages favorable enough to prostitute this transpicuous attempt to exploit blacks by stirring the caldron of “white people owe blacks reparations.”

Black people do not need or deserve reparations; they need common sense, they need to embrace modernity and they need to embrace morality. Pursuant to same, Harris and Warren are among the greatest examples regarding the absence of said qualities.

Specifically, Harris engaged in what many call the oldest profession in the world by sleeping with Willie Brown during his tenure as mayor of San Francisco. One could sarcastically ask if she learned the art of selling herself as a way to get ahead from Brown or if it came naturally as a politician? Whether or not Harris used the assets she so readily shared with Brown, with other powerful individuals in the California and Sacramento political and campaign establishment” is open to conjecture.

What is not open to conjecture is that Brown at the time of his sexual exploits with Harris was and still is married to his wife, Blanche Vitero. It is also a known fact that passing around “candy” is commonplace in the hidden echelons of politics. It is therefor fair to ask, who else Harris slept with to get what she wanted?

As for a politician lying and specifically taking advantage of Indians, that is something Warren would have learned by reading the history of how people like her took advantage of Indian tribes. Imagine her gleefulness when she learned that it was still possible for her to cheat and make gain at the expense of Indians.

Warren benefited massively to the exclusion of actual Cherokee students by gaining entrance to Universities and a professorial position at Harvard. In essence she stole from the very people she falsely claimed to be a member of.

While, it can be argued that Warren has long ago taken leave of her senses, it is Harris who is prostituting that part of her skin she shared with Willie Brown and others en route to Washington.

Harris like Warren is also an imposter. She is posing as “African-American” when in fact she is about as black as Rachel Dolezal. Harris’s mother is a Tamil Indian from Madras, India and her father is a Jamaican.

I find it interesting that in a day and time when liberal feminists, as if there is any other kind, boast of being strong independent women, Harris and Warren found it easier to get ahead by whoredom and lies. But, I digress.

Why aren’t blacks insulted by being looked down upon with such contempt? Can they not see that the only thing missing in the proposal by Warren and Harris are the beads used to con Manhattan from the Indians?

Harris and Warren are of the opinion that if they rattle the “something for nothing” can blacks will flock to their support. Blacks as a whole should resent this level of disrespect.

Blacks should embrace those who support President Trump, because thanks to him blacks are employed and enjoining fiscal remuneration at greater percentage rates than at any time in recent history.

Blacks should lift the record of President Trump and ask Harris and Warren why they would expect them to return to the days of Bush and Obama?

It is a fact that the only things Harris and Warren have done since lying their way into office, is steal from the working class for their personal gain. If blacks believe the lie of reparations coming from Harris and Warren they deserve what they get.

Lying and making knowingly false promises is a form of political prostitution by candidates. It is up to you and I to recognize their depraved dishonesty, rejecting both it and those spinning same.

We have a lion in the White House who has accomplished great things in a mere two-years, in the face of the most extreme political obstruction ever witnessed. Let Harris and Warren answer why We the People of America would want to entrust America back to Democrats, much less to Democrats who are proven liars without a tread of morality.


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