HAMAS VICTORY IS MIDDLE EAST POLITICAL EARTHQUAKE<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />
Jan Markell
The futile efforts in the Middle East to have Israelis and Palestinians live in security side by side has just been dealt what could be a fatal blow.  This may be good news and I'll expand.  Hamas won a victory over Fatah, the party of Mahmoud Abbas, on January 25.  This may drive a nail into the coffin of the "Road Map to Peace" just as the Oslo Accords hit a dead end.  The "Road Map's" FIRST requirement was to disarm groups like Hamas.  Instead, the Palestinian people revealed much about themselves: They elected them.  The Palestinian people have chosen terror, not peace, not that Mahmoud Abbas could be trusted either.
As my friend Jack Kinsella says in his "Omega Intelligence Briefing" today, "<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Washington has only itself to blame. The Bush administration's unwavering faith in democracy caused it to push for Palestinian elections, convinced, as it is, of the existence of a moderate majority among Islam.  It was convinced that if the majority of Palestinians turned out to vote, they would overwhelmingly reject violence and terror and embrace peaceful coexistence with Israel.  The election was touted as the Palestinian's first real chance at a popular peace."  While some Palestinians clearly want to just raise families and have decent jobs, the greater majority seem to have little desire for living "side by side in peace and security with Israel."
In recent years America has sent 1.7 billion dollars to the Palestinian leadership.  They have squandered most of it, spent it on themselves, or stashed it away in foreign banks.  Hamas, while having a "social program" providing medical aid and other perks for the Palestinians, something Abbas & Company care less about, Hamas promises not to pull its pledge to destroy Israel.  Additionally, it will govern by the Koran which Abbas was doing far less of.
As many have said in recent years, "democracy in the Middle East" will be tough to pull off, and this is the proof of the pudding when terrorists are allowed to run in "democratic elections."  So by giving a nation that isn't a nation--"Palestine"--the right to have a "democratic election," they have voted in the world's first official terrorist government, all with U.S. assistance and aid over many years. Democracy does not overcome tyranny and terror in the Muslim Middle East. It solidifies it.  New ideas in a region where filming beheadings is the rage are not going to be successful.
This is a political earthquake and will destabilize the region.  Hamas may have won but those deluded with the hope of peace in that specific region have lost. Hamas ranks with al-Qaida in its love for Jew-killing and America-hating; in fact, they have actually killed thirty Americans over the years and never been held accountable.
On a more positive note, it could put the formation of a Palestinian state on hold even though the E.U. says it will do business with Hamas and will press on for peace.  Talk about strong delusion!  Any nation that agrees to do business with Hamas will reveal its true colors.  On what basis can anyone in Israel or the U.S. still argue that the answer to Hamas' success is to give away more precious land and force more Jews out of their homes? 
Let us pray for President Bush and Condoleezza Rice, that they will make wise choices in the days and weeks ahead.  The president is talking tough about Hamas as is Rice now that reality has sunk in.  While they were in 100% support of these elections, I suspect they never expected the results that occurred.  Again, a basic flaw in not understanding Islam is at the root.  While it looks like the administration will not deal with Hamas, they "understand the reaction of the Palestinian people for being sick of the corruption of Arafat and Abbas."  But if they think Hamas offers some form of non-corruption, they are in for a sad surprise.  Further, Israel will never sit down at a peace table with the blatant terrorist group.
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